Leaked pictures of MATE 40 and Galaxy S21 😎… iPhone 13 with a screen fingerprint?🤔

October 21, 2020 at 02:30 pm By @yassine.magazin.eng

💬 What’s the situation of iPhone pre-orders?

And is the new leaked photo of the Huawei Mate the actual design of the upcoming device?

And what will Samsung’s new technologies in their upcoming devices?

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Let me start this episode with Nvidia‘s super computer with AI that is being build now. This device will be in Italy and it is funded by the EU.

This super computer will be built in cooperation between Nvidia and a university in Italy. This computer is supposed to analyze huge amount of data that will help in discovering the universe.

It’ll also help in predicting and analyzing the weather. It’ll be another super computer in this world.

Windows 10 users are angry as the software updates are not optional sometimes.

Some updates are obligatory, These updates bring fixes to the Windows 10 OS.

These updates not being optional create confusion, These ‘frequent’ updates also make users a bit worried.

Something that I am sure of is that software companies don’t send out updates for fun. These updates must be helpful.

These updates bring fixes, enhancements or add new features to the device.

Make sure to keep your operating systems updated.

Huawei’s event will be tomorow, I’ll cover it on OTTO MAGAZINE + , It is expected that Huawei will release the full series of the Mate 40 (normal Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro).

A new photo of the device has been leaked and it shows the device might come with 5 rear cameras.

It’ll come with 5 cameras and another depth sensor housed in a beautiful design. But I expect that this is the Porsche Design version of the Mate 40.

Some leaks from official accounts and other websites show that the camera set up will be circular, similar to the Mate 30.

Mate devices are one of the best and most powerful Huawei devices, The dilemma Huawei is facing has affected their competition.

Despite that, Huawei was able to bring technologies to their device that no other company could have, I am really excited for the event.

Speaking of the event, i’ll post a number of great articles this week.

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Samsung is developing two new Exynos CPUs. One of these two CPU might come with an integrated AMD GPU.

Samsung have been developing their own CPUs. They have a dedicated CPU sector.

Whether we agree or not, Samsung develop their own CPUs, RAM, memories and many other parts.

They are not only phone manufacturer, rather, they also manufacture new technologies.

Speaking of the Galaxy devices, Galaxy 21 photos have been leaked.

We’re not sure whether it’ll be called S21 or S30.

But the leaks shows us the upcoming version of the S Ultra device.

It seems that Samsung will keep releasing Ultra versions of their devices.

There will also be a Pro version. But in an unprecedented way, the event might take place in January.

This year has been troublesome for a lot of companies, Samsung included.

I don’t understand why the event will be held in January.

Let’s wait and see. There’s still 3 months left to find out.

Let’s wait and see if Samsung will bring us better compatibility with their Galaxy devices or not.

The leaks shows that the device will come with a more modern design.

It is clear that companies will try to minimize the protruding of the rear cameras similar to designs of smartphones 6 years ago.

Lots of manufacturers used to talk about this design feature 6 years ago.

Companies used to brag about their non-protruding cameras, But after that, they started make phones with protruding rear cameras.

Is there any camera set up thicker than the S20 Ultra rear cameras?

Companies are expected to work on new designs of the rear cameras along with phone designs in general.

Let me now discuss the new iPhones and pre-orders.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in many countries has started since last Friday. The amount of pre-orders shows us how well the device will sell.

It is clear that the iPhone 12 Pro is the most pre-ordered device thus far.

But the pre-orders for the iPhone 12 device are also good.

The pistachio color has run out in some websites followed by the new blue color.

The 12 Pro 256GB version were the most pre-ordered devices.

Anyone who invests in buying a 1200 USD will make sure to get a better onboard storage option.

By the end of this week, the device will be officially available in the many markets, Only then, we’ll be able to know how the has the device performed in selling.
We’ll also experience lots of financial loses. Should I change the subject no? Ok. lol

I’ll stop talking about the iPhone, but I’ll continue talking about Apple. Their next event is expected to take place in 17th of November.

In this event, Apple is expected to release the first MacBook with an ARM CPU.

These ARM CPUs are developed and designed by Apple.

It’ll be the same thing as their iPhones. Apple design the device and CPU.

This means that their devices are optimized, power efficient, and more profitable, which is very clear.

Historically speaking, CPUs designed by the same manufacturer are better tech-wise.

Leakers have started talking about the upcoming iPhones with in-display fingerprint sensors.

We’ve seen this technology a lot in Android devices.

This technology might come with the new iPhones.

If true, then the fingerprint sensor will come back to iPhones.

I am not sure whether the devices will also come with Face ID sensors.

Having a fingerprint sensor gives the device more options to unlock it.

Android devices come with a lot of unlocking options, which is helpful for users.

Especially if these options are secure.

Mark Zuckerberg has been talking about politics lately.

He’s been trying to convince the US government that companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple don’t protect the data of their users.

I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg should be taken seriously.

Mark Zuckerberg is a creative and productive person and knows how to manage business. But it is a bit strange for him to be politicized.

He’s becoming similar to Elon Musk, where he’s always involved in politics.

Speaking of politics and governments, I’ll discuss space at the end of this article.

I dare you to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

European Space Agency and Airbus have signed an agreement that exceeds 400 million USD.

Airbus will make a spacecraft that will go to Mars, collect samples and then come back to Earth.

The project is in cooperation with European Space Association (ESA) and Boeing.

It seems that these companies (Airbus and Boeing) have other projects.

It is funny, isn’t it? There’s no quarantine in Mars, Because of the pandemic, no one is flying, so Boeing decided to conquer space. 😅😅😅

October and November are very tempting months.

There will be 4 new iPhones, Pixel 5, 2 versions of the PS5, 2 versions of Xbox, the new Mate 40 series.

There are a lot of temptations. But let me remind you, it is great to enjoy new technologies, But we shouldn’t follow technology and buy all the new products.

My job is review new technologies, and to make sure you don’t waste a lot of money by buying the devices that don’t suit your needs.

Check your needs before you decide to buy new devices.

First, watch the reviews then you can make a decision.

See you in the next news…👋