Latest Tech News: New Samsung phones in the Saudi market | What are the advantages of updating the Oue UI 5.1 interface?😍🥵


What is Samsung new UI, and what are its features?

And what are the new Samsung devices coming to the Saudi market?

And what device comes with high specs and a 6000mAh battery?

I also interviewed a Samsung official and discussed devices warranty and foldables in KSA.

Welcome to a new special article of Technology News where we will discuss Samsung’s news and latest products.

We’ll discuss Everything Samsung related in the previous months and their upcoming devices.

Let’s start with the first segment of this article, that is the news:

Samsung released a number of new devices in the Saudi and Arab market. The devices are: the A34 5G, A54 5G (which looks like the S23, as it follows the same Samsung design in 2023).

There are minimum differences from the outside, however, there are lots of differences in the inside. Both of these devices offer excellent performance, especially that both of them support screens with 120Hz refresh rate.

We’ve made a review video for both devices on the OTTO magazin.

The M54 5G has a 108MP camera, which is something amazing coming from a device from this category. The battery of this device is 6000mAh. These devices come with competitive prices.

Samsung has released their June security update for their devices. Samsung releases a security update every month. These security updates bring lots of security enhancements and fixes.

The devices that received the update start from the A52 up to the S23 series, among many other devices. The June update bring fixes for 11 problems, security enhancements from both Samsung and Google.

Don’t miss to download the update on your devices.

Samsung has released their biggest One UI update. One UI is Samsung’s user interface on top of Google, and the update is One UI 5.1. This update has reached most of the users by now.

This UI update brings a special experience from Samsung with lots of new features. One of the features is called AI Based Photo Remaster.

This feature uses AI to adjust color correction, contrast among many others that make your photos better. This feature results in excellent photos.

There’s another feature where it allows you to search in your photo album in an easy way. This feature allows you to find the photo you’re looking for faster than before. Especially those who have lots of photos in their photo album.

You can now search for a person, object and others. You can also search for places. For example, you can search for Tabouk area in the album, and the photos you captured there will be shown. But the Geotagging must be enabled first.

You can also search for cats, and all the photos that include a cat will show up in the search. You can also search for a certain word, and photos related to it will show up in the search. With this feature, searching for photos has become way easier.

This feature is a great addition to Samsung users. The camera has also received an update, where users can now take RAW photos in an easy way.

RAW photos include lots of details that can be useful for photo editors. It allows photo editors to edit the colors and many other data.

One UI 5.1 also brings better compatibility with other Samsung devices, where you can connect them together. But all devices must be connected to the same account. If you want your battery to last for years, then you should know about Samsung’s Battery Protection feature. Use it to make your battery lasts for a long time, as well.

To enable it, go to the Settings, Battery and Maintenance, Battery, and then enable Battery Protection. This is how you can protect your battery and make it last longer.

My question is: What do you think of the development of foldable in the past 4 years, especially with Samsung?

In my opinion, foldable devices have been way more developed now that when it started. The first foldable that I used gave me the impression that it is a prototype. It was an unreliable device and lacked lots of things compared to other flagship devices in that time. But honestly speaking, Samsung now is deservedly leading the market with this category.

They’ve worked hard on its development until what we’ve reached now in the foldable technologies. Samsung succeeded, not only in the hardware, but how
the software can benefit from the hardware, too.

So, basically, instead of having two devices, you can have one device that can do both jobs. Samsung succeeded in making us recommend these devices to users. The future is ahead of Samsung with these devices.

In my opinion, nowadays foldable are more usable than before. Devices now are more lighter, thinner, more resistant and reliable. This includes the cameras, screens, S Pen support and the rest of the specs. Even the prices are lower now than before.

Foldable devices are being developed every year with a new release every year.

Samsung is expected to announce their new Foldable devices in their upcoming event in July.

Let me continue , What is thing that users don’t know about foldables?

That’s a great question. As you said before, these devices are the future of smartphones. They’ve reached a high maturity level. These devices will make our lives easier. Instead of carrying a tablet and a phone, I can carry 2×1. And this technology has also reached laptops, as well.

The UX and UI of these devices make them a great choice to help users multitask from one device. You can use this device to control your smart home,
or use for multimedia or use in your office or for gaming.

So, instead of having 4 or 5 devices with you, you can have only one device. People should know that foldables are the future of technology.

And what is the best app that users can benefit form with foldables?

This can be split into two categories. The first one is entertainment,
where you can watch your content on the bigger screen like a tablet.

The second category is business, where instead of carrying two
devices, you can carry one to follow up with your work and emails.

Some users don’t know that Samsung has its own
ecosystem, where devices are connected together. To enable it, you should know about the SmartThings ecosystem. There’s an app that allows you to connect Samsung devices and control them from one place.

With the app, you can control the devices and home appliances from anywhere.

These devices include air conditions, fridges, screens and other devices that you can learn about from Samsung website. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

Let’s first talk about Samsung services in KSA, such as warranties and foldable devices.

Samsung has a representative office in KSA for more than 20 years. But because of how important the region is, the company decided to open an official office in Riyadh in 2020.

This allowed us to be closer to our users and target group. And we managed to sign strategic partnerships with other vendors. We also managed to open more than 3200 sale point in KSA.

We’ve done this to make that we bring our latest technologies to our users in time with great prices.

What distinguishes Samsung warranty from others, especially with the Z Series?

The Saudi market is one of the most important markets for Samsung. Since we opened our HQ in 2020, we managed to bring our latest technologies with great prices to the Saudi users.

This helped us reach more than 50% market share in KSA in 2023, according to JFK report. To provide the best after-purchase experience, we opened a number of after-purchase points in KSA.

First of all, all Samsung devices have 2 year warranty.

Second, our customers can reach our partners, such as Jarir, Xtra and Injaz, which is the biggest maintenance centre in the Middle East. We also have a call centre that works 24/7 with the exception of official holidays.

You can reach our after-purchase services from or using our WhatsApp number. We make sure to listen to our customers to reach them in
a suitable way to provide an excellent service for them.

As for the Z series, the Z series is a new technology. And Samsung is the pioneer in this technology. During the past years, we managed to sell huge numbers of these devices, especially in KSA.

Some users think that, since these devices are from a new category, then they are not suitable for daily usage. We now offer Samsung Care Plus for our Z series users, which not only covers manufacturing defect, but also misuse. And we offer it for users free of charge. And when the warranty ends, users can extend it, too.

Samsung also provides users with the possibility to install, a protection film on the screen to make users more confident.

Are the Z and Ultra series directed for businesses?

Actually, we don’t have a certain device that is directed to certain users. We work hard to provide a suitable device for most categories. But we can’t deny that most of the users of the Z Fold are businessmen and CEOs.

One of the reasons is because of the screen size and the long lasting battery. Multi-tasking is also another reason, as users can open multiple apps at the same time, making work much easier. And despite this fact, the Z Fold is one of the best devices for gamers and photography enthusiasts.

This device isn’t meant for one category, rather it is great and effective for most users

Does the Samsung Store in KSA have exclusives?

To make sure that we offer users the best services all the time, we must be at the same distance from all our partners. Each of our partners have their own chain store and e-store.

However, we sometimes have exclusives on our website. These exclusives cover the models, colors and storage capacity.

So to answer your question, we do have exclusive offers on our website.

In your Samsung device, there’s a mode called Maintenance Mode, which is actually great! With this mode, if you decide to bring your device to maintenance, then your data will be safe and secure. When enabling this mode, your device will be like new without any data. This feature is available for Galaxy devices that run Android 13 and above.

However, this feature might not be available on certain devices, depending on its category. You can enable this feature on your devicebefore you bring it to maintenance.

We discussed the latest Samsung news and what’s to come in the future. Samsung’s next Unpacked event will be in July. In this event, Samsung is expected to release their new foldable devices.

These devices are expected to bring hardware and software updates. Hopefully, I will be there in Korea to cover the event.

What do you think of this special article news guys?🤭

See you later.

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