Looking at Huawei’s strategy with the power of artificial intelligence and its interconnectedness with Huawei mobiles… 😈

Review 76: 29.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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Recently, we’ve noticed that there are companies who have a huge number of devices. Huawei is one of them. These devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories, wearables and so on. This ecosystem complement each other if the company decides to do so.

This complement brings great harmony among these devices. Huawei has a plane called 1+8+N.

But what does this mean? I’ll explain it for you and how to benefit from Huawei’s ecosystem. And Huawei has created their own 1+8+N ecosystem. This ecosystem follows Huawei’s AI Seamless Life approach. This term my not mean anything to you, but it is very important for companies who want to build an ecosystem.

We’ve seen this from many other companies, but in this reviews I’ll discuss Huawei and how they have successfully done it.

First, let me explain what 1+8+N is? 😈

Number 1 means smartphones, first + sign means Huawei Share technology. The number 8 means the accessories such as the Gt2 smartwatch and the FreeBuds Pro headphones.

The second + sign means the connection technologies such as 4G and 5G, and it includes modem and routers from Huawei. These modems and routers can be easily controlled through the HiLink app from Huawei.

Finally, the N letters means Internet Of Things products from Huawei or third party companies. These products will be connected to the ecosystem using the Huawei Share technology and the HiLink app.

These two apps are very important since they connect all the devices together using 4G or 5G technologies. Other accessories and wearables also connect to the ecosystem using these technologies.

All of these devices will be connected to each other to help with sharing files between them using advanced technologies. I’ll further simplify it with another example.

The Mate 40 Pro device offers advanced technologies, It supports unlocking using 3D sensors next to thefront facing camera.

It also supports MeeTime feature for video calls. It’s a great way to make video/audio calls using WiFi. It also supports 1080p resolution.

Participants can share their screens during calls. The devices also lets you navigate it using AI Gestures. This feature uses AI to control the device through gestures.

These gestures allow you to navigate menus, apps on your phone. This feature uses the front facing sensors.

Now, we’ve covered the first part that is number 1 of the equation. There’s also a feature that you’ll benefit from called Multi-Screen Collaboration. This feature will enable you to connect the Mate 40 Pro device with a Huawei laptop, where the device will be broadcasted on the laptop’s screen.

You can use apps such as Snapchat and TikTok on your laptop.

Let me now discuss the first + sign, which is connecting the smartphone to the laptop. As I mentioned, you can share the screen of your smartphone with a Huawei laptop.

The Multi-Screen Collaboration feature is also supported on the MatePad Pro tablet from Huawei. You can use Microsoft’s Teams app located on your smartphone on your MatePad Pro tablet.

Now, I’ve reached the number 8, that is wearables and accessories.

For example, I’ll explain it with FreeBuds Pro headphones. These headphones offer complete compatibility with the Mate 40 Pro smartphone.

They can easily and quickly be paired together. If you connect the headphones using the AI Life app, you’ll get lots of features supported in the app. These features include smart Noise Cancelation modes which you can choose based on your environment.

You can also enable the Awareness Mode, to know and hear what’s happening around you. This mode reduces Noise Cancelation so that you can hear your surroundings.

You can connect the headphones to your smartphone and tablet at the same time. With it, you can listen to content from both devices at the same time.

Have you noticed that every time I mention devices I say that they are connected to earth others?

Another example is the GT2 Pro smartwatch. It offers excellent compatibility with the Mate 40 Pro. You can share photos from your smartphone to the watch to set them as a background photo.

You can share these photos with a single tap using the One Hub technology. When pairing the smartwatch to the Huawei Health app, you’ll get lots of features such as steps and burned calories readings.

You can also know your heart rate and Spo2 levels. The watch and the app offer different exercises among many other features. Using the Mate 40 Pro, you can enable the Moon Phase feature to track the movement of the moon. Both devices are connected to each other.

The compatibility continues. For example, with one tap, you can connect your device to the Sound X speaker using the One Hub technology. Quick Pair is also supported with the FreeBuds Studio headphones. A small window will appear on your devices when trying to the headphones to them.

Huawei is also investing a lot with their services. They offer a service called Huawei Cloud. It is a cloud-based service to give you extra space. The space can be increased with a symbolic fee.

You can save your files whether they’re photos, audio or video. You can also store backup copies, too.

Let’s also not forget the AppGallery store. The store contains lots of basic and alternative apps. Huawei also offers the Petal Search engine. This engine will allow you to search for apps found third party stores. Or through the official website of the app, But you should check the security of these apps before you download them.

Huawei also offers a number of services that enrich the user’s experience. These services include Huawei Themes, where you can download different wallpapers and themes on your device. They also have a number of entertainment apps.

Such as Huawei Music and Huawei Video apps. Registering with the Huawei ID gives you extra safety and protections. It’ll also offer you coupons exclusively for Huawei ID users.

You can also get points and redeem them. Now, I’ve reached the second + sign of the equation. It represents the 4G and 5G devices. It’s basically the routers and hotspots Huawei offers to enable their devices to connect to the internet.

You can use the 5G technologies developed by Huawei on their ecosystem. They offer a number of devices to connect to the internet such as the home routers.

There are also other options such as the mobile power bank router, which also features a LAN port. They indeed offer a number of different devices.

Now, we’ve reached to the N letter, which is the last in the equation. The letter represents the IoT products, whether they’re from Huawei or from other manufacturers. all the devices inside homes are connected together. The boiler is connected to the air humidifier and the pillow which tracks your sleep pattern. There’s a huge number of devices.

All of Huawei devices work in harmony with each other. But the level of connectivity varies between them. The 1+8+N equation is complete now. This is Huawei’s vision.

They want us, the users, to enjoy their devices. The smartwatch supports the smartphone. The smartphone supports the laptop. The laptop shares files with other devices. All this happens in a full circle of compatibility.

All the devices mentioned in this review has been reviewed on the OTTO Magazin, Search for them here. Big companies don’t only release devices. They also make an ecosystem to connect all of them together. We’ve seen that from other companies. But a great option is Huawei’s implementation.

But, always Evaluate your needs. Always get the maximum benefits out of your devices. With this, you’ll use the technology in the right way. We’re not just consumers. We’re users.