More problems in Pixel 6 🤒❗ Intel ignites the battle with Apple🍏❗ Galaxy S2 leaks❗🎃

19.11.2021 at 00:00 am

Intel offers more powerful CPUs than the Apple Silicon. The S22 series’ preorders have leaked. What’s shocking is that the Note is coming back, but with the S22 family. Microsoft will drag us to the Metaverse with Facebook. To escape from their reality, people will use VR headsets. There’s a huge danger and entertainment coming with Meta.

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EU wants to force phone manufacturers to use the USB-C port, but there’s only Apple that still uses their own port. I previously mentioned that someone adjusted an iPhone to work with a USB-C port instead of the lightning port, and there are people willing to pay 4850 USD to get it. This means that there are a lot of users who prefer a USB-C port with an iPhone as it offers more functionality.

🍏 Apple confirms that the shift to USB-C will be slow. But with the new EU regulation, Apple might be forced to shift to USB-C in the upcoming years. Let’s wait and see whether Apple will bring the USB-C to its most famous products.

Comment: I won’t buy the Pixel until it is officially available in our region. What if I buy it and it requires maintenance?

There are lots of other similar comments. I’ve already fully reviewed the device, and the review available on the magazine guys, I’ll remind you of it at the end of this news article, And needing maintenance center is very important too. I encountered an issue with a previous Pixel device. Some users have reported issues with their devices.

The version I have here is from the first patch. The fingerprint sensor works perfectly with this version. We haven’t faced a problem with it yet, but there are users who reported problems with their fingerprint sensors. The first patch didn’t have problems.

The second one, however, seems to have problems in it. Is it because the manufactures are facing troubles with production with these devices?

We’re not sure what’s happening with Google. If there was a maintenance center here, it’d make it easier for users who face problems with their devices. I agree with all of you. If the device isn’t officially available in your country, investing in it would be a bit risky.

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the most famous games for Microsoft. The cars in the games are very realistic. More than 1 million people managed to play the game in its early access version. The game is available on Xbox, PCs, Game Pass and Steam. If you have a Windows machine with a Game Pass subscription, you can play this game without an Xbox. This is Microsoft’s ecosystem. The graphics in this game is amazing.

The performance is amazing and it is very suitable for car lovers… The game works on the Xbox device, but how does the Xbox work? 🤫 Forza Horizon 5 is now available for all users.

Comment: the projector has great technologies, and soon, TVs will be obsolete❗

This comment was on the Shorts review, but you are right, TVs might soon become obsolete. But it won’t be the case with most users, as there are still great TV screens out there. There are lots of features in TVs that projectors haven’t supported yet.

A new issue with the Pixel devices, where if the battery full drains to 0% and you charge it back, the fingerprint sensor might not work. Passcodes will still work, and until now, there isn’t a software update to fix it. Google confirmed that it is not a hardware issue, rather it is a software problem. I’ll keep you updated whether Google releases a fix or not. But this is another problem the Pixel devices are facing, which is how fast the battery runs out.

The Pixel devices are one of the best devices from Google, and we’re always expecting a software fix for their problems. But this is assuring, since it is a software issue that can be solved. Nothing, which is founded by OnePlus cofounder, will release 5 different smartphones. The only product for this company is a headphones, and releasing 5 new devices at the same time would be problematic. I expect the devices to be from the mid-range category because India is very important for them.

Let’s wait and see whether these devices will be successful and will arrive to our region or not❗😉

Comment: why isn’t the Snapchat app better supported on all Android devices rather than just the Pixel devices?

Samsung wanted to better support the app on their store, but Google threatened the app developers not to. Threatened isn’t the right word, because no one can force app developers. But with the Pixel devices have better support with Snapchat? Because the app the was build from the ground up to better support the Pixel devices. If the same thing is applied with all smartphones, it means the app will work great on most devices.

Having better support for one phone doesn’t mean that the app will work better on all other devices. This is what Apple has done with the Snapchat app, but hopefully the app will have better support for other Android devices.

Since Meta announced their new Metaverse world. we’ve started to see other companies with the same concept adapt it. Big games, cryptocurrencies firms and other companies like Nike have entered this world. These companies will have their own stores, services and other specific things for them in the metaverse.

Nike announced that they’ll have their own store in the metaverse where you can try their products and order it. Microsoft also announced that they’ll enter this field through their Teams app, and according to them, this is just the start. Teams is an online meeting app. Having support for the Teams app on Metaverse will be great.

The Oculus Quest 2 headset comes with an app called VR chat. With this app, you can create your own character or the character that your prefer. You can have your dream house or car and chat with others, since it is a chatting app. Imagine having more support for the Metaverse from other companies.

Microsoft announced that they’ll cooperate in the Metaverse through their Teams app. And the Holo Lens headset will make this possible. This support from other companies shows how serious Meta is when it comes to the Metaverse. But this Metaverse world has pros and cons. What are the cons❓🤫

All people have problems in their lives, Your smartphone and companies that make your products know these problems because of your search pattern. Imagine someone who knows your problems asks you to join them with a new job in the Metaverse. This job will bring you a salary that you can receive in the real world. But with time, you’ll enjoy the Metaverse more than the real world. This is the first step towards something terrifying. This is not like in movies, but it is the next stage. Movies reflect the culture of the author or director. But with the mixed communities in the Metaverse, it’ll be terrifying.

Intel announced the new Alder Lake CPUs from the 12th generation. Geekbench 5 scores show that the i9 12900K offers better performance than the M1 Pro and M1 Max. The multi-core score of the M1 CPU is 12500 points, while the new CPU from Intel scored 18500 points. Intel have been slowly developing themselves over the years.

With the Apple competition in this field, Intel decided to up their game. But the Intel CPU uses more power than the M1 Pro and Max CPUs. I’ll soon get these new i5 and i9 CPUs and thoroughly test them. Intel issues new generation of CPUs every year.

They have some powerful CPUs. They have a great research and development center that I require the highest permissions to enter it. This center decides whether their technologies are suitable for the market or it is still in its early stages.

They managed to make wireless charging 12 years ago, and it was popular 5 or 6 years later, but this is an exception, if the Chinese decide to enter the CPU manufacturing, they’ll stir up the market like what Huawei did before.

Lots of users ask us to make a review of the Android 12. I’ll make a review, but I’ll have to wait a bit until the OS is on most devices from Samsung and other companies.

Imagine buying the latest BMW with a screen that doesn’t support touch input. It is a strange thing but it’s going to be the reality. It is not because BMW want to offer lower technologies, but because the semiconductor problem is getting worse. The new Series 3, X5, X6, X7 and the Z4 won’t have a touch screen in them. Drivers will have to control the screens using the crown. Users will get a 500 discount with these cars. 😁😁😁

The semiconductor problem seems to take longer to solve, it is expected that a new semiconductor problem will start working again in the US in 2023. Other factories around the world are expected to start working again in 2025. The problem seems to take ages to solve.

I will review more the Pixel 6 devices and 4 amazing products, one of them is the thermal camera in the BlackView device. The review will include Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-book and the Facebook’s glasses, Keep visiting us for more… 😍

Let’s now discuss the S22 leaks, Leaks suggest that the devices will be announced in January, and pre-orders will start in February. And two weeks after the announcment, the devices will be shipped to customers. There were lots of leaks this week.

Leaks also confirms that the S22 device will come with a 6″ screen and 3700mAh battery. And it’ll come with 3 rear cameras: 10MP, 12MP and 50MP. The S22 Plus will come with a 6.5″ screen and a 4500mAh battery with the same camera setup. But the S22 Ultra, or should I name it Note 22 Ultra, will come with a 6.8″ screen and 5000mAh battery. And it’ll come with 4 rear cameraS: 108MP, 12MP, 10MP and 10MP.

The devices will come with either the SD898or the Exynos 2200 CPUs. Prices are expected to be higher than normal. The leaks photos of the S22 Ultra show that it’ll have some Note specs. The next Note device will be the S22 Ultra.

I think it is a logical step from Samsung. In some cases, I wished that the S21 supports an integrated S Pen or wished that I used the S Pen case. Samsung would serve the majority of users by integrating some of the Note features in the upcoming S22 Ultra device.

Samsung will have different categories like the S and Z and the Ultra version will have the Note’s features. Samsung makes great devices, but the naming of their devices is strange; here’s an example: Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. The make controversial decisions sometimes.

See you soon.👋😊

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