NEWS:💥💥💥 The new Huawei’s OS! and what is the new in the Note by Samsung? And what is the story about Apple and Facebook?😈

December 21-2020 at 06:30 pm

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Your coffee as always, and welcome to this new news article by OTTO Magazin:😈 This news article is shocking with the news in contains…

We’ve become the product that Apple and Facebook are fighting for. This means our lives and privacy and everything on our smartphones.I’ll also discuss Huawei’s new OS.

There are also some news about Samsung and their Note, which might be discontinued.

Let me start by HarmonyOS devs version from Huawei, It is 100% identical to Huawei’s EMUI, This means that users won’t notice any difference between the new and old softwares, This means that Huawei is on the right bath. But still, the biggest problem is the App Store and Google services support.

If the problem between these two companies is solved, then the Google services will be supported again. If not, then users won’t tolerate using a device without Google services support, Let’s wait and see what happens next.

The first official device to support Huawei’s new HarmonyOS is the P50. And just like other companies, Huawei is working on developing their UI, software and technologies. I had a meeting with a Huawei representative to talk about the Nate 40 Pro cameras in particular.

We discussed the device’s popularity and camera developments, Huawei promise lots of developments with this device, But still, the biggest problem is still the OS.

I can confirm that Huawei is always after providing the best camera performance on their device, There was a webinar with a number of influencers around the World.

Let me now move to Samsung, who confirmed themselves that the upcoming S series will support the S Pen. Let’s also not forget about the leaked photos of the upcoming S21 Ultra with the Pen. The Pen is coming. And next year will be the last year for the Note series.

This means the S21 Ultra will be the device with the S Pen support as an additional feature. I know that the Pen isn’t important for some users, but it is a huge additional value.

I personally benefit from it when I use the Note device, I think Samsung will lose a lot if they change their approach. We’ve been using Note devices since 10 years. It is a very important series for users. But Samsung wants to replace it with the Z Fold Flip.

Are these devices supposed to replace the Note series? The Note series has a hug fanbase. How will it become? I think Samsung would make a huge mistake if they decided to cancel the Note series. But sometimes, it is not up to us to decide.

Apple will release the AirPod Pro Lite, which I previously talked about, But it is expected that Apple will release them in the first quarter of 2021.

It won’t come at the end of this year, like how some leaks had suggested. Apple has released a number of devices in 2020. This means that they might delay some accessories for next year. Apple has a strategy the follow when they want to announce a new product and want it to be in the spotlight.

The last product they released is their AirPods Max headphones. The review of these headphones with all colors is coming. Stay tuned. Apple has two new patents that could find their way to the Apple Watch. The first one is the Touch ID sensor.

This would give the watch more security instead of just a 4 digits code.

If you use your watch to pay and the watch just unlocks with 4 digits, then where’s the security in that? It’d be great if the watch comes with fingerprint sensor.

This means that only the watch owner could unlock it. The second technology is having a camera under the display. For this technology to work, Apple will use two screen. The first screen is the one users interact with. The second screen contains the camera and sensors, This watch won’t be seen by users. This means that this technology could be used for Face ID. I think the Touch ID technology is more realistic.

Hopefully, if/when implemented, it won’t add up to the price of the watch. If the second technology however is implemented, then it’ll increase the price of the watch a lot. When I mention news about patents, this doesn’t mean that these devices will come with. It means that these companies have registered these patents for themselves. And they have to renew the registration every year.

Let’s wait and see for the new technologies to arrive, Let me now discuss the biggest problems between two giants in the US. They are Apple and Facebook. Apple’s new laws let users check the privacy of the apps before the install them.

Uses can see the data the apps uses and the extent of privacy users will lose if they install the app. This topic is very sensitive and concerning to lots of companies. When Apple announced this feature in their event we were very excited. But big companies are afraid of such move from Apple.

First of all, Facebook apps requires a way more than we thought it would. It requires full access to the device and its location. It also requires data about other apps installed on the phone. It could read messages between you and your friends about certain products then shows them as ads to your in the apps.

Apple wants their users to be aware of this, Apple doesn’t to prohibit this, Just wants to give users the chance to agree or not, But Facebook as another pretext.

Let me first start with Apple’s pretext, Apple says that users have the right to know what apps require. No matter what app it is, the users has the right to install it or uninstall it by giving them the chance to know what the app requires to world. I am not just talking about camera access, but also reading messages, locations, accessing camera anytime and so on. And this is when the problem with Facebook has started.

Facebook says it is not fair to frighten users. Facebook supports more than 10 million online store, And the majority of these stores are small or medium.

Their business thrive on the data Facebook collects, This means that this helps these store with targeted and personalized ads with little cost. According to a research, their sales increase up to 60%. Depriving them from this would make them lose 60% of their income.

Wait a minute! In this problem between these companies, we are the product! It is us who Apple and Facebook talk about. Apple wants their users to pay for subscriptions.

Facebook says it doesn’t want users to know how Facebook collects these data. They want to give users ads. They fight over our privacy.

This is a new pretext from Faceboo, They say if Apple applies this law, then they’ll have to charge companies more, and users will be affected. These subscriptions will make the internet a paid service.

What is this all about? What is this game?

Are you serious?

There’s something wrong with this, Internet is free. It started as a free service, It was basically started as an individual project, and it led to the internet. At first, Google’s search engine was free. No one expected that this search engine would bring them billions of dollars in profit.

Search engines are not free anymore, as they show you results you’re not asking for, What’s happening between big companies is something very concerning. They fight over our privacy and private lives.

They don’t expose it, though, But where’s the privacy in technology?

There will be more news about how these companies collect our data.

We’ll also know how much access they have in our lives, It is a developing story. For me, I’d prefer if the internet was a paid service. I prefer to live with privacy, which is better for me.

Some users might prefer it to be free with less privacy. Which do you support? Voice your opinion in the comment section.

Let me now discuss the last news, Environment organizations are worried about Amazon, since they’re the biggest pollution source for oceans. Millions of kilos of plastic is thrown in the environment and most of it come from Amazon.

Amazon uses plastic in the packages to protect it and what’s inside it. And this plastic will end up being thrown away. This plastic won’t be recycled since recycling isn’t an option in lots of counters around the world. This means that e-trade is a huge source of danger for the environment.

What’s the solution then?

Environment originations say that e-trade is increasing especially during the pandemic. So, those who, for example want to buy a bottle of perfume, would get a plastic bag with it. Or sometimes they even take it without a plastic bag. But now, this bottle will be stored in a carton to be shipped. This carton might be recycled later on, But there will be plastic inside the package.

Lots of environmental resources will be used to deliver the package, This means that e-trade isn’t good for the environment. I am sorry, but do you notice that it is us who will also be affected in this?

Let me explain it to you, When I used to travel and visit big hotels with big water fountains.

and see a huge amount of spaces for entertainment and other things. And then there’s an army of cleaners to clean the hotel. But when I go to small room I find a paper that says Please save the environment by using less water, Are you serious?

Don’t waste water and save the environment, The trend in the US is now is you’ll find a paper saying use the tower more than once, and don’t waste the environmental resources that we use to clean it.

What about your water fountain?

And what about the other things are you clean?

I have way less of an impact on the environment, Amazon ships packages how they want, and the Chinese make chargers how you want, But Apple says that to save the environment, we’ll not include the charger in the box.

Samsung also says the same by not including the charger, On the other hand, accessory manufacturers make these accessories. ,There’s no law to regulate the process, Big companies ask us to not use much water, ‘Don’t waste the water.

On the other hand, big companies use massive equipment that require a lot of water to cool off to build resorts. These resorts are used for entertainment.

They take our money and ask us to not waste water, And above all of that, Facebook steals our data. What is left for us?

And Youtube says we won’t send notifications for subscribers,They want channel owners to as ask subscribers to enable the notification bell. I don’t know what to say!😈

There are lots of problems, but let’s prepare for the week, This is the end of this news article.

See you in the reviews.😈