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07/03/2021 at 06:00 pm


🕷 Imagine that Samsung’s last year camera is better than this year’s. A famous leaker says that the 2022 iPhone will come with a punch hole front facing camera.

We’ve seen this before with Android devices, but how will it look like this time?

I’ll also discuss Twitter’s Spaces and Instagram’s upcoming features. Today is the last day of the week, and I hope that you’re all doing well.

Let me start this episode with Twitter’s Spaces, which is a new feature that has arrived to some Twitter users. You can now make voice rooms to speak with others. It is feature similar to Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an independent app, but now it is part of Twitter’s services. Let me simplify Spaces for you. Through Twitter, you can make three kinds of rooms.

Either a private room with certain people. Or a room where only your followers can join, Or you can make a public room where all users can join.

The feature is currently available on iOS, but it is coming to Androids. Hosts can tweet up to 10 tweets during the session. These tweets will show up at the top of the room. There are great capabilities for sharing and interaction.

Lots of the features I wished for in Clubhouse are now available with Twitter’s Spaces. Twitter’s experiences is present with their new Spaces feature.

Clubhouse lacks lots of features and regulation. But since its start on iOS and later on Android, it’ll provide more powerful features to the users.

Hopefully, I’ll make a full illustration of the Spaces feature later. Hosts can now have a co-host with them to manage the session. Once all the features are available, I’ll review it.

Reels feature is coming to the whole Middle East region. With it, Instagram will bring lots of TikTok features to the Instagram app.

Iron Man and I made a session together on Spaces. We discussed social media platforms and how they copy from each others.

We’ve reached a point where we agreed that social media platforms offers all the services to their users. The reason behind it is that users won’t leave the platform for another one that has more features.

For example, Snapchat were the first to introduce Stories. Instagram didn’t support it. This made some of the users leave the platform for Snapchat. But when Instagram added the Stories features, users came back to it.

Hadn’t Instagram added it, users wouldn’t have come back. Having similar features on a platform gives them more advantage to acquire more users. But they should keep adding more feature to refresh the platform.

This is 7 opinions regarding this topic:

Copying features from other platforms isn’t a flaw, rather, it is a feature. Let me give you a simple idea about this topic.

When Instagram launched, it was only for taking photos and sharing it on the platform. If the app continued to only support this, it would have vanished just like other platforms. Developing the platform and adding more features will increase the numbers of users.

At the same time, offering more options to users, thus making it more popular. I’ll let you know once Reels is available in all regions.

The other feature coming to Instagram is that now, 4 users can make a live broadcast together instead of just 2. It is such a great feature from Instagram.

There’s also another feature, but it is facing problems currently. Instagram wants to hide likes count so that creators can focus on interaction with their followers. Interaction will be the benchmark for the popularity of the creators.

According to Instagram, the likes count doesn’t give the full picture., Old users have more likes than new users.

There will be a change in the algorithms to differentiate between older users and new users. it is unfair and very similar to Youtube.

Instagram is conducting different experiments. Once of which is removing the likes count.

The problem is that some of the users were added to the experiment without their permission. It reason is a mistake from Instagram.

They added a number of users to the experiment without telling them.

Instagram, though, confirmed that they’ll fix the problem. They’ll restore the likes count for these users until they make a final decision about it.

For me, I think the more interaction there is, the better. It doesn’t have to be about the likes count, which has become like a trade now.

According to Bloomberg, the next Nintendo will arrive in 2022. It’ll come with a 7 screen from Samsung.

The screen will be OLED, and the device will support an HDMI port. It’ll also support up to 4K resolution. It’s expected to be called Nintendo Switch Pro. It’s also expected to come with better capability and battery.

We expected that Nintendo will release a device last year. But because of the pandemic, their sales bloomed worldwide. The reason is the lockdown. The device is really great for kids.

Kids’ situation and mentality will be better with it. I think this device is great for kids and families because of the privacy of the content.

DXOMark release shocking results about the S21 Ultra device. We think that new generation are better, but the DXOMark website says that the S21 Ultra camera performance is disappointing.

Samsung don’t consider the results. Other companies do. Samsung mentioned them once or twice before.

The results show that the S20 Ultra is better than the S21 Ultra. The older generation is better than the new generation. It is better in video shooting. Which is very interesting.

With the S21 Ultra, the videos have become more stable, the photos are better and results in general are better than last generation’s.

Do you consider DXOMark before you buy a new device?

Or is it just a schedule for you to know the OnePlus will release a Lite version of the upcoming OnePlus 9 called OnePlus 9R.

This version will come with less specs and an affordable price to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and other companies by bring the price of high ed devices down. It’s possible that it’ll support 5G to bring the technology to more users, which is what I hope for.

We’re also expected OnePlus to announce a smartwatch. Thus, the OnePlus ecosystem will get bigger. They actually have amazing devices. But not being officially available in all countries World is bad.

Huawei says that the AppGallery has 530 million daily active users. There’s a difference between daily active users and users who just download apps.

Daily users is more powerful. 530 million daily users isn’t a number to be negligible. This means that Huawei is serious about their store. They develop it and bring local apps to it.

Hopefully, there problem will be solved.

I hope Honor will release their upcoming foldable devices, which I discussed in the previous article.

The famous leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has a great reputation of accurate leaks. He says that the 2022 iPhone will come with different front facing camera and sensors.

He says that the iPhones will come with a punch hole front facing camera. It’ll look like devices such as the S21 Ultra.

The S21 Ultra comes with a punch hole front facing camera, but where will the sensors go?

If Apple decides to do this, then there are two scenarios. Either the sensors will be under the display, which I don’t think will happen, because no company has done it yet. And I am not sure if manufacturing this technology and popularizing it would be possible.

Or they’ll use an in-display fingerprint sensor and ditch the Face ID sensors.

According to multiple leaks, Apple has decided to do this. Would you trust an iPhone that comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor without Face ID?

This pandemic has changed lots of things. Some technologies have changed due the nature of people.

The sustainability of a fingerprint sensor is better than the sustainability of Face ID sensors. What do you think about this?

If the leaks are true, then I think it’d be great, but will they remove the Face ID sensors?

They shouldn’t!

What’s great is that there will be an upcoming SE device with 5G support in 2022. Which I think would be amazing!

If there happens to be a version with 5G support, then I wish they wouldn’t release a version of the SE this year.

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned that Apple will release a new SE version this year.

Hopefully, it won’t happen. But if they do, I’ll review them for you.

Do you think that it’s good that companies release this number of devices each year?

Apple cooperate with Google to enable a new service. If you visit the Apple privacy website, you can request to transfer your photos and video to Google Photos. If you want to migrate from an iPhone to Android, you can make a request, and in 7 days, the files will be moved.

In 7 days, your files will be copied to Google Photos. This will happen in cooperation between the both companies. There are many aspects to this move. The main version of files will remain in iCloud, though.

You should evaluate your needs. Migrating from iCloud to Google Photos have pros and cons.

You should study this topic before doing such a step. I think it is a bit strange that Apple allows their users to migrate to a different service. But the request will processed in 7 days, and you’ll have to visit a website and sign it to do it. It feels like we’ve gone back in time.

What do you think?

I wrot a article about my wishlist for the upcoming iPhone. I mentioned lots of things in the article about things you and I wish for in the upcoming iPhone.

One of the things leakers have suggested is that the new iPhone will come with better cameras. No one can deny that photo processing in the flagship iPhones is amazing!

hopefully, the rhythm will continue and they add a Pro Video mode without having to use third party app for it. This feature should come with the new iPhones.

Hopefully, it will. see you soon guys.⏳

So nice son, good news, thank you 👏👏