NEWS:🔥 How does Apple maintain the battery life of its headphones? 😯 Samsung revealed its next professional headphones! 🙊😈

December 23-2020 at 02:30 pm

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Hello Guys, your hot Cup Coffee as alwayes and welcome to the new news article from OTTO Magazin: 😈

A military plan gets updated with AI, Wall adapters are being removed from the boxes and 5G devices to be popular, And we’ll get a new subscription-based service!

Twitter starts testing a feature called Spaces, and it’s available with limited users. It is basically a voice-chatrooms, where users send voice messages and emojis, and it is similar to a feature in an un-popular platform.

This new feature is supported with limited users, so that Twitter can test it, It could come as a new feature for all users. It is expected that Samsung will a release a number of 5G devices next year. These devices are expected to be the A52, A42 and A32.

It is also expected that there will be other 5G-enabled devices from Samsung in 2021. These devices will come with low prices. And they’ll also come with 5G technology. It is an excellent thing for the technology to be popular worldwide and regionally.

Imagine buying a $200 or $300 5G enabled device! It would be great. Hopefully it happens in 2021. There are other companies that will releases such devices, too. These companies are Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo and many others. Let’s wait and see for Apple’s situation with 5G devices. The new wireless headphones from Samsung are the Galaxy Buds Pro.

The new headphones were revealed through an updates to a Samsung app. The headphones will come in 3 different colors. They’ll also support a feature similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio.

This feature is found in the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, The new headphones will also support Noise Cancelation and other audio technologies. It’ll also come with bluetooth 5.2 and all the new technologies.

But when will they be announced?

They’ll be announce in Samsung’s 14th of January event.😈

When will they be available in the market?

If everything goes as planned, it’ll be available 2 to 3 days after the event. But the devices will take longer than that.😈

The S21 series have been leaked enough that there are comparisons videos about them online. Some users compared the S21 device with the iPhone 12.

What’s important is that the series will have 3 different devices. These devices will be the S21, S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra. The Ultra version will come with specs similar to that of the Note, and we’ll know them later during the event. The Plus version with be mature with high specs. What’s shocking is that these devices will come with 2 different CPUs, These CPUs are the SD888 and Exynos 2100.

Are we going to discuss the same story, Samsung?

One of these CPUs is better that the other in some points, while the other is better in other points, Users want the best CPU, and this is their right.😈

Why do you complicate things, Samsung?

We don’t want two CPUs. We want devices with a unified CPU. This is what’s happening with the Galaxy A series from Samsung. The other shocking thing is that the box won’t contain a charger or a wired headphones.

Samsung might not announce it during the event. If not, we’ll found out later after we get the devices. The prices are expected to drop, and the reason is that these accessories won’t be included in the box. All companies are following Apple’s approach, I’ve said this before.😈💪

Apple announced a new feature with their new headphones called Low Power Mode, Apple said that this mode will save energy very well.

The new AirPods Max come with different power saving modes. The first mode is when the headphones are in the case. The mode will automatically be enabled. If the headphones are not used for 5 minutes, then it’ll directly enter this mode.

If the headphones are not used for 8 hours, it’ll enter a higher power saving mode. If not used for a day, the headphones will enter an Ultra High Power Saving mode. Thus, the charge will last longer.

With this method, you can use the headphones for a longer time. Which is a good feature. We’ll know more details about it during the review. Keep subscribed for more details. I’ll review all the 5 colors.

EFF organization supports Apple’s new privacy feature, I’ve discussed this matter in a previous article guys.

Do you remember when I said we’ve become the product?😜💪

We’ve indeed become the product, and companies are fighting over us. Apple says that iOS14 users have the right to know what apps require to work.

Facebook says that they stand with small business by collecting data from users. They say these data help in providing personalized ads.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp and Oculus. And with this huge ecosystem, they have a monopoly over trade on social media platforms. They own WhatsApp and Instagram.

What is left for them?

Facebook could be forced to Instagram and WhatsApp, Hopefully, users will be able limit what Facebook knows about them. Facebook is facing a huge problem. More companies will be subjected to this new privacy tools from Apple.

Let’s wait and see.😈

Full autonomous cars with 5 level is coming to Tesla cars in 2021 with a subscription-based service, It is a service dedicated for those who bought Tesla cars without it.

Elon Musk explained that this feature was supposed to roll out at the end of this year, but instead, it’ll come early next year.

I previously talked about the number of subscription services, Tesla, Ford and Cadillac are studying adding subscription-based services to their cars.

💬 My God help us in what’s coming in the future! 🤦‍♂️ Will we have to pay monthly subscription? 🙄 Will there come a time where subscriptions come to an end? It is really strange.

A huge success for the US military with their U2 Dragon Lady Spy plane. This plane supports AI, and was able to conduct a maneuver in a military base in the US.

The AI was able to monitor enemies and dangers coming from them. It was also able to protect the plane’s safety, The personnels behind this technology said that they gave AI the freedom to intervene by itself and it did a great job.

The AI was able to override the co-pilot with better maneuverability. The AI helped the plane in making correct decisions.

It also helped the co-pilot manage the plane, It’ll also help if when something wrong happens to the pilot. The maneuver was interesting.

But do you know what’s more interesting for me?

This plane has been in services in the US army for ages. And now, it is equipped with new updates similar to any other military plane. It can now receive updates. Tornado plane used to use cassettes with maps stored in them. But now with new technologies, planes receive OTA updates.

Let me now go back to this plane with AI support:

The wingspan of this plane is 30m, It is a huge plane, and can travel long distances unmanned, It entered service in 1957. And now, it supports receiving updates that will enable it to do more. This is the new face of AI.

We should be careful with it.😈

This is the end of this article. See you soon in the next reviews.👍