Movements and Shortcuts that benefit you in mobile phones 😈 To win time and protect your Health 💪

Review 57: December 14-2020 at 07:00 am


Phones are one the most important things to take care of during this time, I know that most of you still are working or entertaining yourselves at home, But there are habits that most of us do that need to be stopped.

And there are shortcuts and things you can do with these devices that will enrich and benefit our lives.

Let me tell you what are these things:😈

There are cool gestures you can do with your phone. Let me start them with the phone call sharing, The best way to share phone calls is not by giving the device to someone else.

The best option is enable the speaker or use bluetooth headphones.

The audio produced by Samsung devices is great, I know that all parties will listen to me very well without anyone touching my device.

The second thing is paying using your phone, which is really cool, You don’t have to touch other devices to pay, You can simply use the paying app on your device.

All you need to do is bring your device near the machine and let NFC does its job; In summer, all people get sweaty while making a phone call.

Sometimes running and walking causes sweating, The safest way is to use wireless headphones connected to your device.

The S20 devices bring and excellent audio quality, I have a USB-C AKG headphone. The audio produced is really good, Or you can even use the Galaxy Buds+ headphone, for example.

These headphones are sweat resistant, and they’ll work just fine, Online meetings are the best kinds of meetings.

The audio and video are excellent. There’s no need to waste your time driving in traffic jam, But with Google Duo, you can attend your meetings easily.

This app is pre installed with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, From you contacts list, you can make a Duo call.

This also makes it easier for you to make your calls, Smart Things.

This feature enables you to control smart devices and a huge number of Samsung’s smart devices.

From you device, you can control and run content on all supported devices, I can control all devices connected to Samsung Things no matter where I am at home.

As long as all these devices are connected to the same WiFi network, I can turn off the TV or turn on anything I want at the rooms. It is also entertaining.

You can also turn your phone into a semi-computer device using the Dex technology, It also fully support Microsoft Office apps.

The experience is very similar to the web version of the apps, You can be more productive with using your phone.

Everything is more beautiful on a bigger screen, Your meetings will be better with screen broadcasting Smart View feature on Galaxy devices.

All you have to do is to press on the Smart View button to share your screen to the TV for the best view, I advise you not to change your phone often, and not look at it all the time.

In these times, we have to manage and filter important things. We depend on smart watches for better health management and notifications.

Let’s stop working for a while and enjoy our lives with our families and create good memories.

Take photos and videos as much as you can.📸😍

You can depend on the health app in Samsung devices.

The device itself counts your steps even if you don’t use wearables, like a sport band or a smart watch. You can simply count your steps, exercise, and count calories, resulting in not getting fatter.

I’ve been telling myself this all the time, Before I eat every meal, I tell myself this.

The last thing is to protect your privacy before you give you device to your kids. Use the Kids Mode, which is designed for them.

Kids Home or Children Mode create a modes that are designed for kids to protect your photos and privacy.

It prevents them from logging to your chats while protecting their childhood.

These modes help them watch content that are designed for them. Hopefully, these apps protect their health, If we do all of these steps, hopefully, we’ll be healthy.

Exercises will help us be healthy, and shortcuts will be very helpful for us indoors and outdoors.

Let me go back to the heath app and check the calories I burned.

This is the end of this article, Share this article with people so that they can benefit from it.

See you in the next smartphones reviews.👋