News: 🕷 Twitter 🐦 allows you to apply for the Blue Verification Badge😎 ❗Tik Tok allows you to delete annoying comments in one go ❗😷 And Opera brings browser games to mobile😝🤪…

21.05.2021 at 09.00 am


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Let’start with Opera, In 2019 Opera launched a desktop browser for gamers to differentiate itself from Google Chrome, and over the subsequent months and years it strengthened Opera GX with customization options, including Razer’s Chroma lighting effects.

In January, the browser maker increased its specialise in games by acquiring YoYo Games, British company behind GameMaker Studio 2.

IPhone and Android web games still gain momentum with services like xCloud from Microsoft and GeForce Now from Nvidia, and accordingly, Opera opens the beta version of its browser for gamers.

Opera is extending its gaming browser to mobile phones in order to expand, and the business is testing the beta version of Opera GX for Android and iOS starting today, with intentions to launch a year in a few weeks.

Opera GX has a dashboard where you can specify CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth constraints.

The browsers accessible on smartphones are not required due to their simple design.

Opera GX Mobile addresses this problem by incorporating a distinct style and appearance that is influenced by games and gaming devices.
Mobile users can also easily access functions such as searching, opening, and closing tabs by using the conventional navigation or the rapid action button.
The button also employs vibrations and haptic feedback while exporting goods from the gaming environment, and you may synchronize the phone.

Ok, let’s move to other news guys, TikTok makes it simple for content creators to report spam, and the latest update includes the ability to select several comments at once – up to 100 – so that they may be deleted and reported all at once, or accounts can be blocked all at once.

TikTok stated, « Today, we’re unveiling a new mechanism for video creators to control interactions with their work more effectively, and many are puzzling over it. »

Previously, content creators had to flag, delete, or ban comments one by one, so this new approach should assist and potentially even encourage users to delete comments they don’t want to read.

The function should be especially valuable on TikTok, because the network’s algorithm can instantly turn anyone into a celebrity, putting them in front of millions of strangers.

This puts both amateurs and content creators at risk of receiving spam, and the platform must provide a way for them to deal with it on a scale commensurate with Tik Tok’s large viewership.

According to TikTok, the function will be available in select areas starting today, and globally in the coming weeks.

This is the latest in a long line of anti-bullying tools, which include the ability to approve comments one at a time before they appear and a prompt that asks users to reconsider their posting if TikTok believes they have posted something that violates the community’s standards.

In a poll done by the security research organization in2020, parents of children who used social media stated that 64 percent of them had encountered cyberbullying via Tik Tok, making it superior than Instagram, which was previously considered the most popular platform.

I hate bullying! 🤨

I love bullying! 😂😂😂😂

😅, 🐦🐦🐦 Twitter’s public verification service has been revived, allowing anyone to apply for the blue verification flag.

The corporation has also looked at possible account alterations and the future automatic account naming.

Users must match the updated verification standards, which include possessing a public interest account that falls into one of six different rating categories, as well as being authentic, unique, and active.

The following are the six types of accounts that may be eligible for verification:


Companies, brands, and organizations are all examples of this.

Journalists and news organizations

the amusement

Games and sports.

Activists, organizers, and other powerful people.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to submit the verification request through the Account Settings tab.

Once you’ve made your request, Twitter says you can expect a response within a few days, but depending on the volume of requests, it might take up to a few weeks.

According to Twitter, all requests are reviewed by humans, and if the verification process is authorized, the blue badge will show in your account automatically.

If Twitter rejects your request but believes you are still eligible for the badge, you can reapply within 30 days of the company’s decision.

The social media platform halted the practice in November 2017 after it was heavily chastised for awarding a blue verification badge to a white fanatic’s account.

The aim of verification had become unclear, and it was originally designed to be a tool to validate the identity of the account, but the badge came to be regarded as supporting Twitter itself over time, according to the firm.

In 2009, Twitter started its first verification program to check the identity of notable users who were at risk of being impersonated.

However, the verification process was hazy and there was no clear path forward, which changed in 2016 when Twitter made its verification program public.

When the public application program was halted in 2017, the platform attempted to clarify its criteria about accounts that may be verified.

In January 2021, a new verification policy went into effect, making the six account categories stated above eligible for verification.

To be eligible for the January 2021 rules, accounts must have a confirmed email address or phone number, as well as an account image and name.

Accounts may also lose badges if they violate Twitter’s rules in a significant or repeated manner.

Despite the suspension of the public verification program, the platform has continued to manually verify specific accounts, such as those broadcasting information about the epidemic or candidates running in the 2020 US elections.

Twitter says it wants to add more types of accounts that may be eligible for verification later this year, including intellectuals, academics, and religious leaders, as part of the latest announcement today.

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🕷 Allow me to provide a group of key news items before ending today’s news post, some of which I will discuss in further detail in future news articles. Let’s begin:

Google opens its first physical store this summer in Chelsea…

Google is re-discovering RSS through the Site Follow feature…

Zoom announces a new platform for virtual events…

Qualcomm unveils the next generation smartphone processor…Snapdragon 778G 🙊

Spotify enters the field of virtual concerts…

Microsoft officially announces the end of Internet Explorer!

Apple: macOS does not meet consumer protection standards!

Apple announces a slew of accessibility updates…

Ford unveils its F-150 electric truck…

Nvidia expands cryptocurrency mining restrictions…

Microsoft officially confirms the end of Windows 10X!

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