News:💥 iPhone 13 and SE leaks..❗ P50 Pro without 5G support❗

27.06.21 at 09:00 pm


Welcome to the most important article you’ll read today, because I’ll discuss Twitter paid subscriptions. And how content creators can have an additional, income through these new services.

P50 Pro from Huawei might not support 5G. Is that possible?

I’ll also discuss iPhone 13’s confirmed features and the new iPhone SE.

5 years ago, Instagram made changes to the timeline. Instead of showing the posts chronologically, they started using algorithms. The algorithms show you things depending on your activities.

Now, Instagram are testing a new feature on a number of users. They’re testing showing suggested content first. This suggested content will show up even before posts from people you follow. Once you open Instagram, you’ll see accounts that you don’t know.

Instagram thinks that you’ll like this content. And after that, you’ll be able to see accounts that you follow. Honestly, I feel like I am one of those who are targeted in the test. I only follow my wife on Instagram. She’s the best thing to follow. The things that I see in my suggestion feed are strange. God protect us from this. Instagram wants you to discover new things. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

Don’t miss you coffee guys, hot, Let me now go back to Instagram to discuss another feature. This new feature is special. Sometimes, you want to share a tweet on Instagram as a story, but you can’t do that. Unlike Snapchat, where you can now share content from Instagram, but not as a story.

On iPhones, you can now share tweets as an Instagram story, You can directly do that from the Twitter app. This is great news for Instagram and Twitter lovers. Before you wonder about iPhone or Android, this has to do with the developers, not the system.

Apple didn’t deny Twitter to publish tweets on Instagram. It was up to Twitter to activate this feature. Android lets you publish other things as a story on Instagram. But until now, tweets aren’t of them them. Hopefully, the rest of platforms will support these shortcuts.

We wish to see more shortcuts on social media platforms. Who do platforms not support these shortcuts, though?

Because they don’t want users to leave their platform.

We’ve got a comment on OTTO fast news, about Apple and Google’s antitrust cases.

« let’s be realistic, Apple doesn’t close the OS because of users’ protection, but because of the monopoly. We all know this.« 

You are not right. These app stores for me are like malls. If a mall gets money from shops in return for cleanliness, security and special services And they facilitate services to the users, And go the extra mile to help these shops, Wouldn’t you praise the mall then?

The same thing applies to app stores in my opinion. Let me continue with the comment.

« They could allow other stores or let users download apps from external sources, but warn the users about it. » « But when it comes to security risks, then it is Apple and Google’s buy to protect their platforms. » and « Windows OS allow users to install software from external sources without any problem.« 

Aren’t there problems in Windows?

Windows is full of problems, just like macOS. The same thing applies to macOS devices. They allow you to install apps from external sources.

There is a huge number of users who aren’t tech oriented just like me and you. And like the readers of this magazine. Lots of them, though, haven’t liked the article yet, but I forgive them.

There are people who know how to protect themselves. Let me give you an example. What if someone buys a new device and the buyer takes advantages of this person?

What if the shop owner installed ‘free’ apps on the new phone?

This phone owner will use the device for banking, just like anyone else. Don’t you think that this would be a huge danger to the public? This is what I am talking about.

Let me now continue with the news, and this time with Twitter who announced a new feature called Super Follows. And another feature called Ticketed Spaces.

Let me explain it for you, because it might be another source of income for you. Super Follows is when you offer exclusive paid content. It starts from 3 to 10 USD per month. It has conditions to be activated, one of which is that you have to be older than 18 years old. By the way, this is minimum age to use Twitter.

Another condition is that you tweet at least 25 tweets per month, and that your followers must exceed 10. The second is the ticketed spaces, where you create a space where users can access it if they pay.

One of its condition is that you have to be older than 18 years, and that you made at least 3 spaces in the last 30 days. Your followers must be more than 1000. The feature is currently available in the US. We’re waiting for it to arrive to the rest of countries. I won’t make a space, though.

All of my content will be free. God benefit us all. I can get an income from elsewhere, not from my followers.🥳🥳🥳

Questions: Should my screen be smart to benefit from the Apple TV 2021 device?

No, if your screen has an HDMI port, then you can benefit form it. But why do you want an Apple TV device?

In some countries, some services in the Apple TV device won’t be fully compatible. You should evaluate your needs. But the Apple TV turns any screen to a smart screen.

According to leaks, the announcement of the P50 series will be in 29th of June. There are lots of leaks, and I’ll discuss them with you. It is said that Huawei will release three devices; the normal version, the pro and the pro plus.

All three devices will come with the Kirin 9000 CPU.This means that these devices won’t support 5G, rather, it’ll only support 4G. And the device will be cheaper of course.

Huawei’s situation is becoming sad. They should compensate the lack of Google services, but I don’t think that’s the best solution.

Hopefully the rumors about not support 5G are false. The Pro version will come with a new Ultra Wide sensor. It is the 1/1.8 sensor. It is considered one of the biggest sensors in the market. While the main camera will come with the IMX800 sensor from Sony, which is supposed to 1″ in size. The screen is expected to be OLED with a waterfall design.

Let’s wait for the 29th of June. Hopefully, Huawei will release new great products.

The new Predator screen from Acer has arrived. It supports 4K resolution with 144Hz refresh rate. It also comes with customizable RGB colors. The screen comes with 2x HDMI ports and a Display Port. One of the 2x HDMI ports supports 2.1.

There’s a topic that I’d like you to pay attention to. Some users try to return their devices even though they work perfectly.

The reason is that they think the screen has a yellow hue. There is a feature found in most smartphone devices in the last couple of years.

This feature decrease the blue light on the screen to protect your eyes. If your device is Android, then pull the screen down and then you’ll be able to see the Blue Light Filter. It might also be called Eye Protection mode. The naming is different from a company to another. On iPhones, press and hold on the brightness slider and a new menu will pop up. Press on Night Shift.

You can also access the settings and control, the color temperature for this feature. You can find these settings in the Screen Settings menu. The higher the temperature, the better and more comfortable it is for your eyes. Someone turn on this feature all the time, but they decrease the color temperature.

Your screen works perfectly. This feature will protect your eyes. But you can turn it off in case you want to watch specific content.

New leaks about the iPhone 13, or the 12s. We are not sure about the naming yet. It is said that Apple will keep the current prices, despite the increase of price of semiconductors. And other increases of price with some of the parts. If Apple does that, it’ll be a great thing.

What I am impressed with is that Apple will use LPTO screens, which will enable 120Hz refresh rate while keeping the same price. Also, the Face ID parts will be improved now and will be smaller in size. And all the cameras will use Sensor-Shift Stabilization instead of OIS. This technology is way batter than OIS, and we’ve seen it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Ultra Wide lens will be 6P, and will be more advanced and support auto focus. What’s depressing is that the LiDAR sensor will be available with the Pro versions only.

There were previous leaks that suggested that all versions will support this sensor. But there is no confirmation until now. It is that the Pro version will get a 1TB storage..

I don’t think we’ll need this much storage, but some users will benefit from it. And not all iPhones will come with the A15 CPU, which is supposed to be very powerful. It could come with specific versions, and the reason is because of the shortage of semiconductors.

And finally, it is said that Apple won’t face any problems with the shipments. Especially after workers and employees are back to factories now and have access to the vaccine.

The SE version could come with the same design as last year’s. And it is possible to come with slight advancements when it comes to the design. Or it could come with the iPhone 11 design, but it won’t keep the same design. It is expected to support 5G to become the cheapest iPhone with 5G support. It was expected that there would be an SE Plus version. But with the recent events, I am not sure whether this idea would be worth it for Apple.

See you soon.🤨👋