Latest News: The dark side of Tik Tok! Transparent Apple devices? The resignation of the president and founder of Twitter!

10.12.2021 at 09:00 pm

Apple products could come with a transparent color in the future. And new technologies, aside from VAR, to detect offside play in football matches. And why no one is conducting a social experiment on TikTok?

In this new news article, I’ll discuss these topics in details. your Coffee and welcome with the latest Science and Technology news, make sure to read until the end as I answered some of your questions, too.

in KAUST. where lots of research and products are shown. . The tool used in the process was developed by researchers in KAUST and the health ministry uses it there in KSA. There’s also a cooperation between KAUST university and McLaren, which was established in 2018.

McLaren create these F1 cars. Both parties cooperate on research regarding computational fluid dynamics, machine learning, fuel development, lubricants, sensors and electronics They also cooperate on advanced mathematics.

Imagine that all of these researches that benefit the whole humanity. For more details about KAUST’s open week. MISK offers a new program to enrich communication skills and critical thinking, It is a program that you should be enrolled in. The program is about communication skills, persuasion skills and critical thinking.

The goal behind this program is have a youth generation that is able to face the challenges of the future. With this program, you’ll be able to enhance your skills in debating, constructive dialogue, presentations and so on. The program can be attended online.

Comment: why do iPhone users get upset when iPhones don’t get new colors or designs, whereas Android devices come with features that later are added to iPhones.

Adopting new features is different between iPhones and Androids. Some users care about the design of the device. Companies like Apple create designs based on studies they conduct that suits their brand and business approach.

And that’s why there’s no difference between the iPhone 12 and 13 in design. Technology is wide subject, neither me nor anyone else can answer your question properly. But having a diversity in technology is something that benefits all of us.

Arab Cup tournament has begun in Qatar, and lots of Arab teams are participating in it. This tournament introduced a new technology to detect offside plays. Using lines generated by a computer, this technology will detect whether the striker is in an offside position or not.

Some users might say that, in replays, we can see lines that show the position of defenders and strikers. But these lines are approximate. But this new technology is specialized in this in particular. This technology is not VAR. This new technology is very accurate and precise. This technology will be of great help during this tournament.

Comment: We’d like a similar review but about the Xbox.

You can upgrade the storage of the Xbox by plugging an external hard drive in one of the ports at the back of the device. You can also take the external storage with you anywhere and continue playing your games, but that’s not the case with the PS5. And that’s why I made a PS5 review.

Jack Dorsey left Twitter and says that the company is in safe hands. He also says that Twitter will continue to be a transparent company. Paraj Agrual will replace Jack Dorsey as the CEO. According to Dorsey, he’s the right person in the right time. Dorsey says that this decision was fully taken by him without any external pressure on him. Paraj has been working in Twitter for more than 10 years.

He used to work in lots of other companies, including Yahoo. But what will Jack Dorsey do next? He hasn’t stated, but it is expected that he’ll focus on crypto, NFTs and other similar projects. Let’s wait and see what he’ll do next.

I recently made a review where I discussed 4 different products, one of them is the new HUAWEI MateBook 13s. I also reviewed an affordable tablet form Lenovo, HTC’s Vive Flow headset and the new HUAWEI MateView GT 27 monitor. Don’t forget to read the review. I’ll remind you of it at the end of this news article.

Twitter will allow users to ask for the removal of pictures that include you that were posted without your permission. This is a great privacy feature, but I think that it’ll be a bit problematic. Twitter says that artists, known people, politicians and so on are not included in this new feature. But paparazzis will be included. If a known person is photographed without their permission, they have the right to ask for the picture’s removal.

Comment: here in Yemen, Apple and Samsung products are being sold without their original box or accessories. Do you advise me to buy of these devices? And how to make sure they are genuine products?

There’s no way to verify that these products are genuine, and I advise you to buy from a guaranteed seller. The new Flip smartphone design from HUAWEI has been leaked, which looks very beautiful. This device reminds us of the Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto Razr. But do you think it is a good investment?

HUAWEI have been struggling to convince users to buy their products outside of China. Google services are important outside of China. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

HUAWEI wants to be part of the foldable market, so is Oppo and other companies. But who knows, Google services might come back to HUAWEI devices in the future. Having competition in the foldable market is something great.

Comment: You’ve tweeted that the new CEO of Twitter is Indian, which added no value and is considered Stereotyping.

Elon Musk said that lots of US companies like Google, Microsoft and Twitter are benefiting from the Indian talents. It is a bit strange that you’re looking at from a racism point of view, which is not. Everyone is proud of their origin.

Leaks suggest that Apple used to work on transparent AirPods, which I think would be a great product. There were also transparent chargers. In the past, Apple introduced transparent products, and they were very beautiful.

Apple hasn’t made an official statement about this or whether they’ll introduce a new transparent product. The only transparent product in the market now is the headphones from Nothing. This gave this headphones an advantage over other competitors.

Lots of studies indicate The social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter affects users negatively. On Instagram and Snapchat, lots of users try to brag about their wealth and possessions. Whereas on Twitter, users try to create problems with others. But is there any study about TikTok?

TikTok could be the biggest teenagers’ platform. Some think the reason behind the lack of studies about TikTok is that because it was really popular in a short time. They managed to have more than a billion users in a really short time. But Facebook and Instagram started from zero and now they’re big, and that’s why you could find studies about them.

Some institutions started to make studies about TikTok, and we might see the results soon. Initially, the results are similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat. But we’ll need more details about these studies. Can you imagine that TikTok is one of the best platforms when it comes to parental control?

Because of the laws in China, TikTok has lots of rules and terms regarding parental control. You can check the app’s settings for more details about the amount of parental options it supports.

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