LG Wing!❄Thorough Review👁‍🗨, Is it worth buying?🤡 There are pros and cons to this device?😈

Review 68: 13.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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This is something different, This is the LG Wing device, This device comes with two screens instead of one screen and a big challenge, bring your coffe and Let’s get to know him with OTTO Magazin.

This is one of the devices that I have been waiting for in 2020 and have wanted to get to know it more closely, Actually, I bought it from Korea to test it.

Frankly, the experience is very nice, Quite different from the rest of the devices that you have tried in 2020, However, there are pros and cons to this device, Among the pluses is the screen, which comes with technologies from LG.

The screen is a 6.8-inch OLED and makes up 87% of the interface,It comes with a resolution of 2460 x 1080 and has a density of 395 pixels, And covered with a layer of Corna Gorilla Glass version V.

Supports Always-On Display and the built-in fingerprint screen, It is normal at this time for a phone to come with this fingerprint, But the fingerprint is only on the screen.

So if we look at the screen and the screen thickness, we know how much effort LG has made, They knew how to excel with it. And if phones got this thickness, it’d be crazy, Especially if we rely on wireless charging and a single camera in the phone, I have no problem with that as long as the phone is of this thickness.

Imagine this phone that thick, It would be a particularly shocking thing with security technologies such as a fingerprint in the screen.

Let me come back to the device now, The screen is not thick, but the mobile as a whole is very thick, The reason is logical and I will talk about it shortly, On the back is a rectangle that contains the three rear cameras, The main reason for the phone’s thickness is that the screen can be rolled up to resemble the letter T, And you can use it as a flipped T , I will explain it shortly.

The secondary screen is a 3.9-inch OLED, It comes with a resolution of 1240 x 1080, Its Hertz frequency is lower than the main screen, The price of this device is approximately one thousand dollars, And with that price comes the screening deals and the details I mentioned, It also comes with a processor which is not the most powerful processor on the market, It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series processor.

Specifically, the Snapdragon 765 is built on a 7 nm platform, The operating system is Android 10, Until the shooting of this video, Android 11 has not been confirmed.

The device comes with 8 MB random memory and either 128 or 256 GB storage memory, It supports external memory instead of the other place for the chip.

The phone supports two chips or a chip and a memory card, The main camera is 64 megapixels, wide, The second is 12 megapixel very wide and the third is 12 megapixel very wide.

The phone comes with two very wide cameras because it supports a feature that has been added on this device, This feature is to take advantage of the mobile’s shape and style.

The phone becomes a stabilizing gimbal, These two cameras will help with the issue of vibration in shooting video, and the phone will become this size like a gimbal. This is a constant fear with this device, Carrying the device is normal and thicker than usual, But in this way, you will find that the weight is in this region, And you must get familiar with the way to use this device.

The bottom screen is for shortcuts and access, but not all apps are supported, There are some applications that support the screen in the lower small square, The phone’s battery is 4000 mAh and supports fast and wireless charging, There is an important point, the two screens are of the type OLED.

This is the fourth time it almost fell from my hand, Not all apps support this mode, Since I purchased the device and until now, the applications have not increased much in terms of support.

The supported applications are somewhat limited, There is an application called Whale which is for mobile phones with two screens, I don’t know if he is a LG muscle member, And the app is kinda nice and kinda hard to use.

And among the supported applications YouTube, so you see the video on the top screen and the control buttons and brightness at the bottom, This is a nice move that I found in some applications.

If you play Asphalt Legend, the top screen will be for the game, And the bottom screen will show options like volume control, AI control or take screenshot.

And if you flip the phone, the game will appear at the bottom and the map at the top, With the Photos app, you can view the gallery on the lower screen, and view videos and photos on the top screen.

Or you can browse the site on the top screen and send WhatsApp messages at the bottom, There are many positions, not just the letter T, The biggest app that will take advantage of the two screens is the camera app. The top screen will show what will be captured, And the lower screen will show the Gimbal control buttons that I mentioned earlier.

They are similar to Ozmo cameras, And the second wide lens will help you a lot in taking the shot, You can control it. Of course it’s not as good as a real gimbal, but it does.

The device’s system is still suffering from some problems, The principle of the device is different and those who buy it will benefit from its huge potential, It is also fun to use.

I found the charging port and battery to perform well, Hiding the front camera in the frame is a good thing and it gives the device a full screen. And since the front camera is activated, it will come out from the thick frame, It will give beautiful properties in photography.

The device has excellent capabilities and is of the upper middle class, But it is not a top-tier phone due to the processor, And you have excellent construction, features and technologies from LG.

And a loss is that there is no diversity in the forms of mobile phones, The same period that I lived with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola, And they create different forms of mobile phones.

This is the Communiator’s phone, This phone is from Nokia 3650, And the Nokia E70 phone had a different concept, I am not asking that there be keyboards with smartphones, But the multiplicity of use may open doors for more uses and users benefit more from the different forms of phones.

This might bring a little change, The charger comes with a USB-C charging cord at both ends, It comes with a wired USB-C headphone, Sure, a protective case, but if you put it like that, you won’t benefit.

The protection patch must be removed and then used, This is because this protective case relies on gum to stick to the mobile, It increases the thickness, protects the cameras and gives a plastic feel.

I don’t know why LG designed this phone like this, Frankly, I find it very beautiful, It is a different technical experiment.

But I never advise you to buy this phone.😈

It is a financially high investment, and I don’t know if LG will continue to support it or not, And there is LG’s history that they do not fully support these devices, But his experience is very nice, and I showed it in the LG ThinQ article.

It is a smart technology from LG that makes you connect devices together, And I connected the refrigerator to the dishwasher with the air filter, I tied a lot of things about me at home and made a review about them.

I conclude this review by saying that the LG Wing is a great device with excellent technology and a different thought, But I never recommend it, I advise you to try it for five minutes, but do not purchase it at all, as it is not officially available in all regions.

See you next in news article guys, i have a new news! 🤡😈