IPad 8th generation .. What is new? 🤔Is it worth the upgrade? 🤪 Before buying it!

Blog 22 October 11, 2020 at 00:00 am, by @otto.magazin.eng

Welcome my friends, 😁 today the new ipad 2020. For sure, many of you think of the new iPad as excellent, and there are those who want it to learn remotely in light of the Corona crisis.

So, let me talk today about its advantages and disadvantages before purchasing it, so that you know very well whether it is suitable for you or not!

This eighth generation iPad 2020 comes with a metal design with a glass front, the same external specifications as the previous iPad. But the internal specifications are completely different from the previous iPad, where is your cup of coffee? ☕

The weight of the device is 495 grams, and the thickness is 7 5 millimeters. As for the screen, it is 10.2 inches, with a resolution of 2169 x 1620, awareness of the LED-backlit type, called RERINA DISPLAY, and it comes with a density of 264 PPI, such as IPAD and tablets! This intensity is considered from good to very good.

As for the brightness level, it is up to 500 NITS, which means that the device, together, when we are in sunlight, will show well the details of the screen well. The edges of the screen are very large with the same previous generation! The screen frequency is 60Hz, which is compatible with tablets at this time.

The screen frequency, which is 60Hz, we mean the number of times the screen is refreshed per second, and this is useful, but with smartphones it has become larger, but in tablets, it is considered okay. The processor in the A 12 Bionic 64 Bit device, which is very powerful, enables you to do many things without slowing down.

This is important for students, meaning it is useful for study and distance education, and the device contains Geekbench 5 for performance testing, corruption in 1110 per core, and 2316 in multiple cores. We note, during a comparison of similar devices, that the iPad has a high performance in the capacity test.

Let’s move to gaming technology, the game PUBG was great, the graphics were high, as well as the other famous games were distinctive on this device, and don’t forget that you can use the hand of the Playstation 4 or XBOX games with the iPad, and this is a good thing luck.

Mmm the coffee is delicious! 😍 This is from Australia, where it is famous for one of the tastiest and most delicious types of coffee in the world, which is the « Flat White » coffee, which was invented during the eighties of the last century, and is prepared by pouring milk foam on the « espresso » coffee until we get The desired taste, and what distinguishes it from the « latte » and « cappuccino », is that the amount of coffee in the « flat white » cup is more than the milk in it.

Let’s go back to the day, iPad 2020, through the above, you can evaluate this device according to the type of use of it, so will you buy it for study, or for games! The processor offers very distinctive capabilities such as augmented reality, while in image editing, its performance is evaluated from good to very neutral, as for the camera on this iPad, it is 8MP and supports HDR, and the video is filmed at 30 FPS, 720P slow motion, and up to 129FPS.

The front camera is 1.2 MP and shoots videos at a resolution of 720P, and the camera is acceptable and good for meetings.

The random memory is 3GB, and the storage capacity is 32GB and up to 128GB. It is available in a version that supports WIFi and also a version that supports LTE, and the device also supports the built-in chip, while the operating system is the new IOS14, and updates can come as you are reading this article, and the operating system is an excellent limit, especially since the new system gives the device a similarity to the MAC system in terms of Menus and more …

While the first generation of Apple Pencil, supported on this device, but in the second tricks no, because it relies on sharp edges in the same design of iPad for charging and others … As for the first generation it depends on the lightining port on this device to charge the pen and Help well.

This device supports the official and different external mouse, but my advice is to buy the same accessories as the company, and the device supports fingerprint unlock, which Apple calls, Touch ID. After the experience, it provided a smooth and good experience, and the device also supports Bleutooth 4.2, dual-frequency WIFI, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Thus, regarding the connection to the Internet, it is single and has no problems, and the device is out of the 3.5-type headphone, (regular speakers), and the battery is 10 hours, depending on your use of the device.

The box comes with a charger, charger cord, and Type C cable, and the charger gives good capacity for iPad to charge quickly. The device comes in silver, gray, and gold.

So what are the pros of iPad?

The processor is great, which gives you good performance, and lasts for two or three years without problems. The IOS14 system has evolved, and this gives a close interface to MAC.

And we know that Apple continues to support its system for more than a year, which means an extension of the same investment to buy this device, and the screen is great, and supporting it with a pen is a beautiful thing. Thus, you can convert it to an integrated computer only if you choose the correct accessories with this device. It is also a good option for students.

As for its shortcomings?

I was hoping Apple had changed the design somewhat !! It is a design that has not changed for a long time !! No renewal! Also, the storage capacity can be rather weak! Although you can get extra capacity with iCould, you will still pay extra!

Without these notes, it is an excellent device, it fulfills the purpose well, and anyone who buys an iPad makes sure well that the applications are the ones he needs, but if the applications do not suit you, I advise you on the computer, it will be a better integration for you. The coffee has ended, and with the end, this article ends. Thank you for your visit. Do not forget to leave your comment, this is our pleasure.

Take care of yourself.🙋‍♂️