iPhone 12 Pro Max is here! 😍 My review guys …😈

Blog 41: November 11-2020 at 07:00 pm


This is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and you can notice the size and screen size of this device, This device is the currently biggest iPhone!

This iPhone comes with the biggest screen since the original iPhone. The screen size is 6.7, In this blog, you’ll know important information about this device and its younger brother from Apple.

Hello guys, bring you best coffee because our star this day is iPhone 12 Pro Max ok:🍵

Indeed, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest iPhone from Apple, It is also bigger than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is the device in thsi photo guys, This device comes with a screen and body size bigger than any other previous iPhone.

Last year, I preferred the iPhone 11 Pro Max because of its size and screen size, But when the iPhone 12 Pro Max arrived, it convinced me that it is the best size for me.

Why? Because the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is bigger, And it is also bigger in size than the 11 Pro Max.

You should make your decision after you try the new 12 Pro Max. I think its delay will affect its demands. I think the iPhone 12 mini will be very popular, I expect that the iPhone 12 mini demand will be high.

Its price, specs and 5G support will make new users shift to Apple. This is the difference between the iPhone 12 mini cover and the body of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

There is a difference in size, which will probably make the mini more popular among users. This is a comparison between the iPhone 12 mini case and the 12 Pro Max, The size of the iPhone 12 mini is excellent.

The 12 Pro Max comes with silver, graphite (black), gold and the new blue colors, These are the official colors that come with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.The back glass is matte while the frame is shiny.

The colors that the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with are different than the colors iPhone 12 come with, The unboxing experience is the same. Once you open the device you’ll be met with the device itself.

There will be a sticker on the screen.

The box also includes the charging cable, booklets and the SIM card tool. Once you handle the device you’ll notice the size difference.

For me, reaching the top corners of the screen is difficult, But this doesn’t matter. What matters is that the 12 Pro Max and its younger brother the 12 Pro.

I am currently writing a comparison article between this device, the 11 Pro Max, XS Max and other devices. I can’t decide whether to choose the size of the 12 Pro or the 12 Pro Max.

First of all, there’s more than $100 price difference between them, The screen of the 12 Pro is 6.1, while the screen of the 12 Pro Max is 6.7.

The 12 Pro comes with 460ppi density, While the 12 Pro Max comes with 458ppi density.It is very rare that both devices come with nearly the same screen density.

The 12 Pro supports 4x optical zoom, while the Pro Max support 5x optical zoom. The 12 Pro support 10x digital zoom in photography, while the 12 Pro Max supports 12x digital zoom.

The 12 Pro supports 6x zoom in videos, while the 12 Pro Max supports 7x zoom in videos. The 12 Pro Max is supposed to come with a wider camera, better zoom and a bigger sensor.

This difference will be noticeable with few and specific users, I mean the wider photos, zoom capabilities and sensor size.

Only few and specific users will notice the difference. Ordinary users won’t notice it. The percentage of how wide the photos are and the zoom capabilities is very minimal.

But a quick comparison shows that the 12 Pro Max takes slightly wider and closer photos. There’s no big difference, but the sensor on the 12 Pro Max is actually bigger.

But who will benefit from the new sensor and its capabilities?

Professional photographers and videographers, especially when AppleProRAW is released at the end of this year. The 12 Pro Max camera is the best camera on any iPhone with the biggest ViewFinder screen, if you actually use it properly.

My focus is on the cameras, since users will benefit from them, But is the apps’ experience different? I don’t think, since the front facing camera on the 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is the same.

Most apps use the main rear camera, except for a few pro apps that use the other cameras. To simplify it, apps won’t be affected by the cameras.

The apps’ camera experience will be the same on all new iPhones, But this device is heavy, It weighs 226g, The 12 Pro is nearly 40g lighter since it weighs 187g.

The iPhone 12 mini is the lightest iPhone. It only weighs 135g. The iPhone 12 mini comes with a 5.4 screen, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a 6.7 screen.

The screen size difference between them is 1.3, It is roughly the size of the Apple Watch screen.The 12 Pro comes with Telephoto lens with an F/2.0 aperture, while the Pro Max comes with an F/2.2 aperture.

The 12 Pro comes with dual OIS, while the Pro Max comes with Sensor-Shit OIS technology, The lens itself if fixated, while the sensor shifts.

According to Apple’s website, the Pro Max’s battery gets 3 extra hours, The 5G experience will be the same on all devices, but I am not sure where the antennas inside are placed.

To clarify again, those who will benefit from the 12 Pro Max are specific users, The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in the market starting from 13th of November.

Make your choices after you check your needs.

I am also working a article to check whether it is worth it to upgrade from the 11 Pro Max to the 12 Pro Max.

I am also working on a thorough review including the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, where in it, you’ll know the internal specs of the 12 Pro Max.

Wait for the comparison, See you later.😎