Keychron Q1 ❗fully adjustable keyboard ❗😍

Review 268: 20.12.2021 at 01:00 pm

Specialized keyboard company Keychron launched its new keyboard under the name Q1, and this keyboard differs from everything that the company previously offered in that it is fully customizable.

This means that you can completely replace all the components of this board and put any other components you want inside it.

This includes the visible upper part of the mechanical switches as well as the lower part containing the moving mechanical part.

The customization capabilities in this panel do not stop at its physical hardware, as you can modify the functions of the buttons differently in addition to customizing them as you wish thanks to its own application.

You can purchase the Keychron Q1 in a pre-assembled model or a disassembled model that you can assemble yourself.

This panel is superior to all the company’s panels such as K2 in the quality of the materials manufactured from it, which appears in all its parts.

Keychron Q1 design and packaging:

The board comes in the black KeyChron brand and all of its boards come with. And, as we said, you can buy the painting in an assembled form like the one in the pictures below, which came in a navy blue color.

And with the motherboard, you will find a pioneering USB C cable with an aviator cable design that matches the color of the board, in addition to a set of screwdrivers and pieces needed to change and customize the panel buttons and buttons for Windows.

The board comes with macOS buttons from the factory, but it also has Windows buttons inside.

And you can notice the heavy weight of the painting in addition to the distinctive materials from which it is made. Its heavy weight ensures that it remains stable on your desktop while typing.

Board writing experience:

Designed to stand at a 5.2-degree angle to the desktop, this angle provides an effortless typing experience.

The board also comes with foam that absorbs sound and vibrations from the inside, and this foam provides you with an easy, pleasant and smooth typing experience unlike the usual mechanical keyboards.

This foam also helps absorb the sound of button presses and reduce noise if you prefer.

Additional Features of Keychron Q1 Keyboard

The keyboard comes with RGB lighting designed in a different way to make the lighting facing the user from below.

You can also modify all its various features and characteristics easily via the keyboard and without the need to use its own application.

The keyboard connects to computers via a USB C cable instead of wirelessly via Bluetooth like all other keyboards from the company.

This is inconvenient for many users who want to maintain a clean and tidy desktop.

But the company is gearing up the keyboard for professional users and professional gamers, who always prefer to use a wired connection.

The use of a wired connection also allowed the company to offer a distinctive USB C cable that adds even more elegance to the board. In addition, Keychron boards have had a problem with wired connectivity with macOS computers even today, and as a result many users prefer to rely on a wired connection.

The KeyChron Q1 comes with a price tag of about $170, which includes everything we mentioned above.

This is considered by many to be the best keyboard the company has released to this day thanks to its beautiful design and the adoption of very beautiful colors.

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