Latest News: Alexa advises a child a very dangerous game 😱And The first SMS aftermarket sold as NFT❗ Apple Ptchel second port of the iPhone❗😰

05.01.2022 at 09:00 pm

Apple will remove another port from the iPhone. And Alexa suggest a very dangerous game for a 10 year old child. And Forbes publishes a report on why Xiaomi’s mid-range devices are cheap despite its high quality.

Hi guys, how are you today! Bring your Coffee and welcome to this new article technology news around a world, This is going to be the the first news review for this year 2022.🤡

In these tech news article, I discuss the latest technological advances and news from around the world. Towards the end of this episode, I’ll discuss the major highlights of this year. Don’t miss it. Make sure to stay with OTTO to enjoy the upcoming reviews.

In the last news article, I discussed a story about NFTs. There was an item that was supposed to be sold for 300 K USD, but it was only sold for 3000 usd only. The first SMS message in the history was sold for 150K USD. The message was sold by Vodafone in an auction in Paris. The message was from Vodafone’s CEO back then to his colleague to wish him a Merry Christmas.

According to Vodafone, the price will be fully donated to charity. Lots of famous people are now selling different things as NFTs with unreasonable prices. It is expected that NTF prices will be lowered in the upcoming two years. Let’s hope this happens.

Joker 🤡

Comment: Why some persons are wearing two watches? hahaha hahahah

Look, I actually wear two watches. One from Garmin and the second is the latest Apple Watch. I am testing the health sensors on both of them. Lots of people told me that the measurements offered by the Garmin watch are accurate. And I decided to test it. Using the stress sensor, the Garmin watch’s measures indicate that I am stressed. I am fine however. The watch thinks that I am stressed and that I don’t sleep well. The full review of the watch is coming soon. Let’s continue with the news.

Oppo registers a three patents about 3 devices that come with a rear screen next to the camera module. The design and size of these screens is different. These screens come with a circular, squared and a rectangular design.

Oppo thinks that this is the feature of smartphones. And by patenting them, competitors will have to pay royalties to Oppo if they want to use them. Oppo considers itself to be a technology company specialized in phone manufacturing and technologies.

Comment: what do you think of thermal packaging for smartphones?🤓

I’ve found it to be great for smartphones.😍 It doesn’t add bulk to the device and it protects it. I use it with the smartwatch, smartphones and iPad. I use the Bmax here in Morocco, I use thermal packaging and the official accessory products to protect my investments.

Xiaomi is one of the biggest phone manufacturer around the world. They are in second place after Samsung and above Apple. Some wonder why Xiaomi devices are cheaper than Samsung and Apple devices despite their high quality. Xiaomi’s profit is very minimum. For example, Apple’s profit is from 40 to 65% from the price of the iPhone.

Samsung’s profit is similar to Apple’s. Xiaomi’s profit, on the other hand, is only 10%. The difference is huge. The reason why Xiaomi is one of the biggest, according to Forbes, is users’ privacy. Xiaomi benefits from marketing their users’ privacy. And that’s how Xiaomi makes more profit; by benefiting from users’ data. This is from Forbes. 🙊

But this could be only for the Chinese market, which is massive. This is a reason to have a huge negative impact on Xiaomi. But let’s be rational here and wait till things are cleared. Let’s wait for an official reply from Xiaomi. If you’re a Xiaomi phone user, have you noticed that they’re using your data?

Emmm, i think no! yes!…😅😅

Hahaha, funny Man, I recently made a review about different gaming mouses from HyperX. These mouses are professional, light, beautiful and customizable. I also reviewed a mat with RGB colors. I discussed the pros and cons of all of these devices. The review is online guys.

There’s a privacy issue with Alexa in the UK. A 10yo kid asked Alexa to to give him a challenge. Alexa answered him with the Penny Challenge. This challenge is very dangerous as it could result in a fire or power cut.

Alexa is being under the spotlight for offering a child such a challenge. No one asked about the kid’s family, though. We don’t advise anyone to do this challenge. We shouldn’t forget that Alexa is basically an AI. And errors are expected. AI learns with time. It is a huge mistake from Alexa?

Yes, it is. Does it deserve this attack? For me, I think we shouldn’t follow whatever AI tells us. We should take information and verify them. We also should advise our kids not to follow whatever it says. The kids must be supervised. By the way, using the settings, you can check the history of asked questions to all smart assistants.

Lots of comments about users not being able to download the MeeTime app from the Android store. This app works only on HUAWEI devices that support it. It is similar to FaceTime, where it is only available on iPhones. But HUAWEI might make the app available for more users in the future. The app works perfectly well on HUAWEI devices. ( And that’s what I focused on during the next soon review on OTTO magazine ), HUAWEI ecosystem.

A new rumor suggests that Apple might remove a new port from the iPhone 15 series. And it is not going to be the charging port, which may take a few years to do. The port suggested to be removed is the SIM card tray. Apple’s intention The leaker said that Apple communicated with the biggest carriers in USA to inform them to get ready for an only eSIM iPhones.

The reason behind it is to save more space for internals. I won’t say it is a good or bad idea, but if Apple does it, then all companies will do it. I advise you to get ready for eSIM cards. Apple’s biggest market is in the US. My understanding is that Apple will start the process in the US with less expensive devices with eSIM only functionality. This will be very tempting for users and carriers.

The new devices will have a pre-programmed eSIM in them. Thus saving time for users while setting up their new devices. If this happens with the iPhone 14, then it’ll gradually be applied all over the world. Unless Apple does it in a mass deployment method all over the world.

I don’t think Apple will ditch the sim card all of a sudden. This will continue for years as it won’t be easy for users to simply ditch their SIM cards. Carriers have data that some users won’t prefer an eSIM card, so how would they force them to use it?

This is the end of this news article guys. See you soon.

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