IPhone SE vs iPhone XR! 👻Comparison of the two economies devices from Apple! I’ll let you know what device is better to you?😈

Review 55: December 09-2020 at 04:00 pm


Recently, Apple released iPhone SE 2020, and in this review, we’ll compare it with the iPhone XR? The price difference between them is nearly $150? But there are lots of similarities between them?😈

In this review, I’ll let you know what device is better to you, your coffee and Let’s start the comparison no!🔥

Let me start with the design:

iPhone SE comes with Apple’s classical design. We’re used to it now.

The screen size is considered small in today’s standards, And it comes with a fingerprint sensor.

The frame is made from aluminum and the back is made from glass, iPhone XR comes the new Apple design.

The screen extends to the all corners with a notch up top, The frame is made from aluminum and the back is made from glass.

The XR wins the design point as the screen is way bigger, The iPhone SE comes with an 4 years old design.

The iPhone XR wins the point for design because of the bigger screen, The screens on both devices are similar, though, Both screens are LCD, and both come with 325ppi, Both come with 625nits and support True Tone.

The difference is that the SE screen size is 4.7 and the screen to body ratio is 65%, iPhone XR screen size is 6.1, and it the screen to body ratio is 79%.

The XR screen is the best LCD screen in the market as it provides lots of colors, The iPhone XR wins the screen point.

But to clarify, the screen on both devices are same thing, the only difference is the screen size.

Let’s now discuss the CPU, where things change:

The CPU in the SE is the A13 Bionic with 7nm build and 6 cores, The CPU in the iPhone XR is the A12 Bionic, 7nm build and 6 cores.

In Geekbench, the XR scored 2690 points, while the SE scored 3200 points, There’s a huge difference between them.

There’s a 850 points difference. The point goes to the iPhone SE, The CPU in the SE is the same one in the newly released iPhone 11.

Let me remind you that there’s a 2 years gap between these devices, You decided that I compare these two devices. Keep visit us to participate in these polls.

Let’s now discuss the OS. Both devices run iOS 13.

Both devices run the same OS, receive the same updates, so it is draw. Each device gets a point.

Let me discuss the cameras now, where there’s also a difference:

Both devices have 7GB front facing cameras and 12MP rear cameras. This could be the coolest and shortest camera comparison we’ve ever done, Both devices have the same cameras, same software and same results.

There slight differences in dynamic range, colors and stability in favor of the iPhone SE, But these differences are hardly noticeable, Both support selfie and rear portraits for humans only.

Both shoot 4K@60fps videos, slo-mo videos with 1080p@240fps, Both support Smart HDR and LED flash.

In this segment, I’ll compare 3 devices, SE, XR and 11 to show you the differences.

What’s the difference between the iPhone SE and iPhone XR? Both are the same thing. These 3 devices shoot 4K@60fps videos using the rear cameras.

This is the iPhone SE, this is the iPhone XR and this is the iPhone 11.

All three of these devices shoot videos with the same resolution, There’s no difference between them.

Let me now discuss safe unlocking:

The SE offers 2 safe unlocking options; fingerprint sensor and passcode, it is the same classical method from Apple, and they’ve changed it in the iPhone X.

The iPhone XR also offers two safe unlocking methods: Face ID, which is the most advanced and passcode.But the problem with the Face ID is that sometimes, you’ll have to bring the device closer to your face so that it can unlock.

If the device is on a table, you’ll have to carry it first and then unlock it, This technology is very accurate though, and it depends on your face map. You also have to look directly at the device so that it can unlock.

There’s a difference between these devices.

The result is also another draw. There are users who prefer the fingerprint sensor while others prefer Face ID.

There are users who are used to a fingerprint sensor and don’t want to change it, And there are users who enjoy Face ID. A point goes to each device.

Let me now discuss the battery:

The iPhone SE comes with a 1821mAh battery. It supports quick charging up to 18w and wireless charging, The iPhone XR comes with a 2949mAh battery. It supports quick charging up to 18w and wireless charging.

The point goes to the iPhone XR. It is also considered one of the best iPhones for battery consumption after the iPhone 11 Pro Max, It fully deserves the point.

Let me now discuss storage and connectivity:

Both devices support the same things when it comes to storage and connectivity. The storages are the same too, Both devices come with 3GB or RAM.

Both devices support WiFi calling, but it depends on your carrier, Both support Apple’s CarPlay, Apple Pay, NFC, STC Pay, and you can use other paying methods.

Both devices support eSIM, where you can enable 2 SIM cards on your iPhone.

It is another draw.

Let me now discuss additional features:

Nearly, they support the same things, If you have a MacBook, iPad and Apple Watch, then you’ll enjoy a great ecosystem whether with the SE or the XR.

Both devices support IP67 water and dust resistant. It is another draw.

Let’s now discuss the most important thing about these devices:

Price and after purchase services: The price of the iPhone XR is more expensif than iPhone SE, The price difference between them is nearly $150.

Customer services from is known to be excellent. If you buy from an official store, you’ll receive services, and there are lots of accessories available for both.

iPhone 8 accessories can be used with the iPhone SE, The winner of the point is the iPhone SE.

Even though that the iPhone XR is very cheap considering the specs it comes with.

The iPhone XR wins the comparison but with a minimal difference, If you care about the screen and its size, then go for the iPhone XR.

But put in your consideration that you’ll pay, approximately, $150, But you can save money and buy the iPhone SE.

The screen is smaller, but the CPU is more powerful, Or maybe you could go for the iPhone XR, It is a little confusing.The iPhone XR is 2 years old, but it is more expensive than the newest iPhone from Apple.

Apple’s mid-range devices from Apple like the iPhone SE are a little confusing as they’ve just been released, It needs more time for it to settle in the market.

Personally, I think that the iPhone SE is a great economic option, But if you want to buy an iPhone XR, then I can honestly tell you buy another device, Add a little more to your budget and get a better option like the iPhone 11, It is a great device with lots of good capabilities.😈

I think you shouldn’t look at it as an iPhone XR against an iPhone SE, You should study whether to get an iPhone SE or iPhone 11, The iPhone 11 indeed will win the comparison,But there’s a big difference in prices.

This is the end of this review, see you in the next reviews.😈