Just if you are pro gamer, 🤡 this controller could be great for you 🕹😈

Review 73: 22.01.2021 at 11:00 am

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This controllers gives a different gaming experience. Let’s get to know the Raiju Ultimate together. Hello gamers funs, Razer company makes keyboards, mouses and accessories for gaming. They released this Razer Raiju Ultimate controller. It is designed for PS4 for those who wants a more professional controller.

The controller is a little heavier than the original one. It looks similar to the Xbox One controller. The bigger size is due to the high quality material and the additional buttons. On the right side, it has the regular buttons. The quality of the buttons are good.

The buttons are flexible and above them, there is the options button. in the middle there is the touch bar. It is easier to access with better clicking than the original one.

Th controller comes with RGB lights. The left side contains the arrows buttons. They are customizable. The main buttons are separate, and the customizable ones are connected to each others. You can also change the analog stick.

At the top, there are the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons. There are also the M1 and M2 buttons. These buttons are customizable. It comes with a Micro USB port. At the back, there are two buttons, and these buttons to make the L1 and L2 clicks less deeper. There is also a button to change the controller from working to USB to Bluetooth on the PS4 or PC.

If you want to pair it, you’ll have to press the Home button and Options button at the same time. A menu will pop up, where you can choose PS4, and then you can use the controller. It is a little complicated, but if you want to use it, you’ll have to do it.

The controller also has an Aux button and home button. The Raiju app is available on Android and iOS. Using the app, you can customize the buttons and create your own profile. You can also choose one of the preinstalled profiles, like the shooter, fighting or racing profiles.

These profiles are created for the gaming genres. This is will make it easy for you to set up the controller.

We’ve tested the controller using games like Crash, Team Racing, Apex and Destiny 2. The performance was good. I feel that this controller is designed for first shooter games lovers.

The additional buttons are great for firing and aiming. There is something not good about it, though. It is the size of the controller. It is a bit tiring because of its weight and size. But it depends on your hands size and your way of playing. It is available in all E-commerce webs.


Great for first shooter games lovers. It is customizable and the app is good.


Handling it is uncomfortable. It could be great for you, but I advise you to use it before you buy it. The price is a little high, but if you are pro gamer, this controller could be great for you.

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