Learn about an industry that never loses! 😈

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What is the industry that is considered huge with billions of profit?

This industry doesn’t lose despite the world’s economic crisis. This industry’s employees don’t work with tangible things. This profession is considered new in this era.

The world’s economy is deteriorating, while this industry gets more popular. Now it has become popular among everyone. Every one who has a smartphone know this industry.

Each one who has a PS or Xbox know about this industry. some countries is making huge leaps in many aspects, lately. One of these leaps is being involved in a new industry.

Hello guys, bring your coffee ok? But Before I talk about this industry, I want to discuss few misunderstanding about it. These misunderstandings about it in our community is because it is about electronic games. This field is not only about games played kids or teenagers. I am talking about developing electronic games. This industry doesn’t lose at all.

The monthly income of game developers could reach up to $10K. Yes, exactly as you heard; $10K. That’s why I said at the beginning of this video that it is a new industry in this era. ,30 or 40 years ago, this industry wasn’t this popular.

It was very limited for a few number of developers and programmers. Programmers are the basis of this industry. Any company that develops games is in desperate need for developers and programmers.

Whether the prices of oil, gold or real estate have dropped, or the stock market is in crisis, this industry will spread more and more.


Because these days, smartphones are everywhere. Everyone who has a smartphone plays some kind of a game.

These games have ads that generate revenue. The revenue of smartphone’s game companies is in billions. This industry generate more profit that Hollywood. And there’s a chance for you or your family members to be part of this industry.

Especially, in some countries, A new initiative called Game Changers have been released in KSA, This initiative will change the stereotypes about electronic games in this community.

This initiative is a basically a program from the ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It’ll enable the recruitment of KSA residents and citizens to enter the field of developing electric games.

The apprentices of this program will get intensive trainings. The apprentices will have academic and applied trainings. After being trained, the apprentices will be able to launch their own indie game companies. Some of them will get 70K SAR grant.

Let me summarize the goals of this Game Changers Program. Building innovative and sustainable solutions in the game development field. Brining experts in game development to KSA. These experts will execute the best futuristic innovative solutions.

Supporting innovative entrepreneurs to turn their ideas and projects into valuable indie companies.

Imagine that game companies can generate more than $10 millions per day. But what do they do to get all of this profit?

They sell intangible products in their games’ stores. They actually sell digital products. That’s how they’re able to generate millions of dollars per day.

In 2020, CoD’s revenue was more than $3 Billion dollars. Is there something tangible with this game? No, it is a digital game. Look how powerful this field has become.

I liked this program very much, so I wrote this article as an example of important projects for young people around the world to pay more attention to this important field. I regret that I did not graduate as a games programmer instead of leaving the law 🤫😅😅😅😅🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

See you in the next reviews.😈