NEWS🔥: Telegram also faces the risk of being banned😱 Samsung replaces chargers from everywhere! 🤦‍♂️ … and Honor is completely disconnected from Huawei… 💥💥💥

24.01.2021 at 14:30 pm

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Mate 20 and P20 users won’t probably get security updates, And Telegram app might get removed from Apple’s App Store. And the last line that connects Huawei and Honor is now gone.

Hello guys, this is international OTTO Magazin, bring your hot coffee☕ for focus with me🥳, so Let’s get to know the latest in technology.🔥🔥🔥

Let me guys now discuss International news, We’ve seen the new devices and accessories Samsung has released lately. They’ve announced a dual wires charging where it can charge a smartphone and a Samsung smartwatch together. It charges both devices with 9W, but I am not sure yet. I’ll let you know once I am sure about the charing speeds. There’s another version that can charge only one device.

This charger is also 9W and it has a light indicator. These chargers support a lot of devices as seen written on the back of it. They also announced two tracking devices. This is the regular version. It works using low-power bluetooth.

With it, you can find your lost devices that are placed in bluetooth radius.

It works with 120m radius without obstacles, but if there’s obstacles then the radius will decrease. They also announced a new app/feature called SmartThings Find to help you find your lost times that are connected to a tracker.

The data of your devices won’t be shared with other users. To simplify it, imagine I lost my camera somewhere in cafe shop and came back home and forgot where I put it.

You can search for it using the SmartThings Find app, and the app will search for the tracker that is connected to the camera. You can find it using other Galaxy devices.

These other Galaxy devices can help you find your lost item. I am still getting more information about this technology. The app will help you locate the tracker and find your lost items. The Plus version of this tracker uses AI through the camera app to help you locate your lost items.

Samsung was able to add a new addition to their accessories that were announced during their event. This technology is unordinary, and I hope all companies will make technologies similar to it.

Imagine if companies like Samsung, Apple and Huawei unify this platform. Where all users no matter what device they have can find their lost times through these trackers.

It would be a great thing, wouldn’t it?

In this news article, there will good news and bad news. God help me 😅, but a like this article will make me feel better.😁

Let me continue with Samsung. It’s clear that they’ll continue the approach Apple and Xiaomi have started. They’ll remove the charger from the box of most of their devices. It’s expected that the premium and mid-range devices won’t come with a charger in the box.

I still think it is a strange step as there’s not yet a law to regulate the production of chargers. Neither Apple nor Samsung have a law about it, which makes it very tempting for accessory manufactures to make chargers.

This will harm the environment even more. In one hand we minimize the charges by removing them from the box and on the other hand, accessory manufactures make them to compensate the deficiency.

How are we protecting the environment then? Shouldn’t there be at least a low to regulate so that we can protect the environment? 🤡

I am sorry for being angry. Samsung’s president is facing a prison sentence because of a bribery crime. The company will replace its president and continue working just fine. This won’t affect users. Samsung don’t only manufacture smartphones.

They manufacture things that you wouldn’t imagine. I visited Samsung city before. They have a naval fleet that they built themselves. Imagine the amount of technologies they develop and build! It’s like other companies that develop lots of technologies not just smartphones.

Let me discuss Huawei and their long story:😈

I told you at the beginning of the episode that some of their devices won’t receive security updates. Mate 20 devices won’t receive regular monthly security updates except for the Mate 20 X 5G and Lite devices. These devices will still get updates, but not regularly.

The same thing applies to the P20 series. Most of the Huawei devices that were released in 2018 won’t support regular security updates anymore. I don’t know why Huawei decided to do this. But there are good things that Huawei has done lately.

Such as the renewal of the AppGallery UI. The UI has been updated with lots of enhancements in most of the countries around the world. With these updates, we know that the company is still developing their services.

I’ll make a review soon about Huawei’s strategies and how they make their technologies, The article will be soon. Stay visiting us and bringing your coffee always …. ☕ 😈

The former US president gave an executive order in his last days to add more restrictions on Huawei. More companies have been ordered not to cooperate with Huawei. For us users, the situation remains the same.

This issue is a US internal problem. For us, what’s done is done. We know that the Google services issue is still unsolved.

Let’s wait to see how it the situation will turn out with the new presidency.

Are you optimistic or not?

Honor have cut all ties with Huawei since now they have their own store, Now, they have their own electric store called Honor Mall where users can buy their products and accessories.

We all know that Honor was bought from Huawei. This step is expected to loosen the restrictions imposed on Honor.

We wait for their comeback, especially that we know that most of their technologies and devices are in cooperation with Huawei. Telegram app could be removed from Apple’s App Store and from Google’s Play Store.

There’s an organization in USA called Coalition For A Safer Web asks Apple to remove the app from the App Store. The reason is because the app doesn’t have a clear policy regarding violence and security.

This could be the start of a war against social media apps that are not originated in the US. There’s something strange happening.

We’ve seen what’s happening with WhatsApp lately. WhatApp is facing lots of pressure in the US because it is part of Facebook. Google and Facebook are facing antitrust charges in the US.

These companies face problems because, and ads consequently face problems too.Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are being fought in the US.

They want to minimize their power and popularity. It is very clear during the last 3 years.

Hopefully, nothing will happen, and these companies continue to make our life easier using technologies. God bestowed these companies for us to help us.

Why shouldn’t they continue?

Why some EU governments want to minimize the development of these companies around the world?

I am not sure why this is happening! Let me wrap up this article with science news. Virgin was able to launch a NASA rocket to the space in a different way. It is an orbital rocket, and it reach space successfully.

The rocket carries a number of satellites that have reached its orbit successfully too. This kind of rocket launch hadn’t happened before.

This is the Ultra device that makes noises. I have nothing to do with it. This is the first time for Virgin to cooperate with NASA.

We’ve seen NASA cooperate with lots of other companies, which is very helpful to understand space better. Before anyone says that the Earth is flat, I just want to tell you open your Maps apps.

This is the end of this news article, I decided to separate the Ultra versions from this article since the Ultra version has received lots of new developments. While the S21 and S21 Plus devices hasn’t brought any new significant changes enough to rationalize an upgrade.

See you in the next review, Samsung S21 Ultra, Take care… 😈