IPhone 13? 😱 and the new Samsung S21 is closer than we expect!🙈

November 10 -2020, at 03:00 pm


IPhone 13? Reasonable? Yes, there is news about the iPhone 13, And will the iPhone 12 proliferation be crazy and widespread, or not?

Certainly, the new Samsung S21 is closer than we expect! hello guys, bring your coffee and welcome to this news article:

I start it along with Samsung. And yes, the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone has started showing some details and some covers, The cover for the S21 Ultra is back, showing the edible back and the back of the camera.

And the new additional camera part, which is clear if we turn on the characteristics that Samsung continues to invest in the 108 megapixel cameras.

Unlike some companies that still produce phones with 12 megapixel cameras, Samsung is still developing the 108-megapixel camera that previously appeared on the S20 Ultra.

Here we know that the camera will come with more quality and ripeness, with better sensor and better image processing, But there is a big question in my head. We know that the Ultra phone, whether from the S class or the Note class, is directed to a specific category of users.

First, their prices are very high, and the additional features that come with the camera and battery will benefit this category of users who love photography.

With the exception of that, the general public will not own these Ultra phones, Still, these devices remain an excellent and extended investment as one of the Android devices, Another feature that has been revealed is that the Ultra Edition phone will carry a 5,000 mAh battery.

The three devices that will be revealed are expected to be the S21 phone, S21 plus \u0026 S21 Ultra. These devices will be in the same series and will be launched in January.

There will be differences between them in camera, screen size, battery, and some simple internal things, We are accustomed to the fact that the S series from Samsung has the strongest and best features, and this is our passion for them.

The new Xiaomi Mi 11, its release date, may change with the change of the S21 that I just mentioned, Xiaomi could decide their conference date to be in January. Contrary to the usual, which happens in February with Samsung, Perhaps the presentation of the S21 conference is the reason behind this.

You can be associated with the announcement of their new Mi 11 phone, and it may come with many features to announce, Other than the 48-megapixel camera that will appear with the Mi 11 phone, there are also features that they want to launch before other companies, especially with the Name Association.

They will try to engage themselves with Samsung in the same month and same period of time so that the two companies will show their new devices together, High price balance and also high features from a company and we know the competition will continue.

Figures from Morgan Stanley show us that the demand for the iPhone 12 is opposite to what is expected and is a very high deman, We are talking about the new Apple devices with the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, as well as the younger and older brothers, the mini and the Max.

These devices will be available this weekend, We know that the order numbers are high on the iPhone 12, because it brought a very big revolution in terms of 5G for the Apple system, With the 5G feature, and also the new look and design, which many users like because it reminds them of the past.

The idea is that this year’s year is selling very much and is different from last year, If we go back in time to 2019, we will find that the last quarter of the year was very high, They sold more than 70 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2019.

So when they announced their device in September last year and it was released in October, they achieved high sales, This did not happen this year.

These phones were released at the end of October, leaving only two months left for them to sell a high volume, Is this what is happening just a notification? we do not know.

The idea is that the amount that was available around the world for some copies, in particular the new distinctive colors on the iPhone 12 series, we know that there was no high availability efficiency.

There is a difference between the availability of 1000 devices and they were sold along and there were only 1000 devices sold, There is a difference between these two sentences.

Supply and demand in 2020 is tense and confused by the pandemic that has befallen the world, Sales confirmation will be affected, There are companies that have been able to prove their strength, such as Huawei.

There are companies waiting to show their realistic numbers, Is it true that Stanley Morgan said that there are high numbers and high demands that are enough to be global and show the power of Apple with the iPhone 12?

Or will we wait for the first quarter of 2021? Of course, you are all expected to see new iPhones, so be subscribed and activate alerts, The date of the next iPhones is approaching. The iPhone 12 mini, the smaller brother comes with a 5.4-inch screen, and the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max has the largest screen in the history of the iPhone, The screen size is 6.7 inches.

Features, differences, size, differences in size compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max and also the same series and which are better.

You will find this information on our blog this week, with the official launch, There will be intense spurs on iPhones this month due to the fact that the iPhones were released this month.

We are starting to hear news about the iPhone 13 from a well-known leak, The leak says that the next iPhone will come with a wide lens and an updated sensor and in terms of screen frequency.

Something that has not matured from the iPhone 12 may have matured with the iPhone 13, I don’t think this is the time to talk about it.

No matter how many leaks and users talk about it, it’s not a good thing, But there is something very interesting.

Sure, one of the things that leaked is the upcoming design, This leaked design is the same as the iPhone 12.

Is this so that tech-savvy users don’t wait for a new iPhone?

Or is it a spontaneous topic that leaked iPhone 13 with the same design as iPhone 12?

Give me your opinion in the comments, And the year 2022 is the year of 5G technology, according to Qualcomm’s expectation that there will be more than 700 million phones, including this technology.

Qualcomm anticipated this They say 5G has not become widespread, Either adopted by Agl or a number of companies that preceded it.

On the contrary, this technology will become more popular in 2022, The networks and infrastructure will be better, and the efficiency and price of mobiles will be better.

The diversity of devices in different price groups will be better in 2022, It is expected that there will be 700 million 5G devices in 2022.

So the same company that makes processors and 5G modems says that this technology will be a big thing in 2022. In this case we know that it is a specific user with the new devices that support this technology.

The end of this news blog, see you well guys.