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November 24-2020, at 00:00 am

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I’ll discuss the iPhone 12 Pro Max and its teardown and more news in this article guys, your coffee and your attention plz hhhhh 😈

This is a new News article, Let’s start:🔥

Let me start this episode with congratulating STC Pay as Western Union has acquired 15% of it, Western Union is for money transfer and International financial transactions.

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Apple’s issuance of the M1 CPU and using it on their laptops is a move liked by many companies, It is expected that next years, we’d see laptops from companies such as Samsung and Huawei.

These laptops are expected to come with 5nm CPUs, These CPUs will be fully supported on these devices. But how will this happen?

Apple’s this year and last year iPads have proven themselves and paved the way for the M1 CPU. When it comes to efficiency and implementation.

Next year, we’ll see more devices with this principle.

2021 is supposed to bring us the latest technologies from well-known companies. Even if these technologies weren’t the latest in the market. But still, companies adopting these new technologies is a good thing.

For example, the Fold 3 is supposed to come with an under-the-display front facing camera. This under-the-display technology is available in the tech world, but big companies haven’t used it in their devices.

But this will change with the Fold 3 as it is supposed to bring excellent technologies, But wait a minute, in the previous article, I said that the Note series might vanish, But lots of users were upset about it!

Still, many think that it is a good move, At least, the upcoming S21 Ultra, which will be released in January will be our next Note device.

Samsung will make one package for users to choose from, We could look at it in a positive manner, We also could look at it positively that we’ve been using the S and Note series for a long time, These series will be rearranged.

iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with the biggest battery in the 12 series along with the biggest camera sensors. We’ve seen it in iFixit website, which is known for devices teardown and internal fixes.

It comes with the biggest battery in the series, The camera sensors are also massive. We mentioned before that the sensors of the 12 Pro Max are bigger than that of the 12 Pro.

It also uses Sensor-Shift OIS, which is found in DSLR cameras. This technology will benefit specific people. From what Iv’e seen, users are buying iPhone 12 devices and I’ve found that the 12 Pro is the most popular one in the series.

Unlike what was expected that the 12 Pro Max will be the most popular. The Pro Max is actually a big device with a 6.7 screen.

We’ll later check the consequences of the teardown and repairability score. We’ll also see whether this will be easy to do or not. This news is a consequences of the M1 CPU news I previously discussed.

A new CPU is coming from Huawei with the MateStation desktop. The MateStation is a computer used for specific work. It is directed for individuals according to the information I’ve read. It is expected to be announced next year.

This device is directed to business and can be used for databases and internal servers.

Let’s wait for the official release. We’ll keep you up to date. Apple says that the M1 devices can run Windows OS. But it is up to Microsoft to support it. Apple says that their devices are very efficient to run the OS.

Microsoft have to create a version of their OS to run on these devices and future devices with even more modern CPUs. I don’t think Microsoft will support it any time soon.

I know that there are cooperations between companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and other companies. But I also think it is a huge investment for Microsoft to build an OS that can run on Mac devices.

Considering the percentage, users who use Windows on Macs is very a very small percentage. But this could change in the upcoming years.

PS5 doesn’t use its full capabilities. There’s been talks about this device and its hardware. Developers and game creators won’t be able to use the full capabilities of this device currently.

According to statements from PS and Sony spokespersons. The idea of this device is that it comes with powerful hardware. But developers won’t be able to use 100% of the capabilities of this device until 2021.

It is a shocking story where we expected we’d be using the full capabilities of this device, But it is not the case. This device is future-proof, where in 2 years, developers will be able to benefit from the full capabilities of this device.

6 or 7 years later, developers will be used to the capabilities of the device and develop games that’ll take full advantages of it. Only then we could need a newer device.

Which is a very good strategy from Sony. I wished they explained it in the beginning and said that currently no one will benefit from the capabilities of this device.

Let’s now discuss the latest news and the leakage of the S21 dummies. These are the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra dummies:

You can notice the huge size of the screen on the Ultra dummy with all the ultra capabilities it’ll come with from Samsung.

The Plus version will very balanced, According to the latest leaks, the S21 Ultra will come with a 108MP sensor.

It is also expected that it’ll come with a 5000mAh battery. And of course all devices will support 5G with a huge possibility of a Pen support. But will it only be supported on the Ultra version or will it be similar to the Note devices?

Or even support for the Pen from the Note devices themselves? It is a bit confusing, especially the latest part. We’re used to the idea that the Pen has its dedicated slot inside the device. How will it be as an external accessory?

The Plus version always comes with balanced specs and features. Keep an eye on the Plus version. Leave the Ultra version to those who require the highest capabilities, similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. These device are for users who require the highest capabilities.

See you Tomorrow with a lot of tech reviews guys.😈💪

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