NEWS💥: Some of the advantages of the upcoming Android 12 … and also leaks of the iPhone SE3 and Airpods PRO 2, Your Coffee for focus with me☕ There are some shocking news😱 Let’s start….😈

29.01.2021 at 01:00 pm

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What’s story behind WiFi 6? And why is there WiFi 6E now?

And Samsung will release a device in the market before LG. And will there be an iPhone SE this year?

And new problems for Huawei and their upcoming devices.

Your Hot Coffee for focus with me, There are some shocking news in this news article. Let’s start.

The internet has spread all over the world. The latest statistics show that at least, there are 7 billion people worldwide.

4.6 billion of them have a phone or a smartphone. 4.2 billions have a social media account(s). It’s very hard to find someone on social media who has a vey common name.

The report says that social media spread in the last 3 years has been huge. The percentage of social media increase is 13%. It also shoes that users keep using their devices between 3 to 5 years. Which is something very great.

HuiteSuite and the UN worked on the report and published it in January of this year. The report mentioned the huge spread of social media platforms and the time users spent on it in 2020. And of course, the pandemic played a huge role in it.

Lots of communities were forced to use the internet. They didn’t believe in it before, but now, they’re convinced with it.

This wide-spread means a bigger market for smartphones. It also means more competition in the market where us users will benefit from.

i will public the iPhone 12 Pro Max vs S21 Ultra comparisons review? 😈

Don’t miss it. I’ll tell you about it at the end of this news article.

Let’s also forget that comparison videos take a long time and lots of effort to do, but they’re worth it. Birdwatch is a new program from Twitter to enable users to monitor tweets and look for false information. Twitter wants their platform to be false-information free.

They made a community for users to register in away from the main Twitter app. The goal of this community is to monitor tweets that include misinformation.

They then would add notes to these tweets, which might affect them. These tweets might then be deleted or they might add a note to it that says it has contains misinformation.

This step is after what happened during the US election. Twitter confirms that this approach will be generalized with all topics not just politics.

The name of the new company of the co-founder of OnePlus is Nothing. The two co-founder of OnePlus left the company, and one of the decided to follow his passion and start a new company.

The name of his new company is Nothing. Nothing is the name of the company. They’ll start developing it from zero. Their product should be different from other products.

The company will bring new advanced technologies. OnePlus company is a successful company around the world, especially in Europe and small part of the middle east.

The technologies they added to their smartphones are excellent. OnePlus has a good reputation in our community.

I think they’ll be able to do something new, easily. To clarify, OnePlus and Oppo are owned by a Chinese company called KKB.

Nothing company will not be part of any big company that might control their decisions. Hopefully, they make something new.

Huawei is suffering from lack of CPUs because of the US pressure upon them. But they’re working on producing Kirin 9000e CPUs.

This CPU will come with the upcoming P50 and Mate 40e. This Mate 40e is supposed to come with better camera but less specs. This new CPU will help Huawei keep going forward.

I feel like Huawei’s situation in the upcoming two months will be a bit unstable.

And as I mentioned in the last episode, they’re thinking of selling of their brands and make new uncategorized devices. There’s something huge happening with Huawei.

Hopefully, competition will go back as before so that us, users, can benefit from it.

A Samsung patent was registered last year but has been published this year. The patent is about a phone similar to the S21, but with a rollable display. It carries the same concept as the upcoming LG Robllabe smartphone.

The patent shows the design, but we’ve seen it before with the LG device. Samsung could release the device this year. Thus, they’ll have to series of devices: foldables and rollables.

Meaning that Samsung will offer more powerful technologies this year, which is what’s expected from them.

Lots of enhancements are coming to Android 12. One of which is color customization. Users can change the colors and themes of apps.

This means that Android 12 will support better customization. Color customization doesn’t currently have advanced settings, which is what Google is trying to bring in the new update.

The update won’t be temping unless all devices support it.

Especially, Huawei devices. The new iOS update brings los of fixes and features. It is the iOS 14.4 update. 3 fixes have been updated in it.

One for the OS Kernel and the other two are for WebKit. These bugs have been fixed, and Apple didn’t publish how many times these bugs have been exploited. 3rd part accessories will be supported on Find My app.

The first supported devices will be headphones from Belkin, which is a company that closely work with Apple.

Find My app will support this feature for developers. But it looks like companies will have to pay Royalties to be part of the ecosystem. It is not confirmed yet, but it is still a great thing.

With this, we know that the ecosystem will expand to more 3rd party devices, not just Apple’s.

There are new fixed and features added to the updated for bluetooth among many other things. The camera now can read smaller QR logos. Bluetooth devices can now be categorized.

The device show a notification to indicate that the cameras of the iPhone are not original. This will be helpful for maintenance centers. The update is important and should be installed.

I should affirm that you need to memorize your iCloud email and password. You should also backup your device before updating. By the way, you can install the update using 5G. It is enabled now. It is enabled because 5G speeds are high. It is good that they added it, not just by using WiFi.

The different between the first iPhone SE and the second one is nearly 5 years. But the iPhone SE 3 is supposed to come this year. There will be only one year difference between the second and third iteration of this device. It could named iPhone SE Plus or SE 2021.

The good thing is that the design is similar to iPhone 12’s design with a side fingerprint sensor and full screen front. Who know, Apple might keep doing this design with all of their devices.

The iPhone SE price will better. Leaks suggest that the price of this device cost start from 500 USD.

Paying 500 USD for this design and the A14 Bionic CPU would be excellent. I am excited to test it. The new version of the AirPods Pro could be coming in the first half of this year.

It’ll come with smaller size and lots of enhancements. It’ll support iPhones better.

According to leaks, this version will come in the first half of this year. The internal parts of it have been leaked. The enhancements could be minimal, but Apple might make a new design. If they do that, the rest of companies will copy them.

Especially, Chinese companies. Do you agree with me or not? 😅

iPhone 13 might support WiFi 6E. I’ll tell you more about WiFi 6E. The first device to support this feature is the S21 Ultra. But now, it’ll come with the upcoming iPhone. So what exactly is this technology?

This technology doesn’t support wider range, rather it supports better connection with the router. The routers can connect to more devices. The routers can manage connected devices in a fair and steady manner. But WiFi 6E will support 6GHz.

Now, there are only 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I am not talking about 5G, rather I am talking about 5GHz.

WiFi 6E uses 6GHz. Not WiFi 6. I am not sure why they didn’t explain this to us before. One of the main features of WiFi 6E is the 6GHz support.

Anyway, this feature is coming next year. If you don’t have a WiFi 6 router, then there’s no need to buy a smartphone that supports it. If the router supports its, then it’ll be able to offer these technologies.

Would you like me to review some routers that support WiFi 6?

You will read the beautiful comparison between two great devices this nieght guys, I was a bit angry at the end of it. And it’s clear that my anger will made some users happy 😂 It is the comparison between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This is the end. See you soon.😈