IPhone 13 bump smaller! 🦧LG is leaving the smart phone market soon!🧤 😈

27.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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Will Huawei’s alternative OS become popular or not?

What is its capabilities?

An Apple Watch saves a kidnapped woman.

Let’s start, Let’s discuss international news as always 😈, bring your coffee and focus with me 😁👍… LG is studying selling their smartphone business. They’re in talks with a Vietnamese company among others. LG is considering selling their business to them. This business is causing them loses since 2015. This business hasn’t been popular and LG isn’t focusing on it.

Despite that, LG is a huge company with lots of successful technologies. They probably don’t want to focus on smartphone business anymore. But despite all of that, they offer lots of great technologies.

During the last CES, they showcased a rollable device. But there isn’t an actual device with this technology yet. Oppo made a concept devices similar to it, and we’re excited for it.

To sum it up, LG wants to sell their smartphone business. OLED screens are coming to laptops. The screens will be 14 in size with 90Hz refresh rate support. It’ll be suitable for business and daily use devices, but it is not suitable for gaming.

Gaming devices come with 120Hz screen or even more. But these screens are usually LCD. OLED screens have a long way in front of it. But it is expected that OLED screens will replace LCD screens in the future.

Leaks about the upcoming Huawei foldable devices suggest that the device will come with an in-ward folding screen with a small external screen.

The external screen will be 6 while the inside screen will be bigger than 8, It’ll come with the Kirin 9000 CPU from Huawei. It’ll also get a 50MP rear camera and a 13MP front facing camera.

The battery will be 4000mAh+, Leaks also suggest that the device will support 66W charging speed. It’s expected to be announced soon. We’ll know more details about it in February.

Huawei is also developing their HarmonyOS, which is supposed to replace Android OS on their upcoming devices. The reason being the pressure upon them from the US government.

This OS will be an excellent alternative for their upcoming devices as they’ll ditch the dependency on Google. The new OS is built with the basics of Android OS.

The wireless capabilities of devices that run it is exciting. They showcased it in their latest event. They showcased how to transfer files and other things to other devices using a single tap using NFC technology. They also showcased a Microwave that runs HarmonyOS.

If a Huawei screen and smartphone are connected to one WiFi network, users can broadcast their smartphones easily. They’re trying to prove themselves among many other things.

The company says that the OS will reach up to 300 million users in 2021. The biggest question is, will us the users depend on this OS without Google services?

I am not sure, but let’s wait and see what happens next.

Apple Watch help saving a kidnapped woman. Two women fought over a car and then one of them kidnapped the other. The kidnapped woman has a Apple Watch with eSIM.

She simply called her daughter and told her before the connection dropped. Police were able to accurately locate her. They used Emergency Networks to locate it.

They were able to accurately locate her and save her from her kidnapper. This is not the first story about an Apple Watch. But it is the first non-health related story, which Apple always focuses on.

Apple Watch gets lots of media attention, but I wish other smartwatches get the same attention. Lots of other smartwatches also support eSIM. There are smartwatches from Samsung, Huawei and other companies that support this feature. They also support GPS and tracking technologies. But the media attention Apple Watch gets help its popularity.

Let’s also not forget that the popularity of the watch is enormous. It’s become a brand now. Leaks suggest that the upcoming Apple Watch will have a different design than that of now. It’ll have a design similar to the iPhone 12’s.

The upcoming iPhone 13 could get lots of new enhancements. These enhancements include a smaller Face ID notch. It also might get a side fingerprint sensor similar to that in the iPad Air 2020 version.

The whole series is also expected to get a LiDAR sensor. This sensor is currently only available on the Pro versions of iPhone 12. It’s also expected that the sensor-shift OIS technology will come to the whole series.

The biggest enhancement of the iPhone 13 series could be on the cameras. These cameras are expected to be better with more advanced technologies.

We’re waiting for big projects from Apple, one of which is the new VR headset. I am not talking about a regular watch, rather it is the a VR headset. But it won’t receive a lot of marketing, similar to the Oculus and PS VR headsets.

Only specific people will be able to get it. This headset is basically directed to them. What we know about it is that it’s going to be heavier, has built-in batteries and support wireless connection.

This means that the headset won’t be connected with cables. It’ll also provide better VR capabilities. It’ll use the LiDAR sensor and the data Apple has been collecting in the past two years.

The price will be the biggest obstacle, though. It’s expected to cost more than 2000 USD. Oculus headset costs between 1000 to 1200 USD. Usually, Apple’s prices are very high.

We’ve reached the last news:😈 Boeing have a plan to reach 2030 with full dependency on biofuel. The sources of this biofuel is safe and doesn’t affect the environment. It is a plant-based fuel.

Using biofuel will be great for the environment. This will lead to less carbon emission from airplanes. As there are lots of airplanes traveling around the world. They’re trying to also clean the atmosphere by 2030. But with the current pandemic, where airplanes can’t fly 😅, the atmosphere has developed.

Boeing have a plan and they want to apply it. They started this plan in 2008. They’ve partnered with Fedex and 6 other companies to develop this plan.

And in 2011, they were able to develop their air biofuel. They’ll start using it now and by 2030, all of their plans will be running on this biofuel. This biofuel is developed and belongs to Boeing. But why Fedex? They’re one of the biggest couriers around the world, similar to DHL.

They have their own plane fleet. Cooperation between a courier and manufacturer will bring realistic experiments.

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