Is the iPad Air 2020 version good for you or not ❓ 🤫


Blog 32: October 29, 2020 at 02:30 pm:

Is the iPad Air 2020 version good or not?

Should you choose it over the iPad Pro or even the regular iPad?

Hello guys ! 😜, how are you today? Our goal is to protect your money before purshasing, therefore, Bring your Cup Coffee and welcome to this new article review.

This is the iPad Air 4th gen 2020 version. The regular latest iPad is the 8th gen.

The latest iPad Pro is the 3rd gen, and it was released in 2020. Once you open the box, you’ll be met with the iPad itself.

Behind it is the user manuals and documentation, 20w charger and 80cm charging cable.

This is the first generation of iPad Air to come with the same design as the iPad Pro.

It is actually hard to differentiate between the iPad Air 4th gen and iPad Pro 2020 version.

Only if you flip the device to check cameras, that’s only when you can differentiate between them. Along with the thickness, but it requires trained eyes.

The iPad Pro is slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2020. The device comes with 5 colors: blue, green, pink, silver and grey.

The screen of the device is 10.9 Liquid Retina similar to the iPad Pro screen.

According to Apple, this is the best LCD screen on this kind of tablet.

The resolution of the screen is 2360×1640. It also comes with 264ppi density. It supports True Tone technology and 500 nits.

True Tone technology helps with changing the temperature of colors depending on the lightness of the room among other functionalities.

The higher nits helps in making the screen viewable in direct sunlight. The higher the nits, the better the screen’s performance under direct sunlight.

The screens on both iPad Air and iPad Pro 2020 version are very similar.

The only difference is that the Pro version supports Promotion technology, which will be helpful for designers and professionals.

These users are basically the target group of the Pro version.

But for now, let me continue reviewing the iPad Air 2020 version:😍

The iPad Air comes with a 12MP rear camera and 7MP front facing camera.

Usually, companies don’t focus on tablets’ cameras, but this time, the cameras on this device are very balanced.

Similar to the Pro version, this camera supports 4 videos and takes good photos to document your important moments.

These cameras also support FHDp@60fps in video calls. The device comes with 4 speakers that will be perform great whether in vertical or horizontal mode.

It also depends on the content itself. If it supports stereo audio, the audio will be better.

The speakers of the Pro version are better, but this is not the point.

Keep reading as I’ll explain to you what should you use between this device, the Pro version or the regular iPad.

The device comes with 2 mics to record audio and help with audio/video calls. The device comes with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button.

This is the first time for Apple to embed the fingerprint sensor in the power button, and honestly, it looks beautiful. But the way, the power button is different than other Apple devices power button.

The onboard storage is either 64GB or 256GB. The device doesn’t support and external SD card. But you can use iCloud service to store your content.

This is an important point. The CPU inside the A14 Bionic with 5nm architecture build. It offers amazing performance. This device comes with the A14 Bionic CPU.

While the iPad Pro comes with the A12Z Bionic CPU.

Which one is more powerful?😅

For video and photo editing, the A12Z is better as it is designed to withstand heavy duty tasks not for power efficiency.

This device comes with a different newer CPU than the A12Z in the Pro version.

And this new CPU will offer high performance and power efficiency.

This device can work for up to 10 hours, but I’ll discuss this later. This device runs iOS 14 out of the box, and it comes with lots of new features.

You can connect a bluetooth mouse to the iPad among many other features.

Let’s not forget that Apple’s ecosystem works well on this device, where you can connect to AirPods automatically or send/receive files using AirDrop.

The new iPad Air supports Apple Pencil 2nd gen, similar to the iPad Pro.

You can charge the Pencil by magnetically attaching it to the device, and the device will tell you the battery percentage of the Pencil.

It also supports Magic Keyboard, which also comes with an additional USB-C port.

You can use the port on the keyboard to charge the device, while using the other port to connect supported accessories.

Most of the accessories that work on the iPad Pro can also work with the iPad Air 2020 4th gen.

But the camera cutout will is bigger and the Pro version is slightly thicker.

The iPads battery are always one of the strongest points about them.

According to Apple, the battery of this iPad can last up to 10 hours of video playback.

This iPad supports WiFi 6, which provides higher speeds in uploading and downloading.

But the router should also support WiFi 6 to enjoy the higher speeds. The same thing applies for smartphones.

It also comes with bluetooth 5 and supports nano SIM card and eSIM.

This version with me is the WiFi only version with 256GB of onboard storage.

This iPad comes with the USB-C port, similar to the iPad Pro 2020 version.

This port supports higher speeds such as 5Gbps and also works with supported accessories.

But what iPad should you buy, the iPad Air 4th gen, iPad Pro or the iPad 8th gen?😴

I haven’t included the iPad mini! The iPad mini is great for kids and those who use it for entertainment rather than for specific tasks.

Here’s how I rank these devices:

iPad Pro 2020, iPad Air 2020 and then iPad 8th gen.

The iPad 8th gen is great for preparatory and high school students. It is also great for reading and gaming. The iPad 8th gen will be great for these tasks. It also supports first gen of Apple Pencil.

The difference between the first gen and second gen of the Apple Pencil isn’t high, though.

The iPad 8th gen is great for teenagers, and for simple tasks. The iPad Air comes with better specs and battery more than the iPad 8th gen.

It is suitable for users who will make heavy duty tasks on it. it is great for heavy tasks, shifting between different devices, photo editing.

You can also edit 4K videos with one layer on this device. It enables users to do more tasks.

But it is not suitable for 3D rendering and other heavy duty tasks.

3D rendering is better on the iPad Pro as it is equipped with better cameras and a liDAR sensor, which enables AR.

There are 3 different iPads. If you’re an academic, the the iPad Air is good for you as you won’t need it for heavy duty tasks.

But if you’re a video editor who edit multiple layers of 4K video, then the iPad Pro is better for you.

The Pro version is better for taking photos and videos, 3D rendering and video editing.

The iPad Air is the Lite version of the iPad Pro, but it still comes with amazing capabilities.

The iPad 8th gen is great for surfing the web, studding and light tasks. But all of them are great for watching content.

But don’t go for the iPad Pro only because you think the screen is better. The screen of the iPad Air is excellent, too.

See you later.🙏