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16/03/2021 at 02:00 pm


đź•· Could it be possible that Japan won’t be the pioneer in car technologies?

An Apple ex-employee leaks data and concept devices from Apple. And I’ll discuss Huawei and Xiaomi situation.

Which one has better representation in the USA?

Let me start this news with something strange. Apple is suing one of their ex-employees. To be honest, Apple has the right to do so.

Do you know why?

This employee worked for 11 years with Apple. In the US, after 10 years of working at the same company, you’ll be called a Veteran. This person started working with Apple in 2008, and he was responsible for lots of projects.

He was responsible for designing lots of products from Apple. But in 2019, he started leaking some information about upcoming devices and products from Apple.

One of which is called Apple X project, where he leaked it to the media. The goal behind it is to establish a good relationship with a media platform to help him with his upcoming project when he leaves Apple. The name of this employee is Simon Lancaster.

The data about the court case has been published publicly. He is being sued by Apple.

Before he resigned from Apple in November 2019, he attended lots of meetings in Apple. He also download lots of files that were supposed to be confidential. These files are only supposed to be viewed by certain people. He attended these meetings and downloaded the files on his personal computer before he resigned.It is a very unfortunate thing to do to the company you work with. It is normal that there would be leaks from companies around the world. But an employee leaking data to gain personal relationship with a certain media outlet is a huge mistake.

The only winning part in this process is the media outlet, since they received the information. They got the information and published it.

From Apple’s point of view, this is serious mistake. He turned on Apple after they hired and helped him. It is a bad thing to do. Let me know what you think heros.

Telegram is adding a feature similar to Clubhouse to their app. Clubhouse is one of the most copied apps ever.

All companies are trying to implement Clubhouse’s idea on their apps. Telegram joined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xiaomi and TikTok in trying to bring the feature to their apps.

All of these apps will have the same feature, that is voice rooms. Clubhouse, though, announced a new program to incentivize their users.

They announced a new program that will start in 31 of March to help creators get monetization out of their content through ads. Imagine a building with 10 floors, and there’s a party at the 10th floor where every wants to visit. But the building’s residents are trying to make better parties in their floors. Each party will be different from the other.

So people started to visit these parties, but the owner of the the 10th floor party starts to give money for people to remain at his party. Clubhouse situation has become sad now. But this is how technology works.

Leaks suggest that the P50 device will come with 2 big rear sensors. These sensors could be the Sony IMX800. These sensors hasn’t been used before on a Huawei device. The P50 could be the first device to get these sensors.

The P50 is supposed to come in two version, the regular version and the Pro version. There’s supposed to be a Pro Plus version, but only those two version were leaked; the P50 and P50 Pro. Both will get the new camera sensors.

The design is a bit strange, and when looked at from a horizontal view, they look like big eyes. Will will get these devices or not? rest of the world might not get them.

This was the main series for Huawei at the beginning of every year. Huawei used to compete with Samsung and Apple and the rest of companies with them.

They used to get a lot of media momentum, but this year, this series is facing a lot of troubles. If these devices don’t arrive toall markets, then I’ll start to think that Huawei is starting to shake from the inside.

They’ll face problem in maintaining their market share in many markets. Huawei still has a market share and they’re competing.

But if these devices don’t come to all markets after the release, then it means that they’re hugely affected. This is due to the sanctions imposed on them by the USA.

Huawei and ZTE have been facing troubles form the USA. But Xiaomi managed to improve their situation in the USA. The decision to elitist them in the blacklist has been stopped.

Xiaomi’s situation in the US is better now. The reason might be because of their excellent lawyers. Huawei is a giant financial entity, yet, they couldn’t do that. Does that mean that Huawei’s problem is different than Xiaomi’s?

It is really a tech war between the US and Huawei aside from Xiaomi?

We don’t know, but Xiaomi has proven that the tech war carried out by the US on tech companies might be stopped. Or there could be exceptions. But why Xiaomi in particular?

Let’s wait and see.

You said USA! I’m here?

đź•· Oooh No, Captin America! i know you are always ready hero hhhhh, we are only talking about tech news bro!

HomePod speaker has been officially discontinued by Apple. The device didn’t officially arrive to our region. The reason behind its discontinuation is either because of its high price of low demand.

It’s one of the devices that I didn’t bring and review. I feel satisfied now that I did the right thing and not review it. But I did bring, review and adopt the HomePod mini.

The HomePod mini comes with great capabilities. The main HomePod has been discontinued while the HomePod mini is continuing. I am very excited for Apple’s next event, which is expected to be in 23 of March.

Apple could release the new redesigned AirPods. The headphones will come with better specs, audio quality and battery.

We’re not sure whether the event will take place in 23rd of March. But we’re promised with great accessories from Apple.

Apple didn’t release new devices as I expected at the beginning of the year. I though they’ll keep releasing new devices through out the year.

We’ve reached mid-March, and Apple hasn’t yet released new devices. Hopefully they’ll announce the event today.

They’re expected to release new iPads with Mini-LED screens, new headphones and other accessories such as the AirTags. We’re not sure when exactly Apple will release these devices. It’d be strange if Apple didn’t release new devices by the end of March.

Apple might be angry because of the leaks of this YouTuber. He keeps leaks things. Hopefully his source will be caught. Apple might then release these new products.

New leaks confirm that the upcoming iPhone might get an in-display fingerprint sensor. This technology has become popular and mature. It’s found in premium android devices, mid-range devices and even entry-level devices. Apple hasn’t adopted it yet despite the fact that it’s become really hard to unlock the device with a face mask.

The fingerprint sensor has proven that it’s the best option for privacy. Especially with the tech added to it by companies through encrypting and storing it on the device itself.

The encryption will be stored on the device as a hardware not as a software. We’re not sure why Apple hasn’t added it yet to the iPhone despite its efficiency.

According to leaks and rumors, the upcoming iPhones in September will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Hopefully, it will be confirmed and the new iPhone will support it.

Let’s now discuss the last news. Japan might not be the leader when it comes to car technologies. Especially in electric car market.

Japanese car companies haven’t seriously entered the electric car competition yet. Few companies like Toyota announced their first electric car back in 2020. Other companies haven’t announced their plans to announce electric cars for users.

I am to talking about concept cars. I am talking about ready-to-be-used cars. Companies like Honda and Toyota were pioneers in car industry, and now they find themselves late to the party.

USA, China, Korea and Europe are ahead of them in electric car industry. Europe announced that by the year 2030, they won’t sell cars that run on fuel. They’ll only be using electric cars, and companies like Toyota and other Japanese cars will face trouble in that.

Toyota was one of the pioneers in car technology. What happened to them? Why haven’t they adopted it until now?

I visited Japan multiple times before, and I found Hydrogen cars there from Toyota. There are Hydrogen stations in Japan. Not only electric stations, but also Hydrogen stations.

These cars are excellent for the environment. I made a video about this Hydrogen car. Japan used to be the pioneer in technologies. But now they can’t even compete with the rest of the world.

What’s happening in Japan?

I like Japan industry really âť—âť—

Is Japan becoming older? Are they an aged country now? It is worrisome. China now is dominating the market now.

May Allah help us. This is the end of this video. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Let me remind you of two things.

I made two reviews about WiFi 6 and the other where I showcased two routers that support it; one is expensive and the other is cheap. I’ll also make a third review very soon.

These devices are meant for big homes. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, then wait for the review before you decide to buy a new router. There will be an upcoming reviews guys.

đź•· See you soon guys and heros.

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