IPad PRO 2020🍏❗ I’ll Review both sizes: 11 and 12.9 version😸 with the Magic Keyboard ❗

Review 168: 20.05.2021 at 05:30 pm


🕷 In this review, I’ll review both sizes of the iPad Pro. I’ll also review the new Magic Keyboard And of course, I’ll discuss the differences between the new and the 2018 version iPads.

Let’s start: I’ll review the new iPads, differences between them and older generations, Hopefully, I’ll help you decided (or not) to buy these devices. And whether you should upgrade from older generation iPad to the new one or not.

The new iPad comes with 2 main enhancements. The first enhancement, which is the CPU performance, which in this case is insignificant. The CPU in the 2018 version is the A12 Bionic, but now it is the A12Z Bionic.

The A12Z Bionic also comes with a Neural Engine. This engine will enable other capabilities on the iPad. The performance between the new and old generation is very minimal. Both CPUs are the same, but the new one comes with a little better performance.

The Graphics GPU come with 1 more core. The second enhancement is in the cameras. The older generation comes with a single 12MP rear camera, but the new one comes with 2 rear cameras. The bottom one is main 12MP wide, while the one above is 10MP Ultra Wide camera. It also comes with the LIDER sensor.

The rear cameras, though, don’t support the Portrait mode despite the LIDER sensor. The LIDER sensor helps with light and space and it works with AR. The iPad can do lots of great things with it. It detects spaces, and works with some apps to show furniture at home using AR in high quality. It recognizes measurements. If you care about this LIDER sensor, then you’ll enjoy using it.

The cameras shoot 4K videos and it works really well, especially if there’s lots of light. The new iPad comes with 5 mics, which means the audio quality will excellent. The air condition is turned on, but you can still hear my voice very well.

It also comes with 4 speakers, which produce very loud and clear audio. The front facing camera is 7MP and it supports portrait photography, 1080p videos with 30 and 60fps. It also supports Smart HDR.

The new iPad supports WiFi 6 now, but first you’ll have to have WiFi 6 routers to enjoy this technology.

Let me also confirm to you that the SIM card version supports a physical SIM card and an eSIM. Let’s talk about the 11 version. It comes with the Liquid Retina display. It is an IPS panel and supports multi-gestures.

The resolution is 2388×1668, and it comes with 264ppi. It supports 600 nits brightness. It supports True Tone and Pro Motion technologies. The screen supports 120Hz refresh rate.

The 12.9 version comes with 2732×2048 resolution And the PPI and screen brightness are the same. The only differences between these two are the screen and battery size.

Other than that, both are exactly the same with very slightly differences. Which screen is better for you? Honestly, it is up to you to decide. For me, the 11 screen is excellent, while I don’t need the 12.9 screen that much. But if you use Word and Excel a lot, then you might need it. But for me, the 11 screen is better.

I advise you to check both devices, apps you use, and then decide which size works for you the best. Audio is amazing on the iPad, and it has also been updated on this device.

There are 4 main speakers. If you hold the device horizontally, you’ll enjoy much better surrounded sound than holding it vertically.

There’s a mic next to the cameras and another one on the side. These mics have also been improved to provide better experience. And honestly, recording sound on is cool. This device is great for meetings, and video call apps like the FaceTime app.

Let me now review the new Magic Keyboard from Apple:

This keyboard enables you to do many things. First of all, it comes with a USB-C port to charge the iPad.

This means that you can use the USB-C port on the iPad for other accessories. You can’t connect these accessories on the Magic Keyboard. The keys are also backlit, which means it will be visible at night.

The key travel is nearly 1mm. It feels like you’re using a MacBook. It feels great to use it. The only difference is that the keyboard doesn’t come with certain keys and that you’ll have to get used to it.

The Magic keyboard keys are the same that appears on the software version of the keyboard. It is not similar to the keyboard found on the MacBook.

There isn’t an ESC or shortcut buttons. You’ll have to get used to the keys and how to use them. But you can do gestures using the trackpad.

iPad OS doesn’t support full trackpad, though. The pointer is a circle, and it changes shape once placed on a command to make it easier for you.

For me, I think it is really cool, but if you don’t like it, you can disable it from the Settings app.

The Magic keyboard position is good, but for my usage, it needs a little adjusting. I increased the brightness on the iPad, and my experience with it has become way better.

The Magic Keyboard also protects the rear camera, as the cover protrudes a little to protect the cameras. Magic Keyboard is an investment. It doesn’t come with the iPad. You’ll have to pay 290 usd for the 11version, And nearly 200 usd for the 12.9.

What’s great is that the new keyboard supports the older generation of iPads Pro which is the 2018 version. But you’ll notice that the camera cutout is made for the new version of the iPad Pro, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

The build quality of the Magic Keyboard is excellent, and it turns the iPad to a semi-laptop experience. It might replace your MacBook, but I’ll discuss this later.

The new iPad supports Apple Pencil 2nd gen. If you visit Apple website, you’ll know which iPads it also supports. A Magic Keyboard and an Apple Pencil will make your experience with the iPad perfect. It is also an expensive investment.

The iPad Pro 11 version with an Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard cost around 1400 usd. It could reach up to 2300 Usd with the 12.9 version with all the accessories.

This is a very expensive investment. You’ll have to make a good decision❗🙏

Before you make your decision, check the apps that are only available on the iPad, check the Apple Pencil, Only then, you can make up your mind whether this iPad is worth it or not. If you have a MacBook, then you can turn the iPad into another screen.

You can also connect another screen using the USB-C port to help you with your business. You can’t use the iPad for heavy graphics tasks, but there are apps that help you do similar things. There are pro apps available on the iPad Pro.

Let me assure you that not every one needs an iPad Pro. You might need a regular iPad or an iPad mini, not an iPad Pro. It is not logical to buy an iPad Pro to read things on it. Apple also provides another keyboard for the iPad Pro. These keyboard are Folio. It comes with different colors and is very thin.

For me, Magic Keyboard is way better. If you have the 2018 version of the iPad Pro, then I don’t think upgrading it to the newer version is necessary. Unless you need to use the new camera and sensor.

You can also use the new Magic Keyboard on the older generation of the iPad. If you want to replace your laptop with an iPad, first of all, check the apps available on the iPad, It supports Word, Excel, Photoshop, and if you think they work better on the iPad, then you can replace your laptop.

But if you want to replace your laptop with an iPad to use for video editing and heavy tasks and multitasking, then you should know that the iPad won’t provide you with these tasks, and that Apple provide MacBook Pros especially for these tasks.

There are also Windows laptops that do the same things as MacBooks. Not all of us need an iPad Pro, but most of us need an iPad. You can choose from iPad mini, iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

According to Apple website, iPads come in 4 different versions.

Check your needs before you decide. If you want it to read books and surf the web, then go fo the iPad mini or iPad Air. But if you want to use for light tasks, then the iPad or iPad Air are great choices. But if you need great audio experience, and better app performance, then the Pro version is for you.

This is the end of this review. iPads are tablets from Apple. Hopefully, the decisions will be correct whether you choose an iPad Pro or any other version. I should say that iPad Pro provide great experience, but not all people will benefit from them. It is tempting to buy an iPad Pro with a high bill, but you might use for a month or two and then find yourself not using it at all.

You should check your budget before you buy anything. 😎

🕷 So, See you soon guys on the enxt reviews…👋

😇 I advise you to buy a regular version of the iPad, and if you find that it’s not enough, then go for the Pro version. Or maybe you’re good with a computer and an iPhone with a big screen. 🍏 Thanks for this review…

Thanks Boss, I love reviewing Apple devices a lot really!