iPad for medium use and suitable for students❗ iPad 9th Gen 2021❗🙌 Pros and Cons 😈

Review 226: 15.10.2021 at 07:00 pm

This is the cheapest iPad from Apple in 2021, Is the iPad 9th generation a good device?

Is it good for online studying and meetings?

Is it good for content watching?

And when compared to the iPad 8th gen and iPad mini, who wins the comparison?

Let me now review the iPad 9th generation:😈

This device comes with the same design as the iPad 8th gen and 7th gen, It is made from a 100% recycled aluminum with thick bezels. This means that the materials used in this iPad are made from older recycled devices. At the end of this review, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this device.

The device comes with a single rear cameras and a traditional design. There’s also a home button. The device comes with thick bezels on the left, right, top and bottom.The power button houses the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor is very responsive and has been enhanced through out the last 7 or 8 years. The thickness of the iPad is 7.5mm and it weighs 487g. If you’re used to the design of this iPad, then you won’t have any problems with this new version. It is nearly identical to the iPad 8th generation.

You won’t notice the differences unless you look for it. The CPU in this device is the A13 Bionic. Apple released this CPU in 2019. This is the reason why this device is cheap, because it doesn’t have an A14 or A15 CPU like the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

The CPU inside it is the same as in the iPhone 11, and it is still considered a powerful CPU. The CPU comes 6 cores, 64bi architecture and a Neural Engine. The CPU offers great performance in daily usage and apps like Madrasti, It is also great with PDF files, It is also suitable for medium workflow, It is great with apps like Adobe Frisco and Capture.

These apps offers professional tools for photo editing. Other apps are also supported and work well with this iPad, But how does the performance of this device compare with the 8t gen iPad and the new iPad mini?

I compared the CPU benchmark of this device with the new iPad mini 6th generation and last year’s iPad 8th gen.

In the single core test, the new iPad scored 1331 points, While the new iPad mini scored 1602 points. The new iPad 9th gen come with the A13 Bionic CPU, while the new iPad mini comes with lite version of the A15 Bionic CPU. Last year’s iPad 8th generation scored 1110 points.

In multicore, the iPad 9th generation scored 3277 points. While the iPad mini scored 4358 points.The iPad mini is better with multitasking than the iPad 9th gen.

However, the iPad 9th gen is great for lite photo editing, content watching and so on. While the iPad mini is great for 4K video editing and so on.

How does the iPad 9th gen compare to the 8th gen with multicore score?

The iPad 8th gen scored 2316 points in multicores, While the iPad 9th gen scored 3277 points.There’s a big difference between them.

Though, if you have the 8th generation, it doesn’t mean that you should upgrade, All you have to do is to install the new iPadOS.

The 9th gen iPad is better in performance than the 8th gen, While the iPad mini is better than both of them, You have to evaluate your needs, If you want to save money, go for the 9th gen, If if you want a smaller screen with better performance, then go for the iPad mini.

We’ve tested the tablet with PUBG game, The game started with HDR and high frame rate, And Call of Duty Mobile started with high performance, too.This means that the iPad 9th gen is great for gaming with excellent performance.

🤡 The question is, do you enjoy playing games on an iPad❓

😈 With this iPad, you can use the PS4 and PS5 controllers, You can also connect the Xbox controller to the iPad.

The new iPad 9th gen supports connecting external controllers, It is a great feature to connect PS controllers to this iPad, They work well together. The iPad 9th gen and iPad mini support AR apps, But both of them don’t come with the LiDAR sensor, which helps in AR apps.

The experience, however, won’t be the same as with the iPad Pro devices, The only way to use the iPad is through its screen, so it is good or not?

The iPad comes with a 10.2″ IPS screen called Retina display. The resolution of the screen is 2160×1620, it comes with 264ppi density, it supports the True Tone technology with 500 nits brightness.

The screen is very good, It offers natural colors and good blacks in most conditions, Compared to other screens, this screen won’t disappoint you, But while watching content, you’ll see top and bottom bezels.

The reason is because most contents have 16:9 aspect ratio, while the screen of this iPad is 4:3 aspect ratio, This iPad supports 20W fast charging.The charger comes in the box.

According to Apple, the battery lasts for 10 hours of content watching or surfing the web. This is the WiFi version, The SIM card version is more expensive, The device supports the Apple Pencil 1st gen, And it pairs and charges using the lighting port.

You can also connect a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse to it, Apple supports official accessories like the Smart Keyboard and other accessories from third party companies.

The iPad 9th gen comes with a single 8MP wide camera, While the front facing camera is 12MP Ultra Wide for the first time on an entry level iPad, It is a huge development compared to last year’s 1.2MP front facing camera.

The rear camera offers satisfactory results, The colors are a bit warm and light withdrawal is good.

In general, it does its job well considering that it is an iPad camera, The camera supports recording 1080p 30fps videos, The quality and stabilization are reasonable.

The front facing camera, however, is something else, It offers satisfactory performance in selfies and videos, But it now supports a feature called Center Stage.

This feature will allow the camera to track you during online meetings.The camera tracks the object well. But you have to make sure that the camera doesn’t cover unwanted spaces. This camera is very good.

We’ve seen this technology in Cisco Webex and other Cisco devices, But Apple decided to add it to more devices. The reason behind this camera is to enable better online meetings, Online meetings require audio and video, We’ve seen how great the video is.

As for the audio, the device comes with a stereo speaker, After experimenting with it, the speakers offer very good performance. The bass is also acceptable, It comes with dual mics, which is great for video and audio calls.The device runs iPadOS 15, It is a light and smooth OS, And it is packed with excellent features.

The OS is also similar to some of the aspects of macOS, The OS now supports new features like quick note taking and translation, And now widgets can be shown on the main screen, It is now supports a feature called Focus, which was called Don’t Disturb before.

Focus is actually an amazing feature, But if you don’t understand how it works, you won’t enjoy using it, But if you understand how it works, it’ll be a great feature for you.

The device supports bluetooth 4.2 and dual band WiFi with speeds up to 866Mbps, It supports Nano SIM card and eSIM, But it doesn’t support 5G networks.

The iPad 9th gen now comes with 64GB and 256GB storage options.The older generation supported 32GB and 128GB storage options.

For me, if you can afford the bigger storage option, go for it. But the 64GB storage option is also good. You can also rely on local storage to store your files.

The box include a 20W charger, charging cable, the iPad itself and stickers. Just like I mentioned at the beginning of the review, this is the cheapest iPad from Apple.

The price of this iPad is excellent considering its capabilities, It is a great option for students and business. Even teachers can benefit from this iPad. If offers high performance in medium workflow and games.

The front facing camera is packed with features compared to the previous generation and other similar iPads.

However, the design remained the same without any changes, I wished it came with a newer design. The previous iPad’s accessory also work with this version. The screen’s technology are a bit old for 2021.

The reason is that the screen isn’t more advanced is because Apple wanted to reduce the iPad’s price. Up until now (October) the device is hard to find in the market.

You have to be patient. Shipments are coming gradually, But if you are in a dire need for an iPad, then go for another version, If you noticed, the iPad 8th gen’s price is still unchanged.

Some versions of the iPad 8th gen are more expensive than the iPad 9th gen. Even though the 9th gen is better and more powerful, But I think that as soon as the iPad 9th gen is available in the market, the prices of the older versions will drop.

This iPad is an excellent option for entertainment and online studying. If you’re new to iPads, then this is a great option for you.

Don’t buy the most powerful iPad if you won’t benefit from it. This is the end of this review. Hopefully you enjoyed it, If you can decide, then go read the iPad mini review, which is the most powerful mini iPad from Apple.😈

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine