Luxurious headphones with high quality! Sennheiser Momentum True wireless! My Review 😈

Review 57: December 13-2020, at 00:00 am


These headphones are not from Samsung or Apple. These headphones are made by specialists, It is an in-ear headphones and come with an charging case.

Let’s get familiar with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless together, hello guys,🙋‍♂️ your coffee and this is my review today, These are a wireless headphones but they are unique.

It has a lot of cool features and specs, These are the Sennheiser Momentum True wireless. The name brand is too long! but that’s what it is!

Let’s start with the design. The tip is made from silicon. In general, the design in in-ear wear, The headphone comes with different eartips to choose the most fitting ones.

The charging case is elegant. It is covered with fabric, but it is huge compared to the more practical AirPods case, The headphones comes with lots and lots of features.

Let’s start first with the Qualcomm aptX Low Latency and Qualcomm aptX, What does this mean?

It is a technology for digital audio data reduction, They’ve used algorithms from Qualcomm dedicated for audio coding compression.

This means that the audio will compressed and will reach the headphones with low latency.

This technology makes the audio similar to the CD, and it helps sending clear audio, By reducing the size of files, the audio will be broadcasted to bluetooth in a smooth way, But when files are huge in size, the transfer will be hard. It also features Bluetooth 5 resulting in wider range of connectivity.

It is compatible with Android and iOS and it has its own app, But we advise iOS users to connect the headphones then access the app.

We also connected it to the iMac and worked perfectly, Even shortcuts worked, like enabling Siri on the Mac.

The metal surface supports touch input. One tap on the left will pause/play, 2 taps to play the next, 3 taps for the previous. Tap and hold to reduce the sound.

One tap on the right side to activate personal assistant, like Siri and Google Assistant.

2 taps to activate transparent hearing, allowing you to listen to content and your surroundings, Tap and hold to raise the volume.

When fully charged, the headphones will work for 4 hours, The charging case has a USB-C port, and it also charges the headphones.

Based on our experiment, the charger was still 20% after 3 days, But our usage was moderate.

The charge will be for a day maybe two days, The battery inside is really good. I don’t know why didn’t they market it that way. Maybe my experiment was different.

The audio is clear and excellent. And the mics worked perfectly in phone calls and recordings.

I will show you an experiment I made on an iPhone, The quality is good, This is the Sennheiser Momentum headphones.

The price on Amazon is 299 USD.


The battery is excellent. The audio and isolating is excellent, And the charging case is elegant.


after some time, you will notice that they are not comfortable to wear if you are not using the suitable eartips.

You will have to get used to the touch input, and The charging case is a little big.

This is the end of the experiment. It is a great headphone. When specialists make a headphone, they will be great, but pricey!

See you tomorrow, there are many review for you.😈