New Headphones from Huawei, New Device from Google, My Review…😈

Review 60: December 20-2020, at 08:00 pm

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Imagine a device from Google is cheaper than a smart bottle; Also, the new FreeBuds Studio from Huawei. Three products in one review, Let’s start, your coffee and this is Another review:

I’ll start with the FreeBuds Studio headphones from Huawei, FreeBuds Studio is a headphone fro Huawei with Noise Cancelation support. It also offers satisfactory audio quality for its category. The headphones come with a modern design with adjustable metal arms. Each ear cup come with a material made from leather-like material, and the headband is made from leather.

After experimenting with it, it doesn’t feel heavy while wearing it. The headphones come with a power button, bluetooth button, And once you press it, the pairing process will activate. There’s also another ANC button.It is dedicated to activate Noise Cancelation.

The headphones also come with a USB-C port for charging. The headphones support touch input and shortcuts. You can swipe up or down to change the volume. Swiping from right to left will change the content. Tapping twice will play/pause content.

Press and hold for two seconds to activate the personal assistant or answer phone calls. The headphones come with 40mm drivers. There are drivers support amplifying the sound, It comes with 4 layers and is made from Polymer.

These drivers will provide wide audio with high sensitivity, This will allow you to listen to content with all its details. The headphones support TAT technology, While will filter unwanted high and mid waves, It also provides comfort as it balances air inside the ears. Huawei has invented this technology.

Each ear cup come with 4 high sensitive mics. These mics will help detect audio to provide better Noise Cancelation.This technology is available in lots of headphones.The headphones support two types of Noise Cancelation, the first one is total Noise Cancelation. The second is called Awareness mode, where it allows you to listen to your surroundings while wearing the headphones.The headphones support quick pairing, but only with Huawei devices.

It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Though, the app is not supported on iOS devices. But you can pair the headphones to an iPhone using bluetooth, just like any other headphones. But there isn’t an app to fully enjoy the capabilities of this headphones.

You can control and pair the headphones on Huawei devices using AI Life app.You can use the app to enable the different modes of Noise Cancelation.The headphones are comfortable, but you might have ear-fatigue with elongated usage. And of course this happens with all headphones that support Noise Cancelation.

The audio quality is high, and I could listen to audio notes I didn’t hear with other headphones, But with the FreeBuds Studio, I was able to hear it. The amplifier is good.I wished it was better, but it offers balanced performance nonetheless.

In phone calls, the audio it offers is clear, except for in some places where you might hear echoes.But in general, the performance is really good and it does its job. If you want to buy headphones, make sure to buy ones from the same manufacturer as your headphones. But if you want to buy over-the-ear headphones, then you need to check big manufactures. For example, there’s the Bose 700 headphones.

Would you like me to compare the Bose 700 and FreeBuds Studio?😈

According to Huawei, the battery lasts for 24h without Noise Cancelation. Or 20h with Noise Cancelation. FreeBuds Studio headphones come in two colors: black and gold.


the design is beautiful and modern with high quality materials, The audio performance is very good and could be a choice for elongated sessions of listening, It also offers smart Noise Cancelation modes. »


I wished it could work without the AI Life app, These headphones could work perfectly on non-Huawei devices. You also have to fully charge the battery to enjoy Noise Cancelation.

Let me now move to a different product from Google, Lots of you have been waiting for its review, It is indeed different, It is the Chromecast with Google TV.

It is a new device release by Google this year, It has a significant change, as it now runs Android TV OS. This OS was discontinued before, but now it is back.

The device comes now with a remote control, And in general, it is closer to smart TVs support devices.

such as TV Boxes, The device comes with a modern design, and in general, there’s no differences than the previous generation, It is made from plastic and weighs 55g, The remote controller is a bit thick, which could be bulky for some users, And as always, the device comes with an HDMI port, It also comes with a USB-C port to plug it in.

The device runs Android TV OS with Google TV UI, The UI is easy to use and shows viewable content through the apps. The UI comes with a dedicated section to install and access apps, It supports Netflix, Prime Video, and a library of news, education, health and so on.

Chromecast supports many languages, and Google Assistant too. To clarify, older generations of the device didn’t supportmany languages!, but with updates, it does now and works well, Like I said, the device comes with a bluetooth remote controller.It comes with a modern design and there is a circular shape at the top.

This knob lets you control and navigate the content.

There are other buttons that help with control and accessibility. The device comes with a dedicated Youtube button. It is their device after all. There’s another Netflix button. There’s also volume button on the side that work on certain TVs. The device supports 4K@60fps videos. It also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10.

In addition, it supports HDR10+. The device supports bluetooth and dual band WiFi. You can connect a bluetooth keyboard to it. The box contains the device itself, remote controller and a wall adapter, but the adapter isn’t directed to some regions. But if the device is officially supported in other region then it’ll come with the right adapter. There’s also a USB-C cable, too.

Chromecast with Google TV device is available in Orange White and Sky-blue colors, and it costs 50 USD. It is very cheap. But let’s wait until it is officially available in all regions.


it is easy to install and use., The UI is simple and easy to use and you can install apps.

It is cheap and is a great choice, It is suitable if you’re TV’s UI is slow. It does its job in a smart way.

Cons: 😈

In fact, I do not have any negative remarks against the device in all honesty, the price is very good and suitable for everyone, and its advantages are many.

Nice job Google, see you in the next news articles guys, i have a new news as always for you… 😈