Macbook Pro 13 M1!🔥🔥 🔥 Our Review…🙊

Review 54: December 10-2020, at 05:00 pm


This is Apple’s MacBook Pro with the M1 CPU, This device comes with something no one expected from Apple.

Hello, your cup coffee hot, and This is the MacBook Pro 2020, It is a thin and easy to mobilize laptop? What’s special about is that it comes with the M1 CPU from Apple, It’s the first CPU from Apple designed for laptops.

This CPU offers high performance with less power consumption than any other CPU found in previous MacBook Pros.

Honesty, I was shocked when I started using this device, The design of the laptop hasn’t changed, Some think that Apple wasted an opportunity to release a new design with the new CPU, But Apple’s point of view is that the design is very beautiful and currently needs no modifications.

The design is something that belongs to Apple and it is up to you to accept it or not, For me, I think it is a committed design. It is beautiful and shows a clear ID.

The back of the device shows the Apple Logo, The front is mostly occupied by the screen.

The laptop is made from aluminum, and according to Apple, it is 100% recycled, And as I mentioned, the laptop is thin, It weighs nearly 1.4kg, It comes with a Backlit Magic Keyboard.

After experimenting with it, the layout is suitable, It offers satisfactory smoothness, and I didn’t encounter any problems with the keys.

The keyboard comes with a Touch Bar, It offers useful customizable shortcuts and accessibility for some commands.

Next to the Touch Bar, there’s a power button with a Touch ID embedded in it, You can also turn on/off the device from this button.

Yo can use the fingerprint sensor for services such as Apple Pay, After experimenting with it, it offers high responsiveness.

The Touchpad is wide and occupies a big space to make it easier to use it, It also supports gestures, multi-gestures such as navigating between pages, Widgets, zoom and shortcuts.

The screen size is 13.3 and it is an IPS panel, The screen resolution is 2560×1600.

Apple calls it Retina Display, It comes with 227ppi density, It also supports True Tone technology, The device comes with the M1 CPU with 8 cores.

4 of these cores provide high-performance and the other 4 provide high-efficiency, These cores will be great for daily use.

They’re supposed to consume less power, too, The GPU comes with 8 cores, It also comes with an NPU with 16 cores.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU 1744 scored points for the single core and 7655 points for multicores, Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

The device also comes with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, Onboard storage starts from 256GB up to 1TB similar to the one in front of you now.

The onboard storage is SDD of course.

Apple apps we’re used to have become significantly faster than before, Some apps are fully supported such as the Twitter app, which works smoothly with full functionality.

These kind of apps are called Universal Apps by Apple, There are daily updates for apps to support the M1 CPU.

Apps that are not updated will work using Apple’s Rosetta 2 program, It is a program that lets Intel-based apps to work on the M1 CPU without Intel’s interference, But when apps are updated to work with the M1 CPU, they’ve become better and faster.

You might notice that some apps will need sometime before they’re updated.

FYI, the CPU is new, so it is normal that some apps don’t work with their full capacity. You might encounter some problems while using these apps.

You should evaluate whether the apps you’ll be using are fit to be used on a MacBook Pro 13 and that the CPU is also compatible.

Let me discuss the battery:

The battery performance has been significantly improved, It lasts way longer than on the same device with an Intel CPU inside.

According to Apple, the battery lasts for 17 hours of internet browsing and 20 hours of content watching.

Up to all experiments, we’ve agreed that a full charge would last for 2 days of moderate usage, The ports of the device haven’t changed.

The device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and 2 Thunderbolt USB Type-C ports, The box contains the laptop and the charger.

This MacBook Pro with the M1 CPU will be available in all markets, The rest of the currencies are available on the screen.


The design is elegant, and we’re used to it from Apple.

The CPU performance is excellent, and we’ll see more support for it from developers.

Also, the battery performance is different than on Intel-based devices, which is great, It support iOS apps and Apple apps work better on it.


Some apps are still not supported and they don’t work.

But hopefully, all apps will be supported with future updates, And as usual, with devices such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, they don’t come with enough ports, It only comes with two ports on the side.

You’ll have to buy adapters and accessories to take full advantages of the device such as connecting it to a LAN port, external screen and so on.

Still, Apple has done a huge step forward with this device, This is the end of this review, Voice your opinion about this device in the comment section.

Do you think the M1 CPU is the future of Apple devices? What will the next Apple CPU be? Would be M2 or Dual M1?

See you in next review.😈