🕷Mazda 6! 😱What is the perfect modification for this car❓🔥🔥

Review 160: 02.05.2021 at 10:30 pm


Today’s star is Mazda 6 with a modified body kit! Hi Guys and welcome to a new article of Special Car Modified by OTTO Magazine.

Today we brought a modified car with a body kit, 1000hp, modified , off-roading horse power, body, Everything! to meet the different needs and tastes.

Let’s start our fast review guys:

Before we start the review…don’t forget to bring your best coffee, original coffee not modified! 😅😅😅

Now we start our test-drive of Mazda 6, The main modification made to this car is it’s exterior body kit, An original body kit from MV Tuning.

We can see the modified front and rear bumper, the hood, the side skirts, All are original parts. There is a rear spoiler that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, All 100% original parts.

The car also has a hydraulic suspension system, You can raise and lower the car by remote control, When you want to show off you can lower the car. The car will look really good! But you can’t drive the car when it’s extremely lowered, because you can’t steer right or left it would hit the fenders.

Our car has modified wheels with semi slick tires, They provide high performance and great traction on the tarmac, But the car was not modified to produce a huge amount of horsepower.

Modifications included an air-filter, a modified intake and a modified exhaust That’s it! The car has a 4-cylinder engine, It’s owner didn’t want much power

About interior modifications:

A screen in the dashboard and there are 2 modified screens for the rear-seats, That was a quick briefing.

The car also has a very powerful sound system with amplifiers, sub-woofers, and speakers.

All are modified When you turn the volume all the way up everything starts vibrating.

The car has customized floor mats, black leather with red stitching, The color scheme is really great in the cockpit black and red everywhere.

in addition to the modified exhaust system there is also a modified software program, it creates great sounds.

The car is not really powerful, it was modified to look good with the body kit, The exhaust sounds good too, with the modified filter, Good sound for a 4-cylinder engine!

For American cars enthusiast…I know 8-cylinder engines sound better, but this 4-cylinder engine sounds good.

This was a quick article, We always present you with useful information, especially for the owners of modified cars whose cars aren’t so expensive or powerful. We host all kinds of cars for our dear readirs.

Take care guys!💪 See you soon on the next reviews…🕷

Nice Car bro! but my car is the best hhh hhhh