New AirPods MAX from Apple! Are they worth 600 USD?! 😈🔥

Review 63: December 27-2020, at 02:00 pm

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These are the new Apple AirPods Max headphones, Are they worth more than $ 600?🙊

Let’s get to know them at a first glance, Hello Guys, your coffee and welcome to this new review from OTTO Magazin:

Apple released the AirPods Max headphones and thus entered the field of on-ear headphones, We saw the AirPods and AirPods Pro. They are in-ear headphones, and one of them does not support noise isolation, which is AirPods, The other one is AirPods Pro with noise cancellation support.

So, you will enjoy listening to the content. In this case, the on-ear headphones give something different.

Let me now open the box:😈

Apple’s approach is always different from everyone else, Once you open the box, you will find the speaker in front of you, Included in the Smart Cover, which is a leather cover.

Here are some instructions and a Lightning-USB-C charging cable, The headphones come in five colors:

And they are supposed to include pistachio, blue and pink, These are the names I want to call them and not what Apple wants, The headphones run out of the smart cover and when placed inside they close directly.

From the moment it comes out of the case, it can be paired with compatible Apple devices, Almost all iPhones are compatible with these headphones.

Supports Apple TV 4K and most iPads, MacBook and Mac are fully compatible, The headphones come with arms and now they are in transparency mode and through it I can hear you naturally.

And I listen to the environment around me and my voice without isolation, On the right speaker there are two buttons, one of them is the crown button, It is the same crown as the Apple Watch. And it has several functions of raising and lowering the voice. And you can control the content by clicking on it, And hold to activate Siri.

The other button will allow you to switch between two noise canceling modes, The first mode is completely noise-canceling and works perfectly, The other pattern is the transparency pattern, and you can hear all around you.

And it activates quickly, And with another click, you can return to transparency mode. And this button is also for pairing, so long press it and the lamp at the bottom will light white to start pairing.

There is also a Lightning port for charging the headphones on the bottom. And before explaining the charging technology, you should know that when placing the headphones in the case, the power saving mode immediately prevails, As soon as you take it out of the case, you can start working.

Even if the speaker is not placed in the case, it will gradually start to activate the power saving modes. As soon as you pick it up, the speaker will know and start working.

On the back of the right speaker there is a content media sensor, Once used, the content will be played and vice versa. They are really comfortable to use, but they should be thoroughly tested with noise cancellation turned on. And I’ll see if it causes pressure in the ear, and I asked you on Twitter if there are any questions you’d like to know the answers to, so I can include them in the full review.

A full charge is supposed to take 20 hours with noise canceling modes on, You can connect the headphones to two Apple devices at the same time, And it can be linked on iPhone and Macbook and will fit between them.

The weight of the headphones is 383.8 grams, The pads are removable and mountable, Apple will sell separate headphones for $ 69, It’s a new profit area for them.

Headphone-compatible spatial mode, which is a mode for tracking the location of the head to produce better surround sound, It is a software system, It also has the H1 chip on each side.

Five minutes of loading should give an hour and a half of performance.Its official price is 550 dollars.

There is one important thing that I must clarify, You need another case to store the speaker, And we used to come with headphones that come in a bag for travel.

I don’t expect this to be the best solution to protect headphones, And at first glance it does not support cable. Some headphones like Sony and Bose come with a cable to connect to any cable. By doing so, you will benefit from the 3.5 input even on airplanes.

But in this case, how will I benefit from these headphones on the plane?

I don’t know, but Apple is selling a 3.5mm Lightning cable.The cable is in place and you must pay to get it.

Full review is coming, God willing, We noticed that the price is high and is aimed at fans of Apple products, Because this headset is suitable for Apple products with quick pairing, But with devices outside the Apple ecosystem, it will be a very normal headset.

It weighs just under half a kilogram and weighs 384 grams, And the weight of the container is approximately 130 grams, so the total weight is half a kilo. And I can’t take anything with that.

What do you think Apple going into on-ear headphones?

Are you waiting for the Lite or SE version?

why not? Because there are things that can be removed to save the price.

This review is just a first look…😈

See you soon…