NEWS:🔥 Galaxy Z flip 3🙊 ! A foldable iPhone in 2022!🤔 … and more leaks of the Galaxy S21 ! 😈

04.01.2021 at 03:00 pm

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Hello guys, how are you? bring your hot cup Coffee and welcome to this news article from OTTO Magazin:😈

Samsung is expected to announce the Z Flip 3, which it could also be the Lite version. The device won’t come with the most powerful CPU, as it expected to come with the Snapdragon 865 CPU, It also won’t support 5G technology. This means that its price will be less expensive. But it will come with nearly the same design as the current version.

Samsung is trying to lower the prices of foldable devices. They want to make price more affordable to all users. Everything about the S21+ has leaked.

The device will come with a SD888 CPU, 5000mAh battery and excellent charging capabilities.But there’s another device that’s better than it in specs.

It also comes with the SD888, even before 2021 has started. It is the Xiaomi Mi 11. This device has been officially released. It comes with lots of main specs.

What’s strange is that they’ve announced two versions: one that comes with a charger in the box and one that doesn’t. What’s even more strange is that both have the same price.

There’s something wrong about it, right? I don’t know.🤦‍♂️

This is what I’ve understood from the release. The device supports charging with 60W. The charger can fully charge the device in 45 minutes.

The device supports 5G and comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The screen’s refresh rate is 120Hz and the touch sensitivity is more than 400Hz. There are lots of other features in this device.

The price of it is nearly 600 USD. It’s be a great step considering their prices, services and especially if they enhance their UI. If they do this, they’ll overcome lots of other poplar companies.

Users in USA can pre-order the new S21 devices even before the official announcement. Users who pre-order will get credit to buy accessories. But it is only available in USA. If Samsung does this step in all regions, I’d except many users to register and appreciate their step.

The devices haven’t been officially announced yet, But it’s expected that they’ll be announced in 14th of January. It’ll come with the specs that appear on the screen now. Samsung wants to study the market with this step.

Pre-orders will last for limit days, but we’re not sure how long. They’ll also have another event in January the 6th to announce their new TVs and showcase their capacities. The second event will be in January the 14th, which is the last day of the CES event.

In this event, they’ll announce the new S21 series. They’ll also announce new TVs with Mini-LED technology. But LG have announced their QNED TVs before them.

QNED screens are different than QLED screen. QNED is a new technology with better, denser pixels. They announced their Mini-LED TVs, and they’ll be available for users soon.

They released a number of new devices, but I haven’t yet received a media press from them. these new TVs promise better screens and technologies.

In addition, AirPlay 2 will be supported on TVs from 2018 and higher. LG hasn’t announced these TVs yet. They announced it in their event. LG keeps developing new technologies. Cooperation between Apple, Samsung, LG, Vivo continues to bring the AirPlay 2 technologies to their screens.

😈 iPhone 12 sales are better than iPhone 11 sales according to statistics from official sources. The statistics say that the iPhone 12 sales have significantly increased. But wait a minute, didn’t we hope that Apple would change the iPhone design in 2019?

But then, the iPhone 11 came and there was no change in it. iPhone users were shocked with the decision and didn’t decide to upgrade from their iPhone X, XS older iPhones. But now, with the new design, of course the sales will be better.

Congratulations to them. They kept selling despite the pandemic and global economic crisis.👏👏👏..

Do you think the new Apple Watch Pro leaks are realistic?

Apple is experimenting with new designs, and there will probably be a new watch with a design similar to the iPhone 12.

Let’s think about it.😈

The new design change of the iPhone 12 made users want to upgrade their devices. Now, the design is different.

The Apple Watch has reached 6th generation and its design hasn’t changed yet. Imagine the new watch to come with a new design similar to Tag Heuer watches’ design!

Will you buy this watch guys? for me, My watch is the 4th generation 🙊😂😈

But what if the new watch comes with the same iPhone 12 design?

It’ll be more beautiful. Especially if it comes with a fingerprint sensor. Similar to the one found in the new iPad Air.

Imagine having this technology with the 7th gen Watch with iPhone 12-like design without having to unlock it using passcode. I think this watch would sell a lot and it’ll become the most sold watch in the world.

According to the leaks, Apple is working on a 12.9 iPad Pro that will come with a Mini-LED screen. This new screen will support better media consumption capabilities.

Also, Apple expected to announce foldable iPhones in 2022.

The limited number of foldable devices in the market give Apple the ability to test these samples. And from them, Apple will know which design users want.

This year 2021 will be different, We’ve lost chargers in the box, but Xiaomi decided to remove some from the box and keep it in others for the same price.

What’s happening? What will happen in the future? May God protect us!🙏

Some users bought ceiling fans from Home Depot, which is a store specialized in home appliances. These fans have a factory defect. Manufacturer was asked to review18.000 fans.

But what’s the problem with these fans?

The problem is that that blades detach from the fan while it’s running. It is terrifying! 😱

This product from Home Depot is very terrifying, Imagine sitting in your living room and a blade detaches and flies to your direction! These blades detach while the fan is working. Whats strange is that these product have not been recalled!

Users were asked to check the product themselves. They showed users how to dissemble the fan and tighten the screws, which were supposed to be tightened in the factory!!

The factory failed to do it well, What if users couldn’t check their product?

we don’t want users to do it, we will ordered 3 of them to review them! Imagine putting these 3 products in one room while I am inside it hahahahaha !😅

Hopefully, the new year will be great with new content.😍

See you soon guys in the next reviews 😈