News🔥: Huawei copies Android too! And Apple unifies with the Koreans for their upcoming Car! Let’s start guys 💥😈

05.02.2021 at 12:00 pm

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Welcome Guys to this new Science and Technology article after the problems we had while comparing the Ultra CPUs. The review already on OTTO Magazin. There are lots of opinions about it. I like that users did some fact checking after reading the review, But thanks God, they already know my credibility. Lots of those who reading the review confirmed that the SD888 CPU is very advanced. And some still have doubts about the Qualcomm version. But I confirm to you that the comparisons and test will continue. We’ll check whether the CPUs will improve or there will be more problems. And I’ll let you know in the News article about any updates.

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Let’s discuss the news now: 🔥

Instagram is trying to copy TikTok. They’re working on a way to let users watch stories vertically. They want to copy the same approach as TikTok’s, where they want users to watch stories more.

Instagram wants to apply this approach so that they can get more views. They want to create a similar approach to TikTok’s. This will give users the ability to watch vertical stories. Instagram will ditch their style. Hopefully, it’ll turn out to be a good move.

Let’s now discuss PlayStations, It’s one of the most important entertainment devices in the world. The number of sold devices in the last month is 4.5 millions. They number might not be huge to you, but for Sony it is. The production of these devices is very limited because of different obstacles.

Lots of counties, is still facing a shortage of these devices. I advise you to pre-order one on Sony’s official website. I’ve done that multiple times and it worked for me. Check which version you want and pre-order it. Don’t buy over-priced devices available on other platforms.

To clarity, the company promises to produce more devices soon. According to some tests done on Huawei’s HarmonyOS, it turned out to be identical to Android 10. It is possible that Huawei is actually building their new OS around an Android UI?

The negative thing is that they’re building it on an Android UI. But the positive thing is that users will get used to quickly making the OS more adaptable.

I am not defending Huawei, but shouldn’t they create their own OS instead building one around Android OS?

They’re supposed to bring an OS that’s familiar to users. I would prefer that big companies try to make their own stuff instead of relying on other companies. iOS 14.5 Beta version update is now available for public users and developers. But I advise users not to download the developer version unless they have the experience needed to use it. Because some of the features in it might be implemented, and others might not.

The final version is expected to be released in February. It is not too far from now. The update include a very important and great feature in it. Users can unlock the device using their Apple Watch. The iPhone won’t use Face ID to unlock the device, rather it’ll use the the Apple Watch to do so. You won’t have to remove the mask. The update will also bring lots of additional features, too. These features include bluetooth enhancement among many other things.

I’ll discuss these new features in the upcoming reviews. We’ve released great reviews lately. One of which is the review about the shortcuts and features of the OneUI with S21 devices. i am a strong man no? 🙊🙉 … 👈 Noooo arrogant 😂😂

Leave a comment about your opinion and we’ll gladly make another one. Which device should the review be about? Mate 40, iPhones, or the new UI from Xiaomi?

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Number 13 could be interpreted as a bad omen in some countries. But for us, it is just a normal number. Apple could be considering some theories about this number. Other numbers include 4 in Asia and 13 in some of the US states, where they actually don’t add the the number 13 in elevators. It is a strange thing, and it’s been the same since years.

Some countries and cultures do believe in such a thing. Nokia and Samsung considered it before, too. They didn’t use the numbers 4, 7 or 13 with their devices but in our culture, we have no belief in such things. The reason is that they don’t want their sales to be affected because of a number.

The upcoming iPhone could be named 12s or even 14. Will Apple do this with their upcoming devices? 🤷‍♂️

They previously didn’t use the number 9 in their iPhone lineup, but this number isn’t favored in some countries. In addition, the best company to know the name of their devices is Samsung. Why? Because it has the number of the year. Other than that, phone names have become very complicated. Especially with Chinese companies such as Redmi, Xiaomi and Oppo.

There’s a Xiaomi phone called Mi 10 T 5G. Porsches’s chassis supervisor is hired by Apple. It looks like Apple is very serious about their upcoming car project. They’re hiring excellent experts.

Hiring a former Porsche employee means that Apple is indeed working on a very advanced project. The car will be from the sport category, and the prices will be high, you know, like Porsche’s prices. And of course the car will come with different technologies, and it’s expected to be released in 2023.

Will there be pre-requisites for the car to work in certain cities and countries other than the US?

This could be a problem. Lots of these technologies are not approved yet in the third world and Europe, since they have permits yet.

So, open the car from afar and control the car could be forbidden in countries such as UAE and others. Telecommunication companies don’t yet have permits for these technologies to be allowed yet. The reason behind it is for safety and security.

Apple might remove some of these technologies, and it other technologies might be approved. So, opening the car from afar might not work in some countries that don’t support such technologies. Or users might pay for a subscription.

Apple is expected to invest $3.6 billion in cooperation with Kia to make their car. Hyundai wanted the whole share, but it looks like KIA is the one who will take the whole share. I visited both companies before. They are the same company and have the same factory.

Hyundai owns KIA and they share lots of their technologies with each other. Hyundai is the more premium company, and they share their technologies with KIA. The idea is a cooperation between a Korean and US company. They’re not cooperating with a Chinese company.

It’s clear that the motives are economical more than a technological competition. The last news is also about cars. Our future will be about sharing cars and cars that have lots of technologies in them.

Google and Ford have cooperated together to Ford cars runs Android Automotive. It’ll begin in 2023, where these cars will support Android OS. There will be a lot of harmony between the cars and smartphones.

Ford is expected to announce these cars in 2023. Lincoln cars will be included, too, and will run a unified OS. Technology is affecting the world greatly.

In the past, technology companies were not as important as now, but now, they have the upper hand. our Tech OTTO Magazine too hhhh 😅🙃

Other companies now are under the wing of technology.

See you soon on the next reviews… ⏳😈