LG ThinQ! 😍 System enables full control of smart home devices! 😈

Review 59: December 18-2020, at 02:00 pm

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Imagine with me the devices I have at home such as the AC, Refrigerator, Air Purifier, Dish Washer and many others, These devices save a lot of energy and are connected to each others. I can control them wherever I am and know all the details about them in any time or place. These devices communicate with each other.

Have you seem a dishwasher before communicating with a TV?

It is true; my dishwasher communicate with my TV, Let me introduce you to LG ThinQ.😈

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I have a lot of devices at home connected to an ecosystem that has honestly made things a lot easier for me. Not only does this ecosystem save energy with amazing performance but also all of the ecosystem’s devices are connected to each other. And using my smartphone or the Home Dashboard, I can control all of the details about these devices.

I can also monitor their status. The Home Dashboard can be accessed using the TV. The UI shows all the devices that are connected to the ThinQ ecosystem. But first, let me introduce you to the GX 65 inch TV. It is equipped with algorithms and AI and offers high response rate.

It provides powerful performance. It also comes with AI-equipped CPU to provide high quality visuals and audio. The TV automatically adjusts the settings to give you the best outcome. The TV also adjusts itself according to place and the light in it. It also automatically adjusts the audio settings to provide the best possible audio experience.

Let me now review the Home Dashboard, With it, you can check the status of every devices that is connected to the ecosystem. I’ll introduce you to these devices. From the Dashboard, you can control these devices.

You can change the temperature of the AC, change the temperature of the Refrigerator or check the Washing Machine and Dish Washer.

Whenever the washing machine is done, you’ll receive a notification on the screen. You can also adjust the Air Purifier and lots of other functions. The screen supports Voice Commands using AI. You can give the screen Voice commands in all languages using the remote controller. But first, you need to learn all the Voice Commands to take full advantages of this feature.

You can broadcast Apple devices such as MacBooks, iPhones or iPads using the AirPlay feature. AirPlay is supported on this TV. It also supports Apple’s HomeKit, where you can turn on/off your devices by Voice Commands using your iPhone, But these devices must be supported first.

You can control the TV using the ThinQ app using your iOS or Android devices. There are many ways to control the TV using different commands on the app. Don’t forget to install the app and try it.

The TV comes with lots of capabilities. I already reviewed it on the channel. I reviewed the CX 65 and Nano Cell 97 screens.I advise you to read the article to learn more about these TVs. If you have the CX or GX TVs or any LG TV with capabilities such as ThinQ then you should read the manual for maximum benefit from these screens.

You’ll find that there’s a huge compatibility between this screen and other smart devices in your home, The TV comes with a Sound Bar.

This Sound Bar offers great audio experience, and the TV interacts with it to provide the best possible audio experience. This Sound Bar merges with the TV in such a great way to provide the best sound experience. It supports Google Assistant, which means you can use Voice Commands to control it.

Let me now review the Refrigerator: It supports a feature that everyone in my family is addicted to. You can tap twice on the Refrigerator to know the content of it. You won’t have to open the Refrigerator door with this feature. You can also open the external smaller door, too.But let me now demonstrate how smart the Refrigerator becomes using the ThinQ app.

I can control the Refrigerator and check its status no matter where I am. I can also control the cooling temperature. You can also activate notifications to let you know when the Refrigerator door has been opened. Each home has a different scenario. If one of your family members is dieting, then keep the notifications enabled, It offers a different experience and it has become partof my ThinQ ecosystem.

Let me now introduce you to the Washing Machine, This Washing Machine is different, It can offer to wash a huge or small amount of clothes.

Using AI, it can recognize the fabric of the clothes that need to be washed. It then chooses the best washing mode, It also helps in reducing the sounds and vibration while the machine is working. It also supports the ThinQ app.

Using the app, you can control the washing process and change the washing mode while the Machine is working. You can also download new washing modes. It also supports Smart Diagnosis.

Smart Diagnosis lets you check the status of the Washing Machine anytime, anywhere. I discovered the Smart Diagnosis feature a long time ago, especially with the LG AC I had before. Using the remote control of the AC, I was able to check the status of the filters inside the AC, I’ll discuss it later in this review.

Let’s now discuss the AC: Smart Diagnosis benefited me a lot in knowing the status of the AC and filters inside it. Using the app, you can know the status of the filters and when they should be removed or cleaned. If the AC is connected to WiFi, using the ThinQ app you can turn on/off the AC anywhere you are. If the AC comes with a Smart ThinQ logo, then the AC can be connected to the WiFi.

Using the app, you can change the AC’s mode, the temperature and fan speed no matter where you are.

Let me now discuss the Air Purifier: This device determines the status of air in any given room. It’ll let you know whether the air is excellent or needs filtering. It also connected to the ThinkQ ecosystem. Using the app, you can control the Air Purifier.
If the device is connected to WiFi, you can turn it on/off, change the mode anywhere you are. All the devices in my home are connected to WiFi because the support the Smart ThinQ feature. The ThinQ app will teach you how to connect any smart devices you’ve bought to the WiFi. I’ve added my Home and my Office to the app. I can control all of the Smart LG devices at home or at the office using the app.

The last device in this review is the Dish Washer: The difference between this Dish Washer and other Dish Washers is that it automatically open the door to let the steam out so that the dishes can be cleaner! Nice no!

Those who use a Dish Washer will understand what I meant, But there’s something smarter about this Dish Washer, and it is the ThinQ support. When connected to the ThinQ ecosystem, you’ll know whether the Dish Washer has finished cleaning or not.

You’ll also receive a notification on the TV to let you know that the Dish Washer has finished cleaning. This makes the process more practical.

These devices that I have here are a small part of the devices included in the ThinQ ecosystem.This ecosystem gets updated every year with more new devices supported in it. This helps families focus on things that matter.

Let the smart technologies communicate with each other while saving power and energy, which I, honestly, benefited from, With these technologies, the future has become the present.

Hopefully, there will come a time where all electric devices communicate with each other.

See you in the next Smartphones reviews.😈