Impressions of the De’longhi PrimaDonna Elite high-performance coffee machine 😍😍😍

Blog 25 October 17, 2020 at 02:00 pm, by @otto.magazin.eng

💬 Guys! this review makes me happy and refreshes my heart, as i am a lover of delicious Coffee, and this article is special for me and for all lovers of Technology and best Coffee 😍

I am a tech reviewer, and all tech reviewers love coffee, so let me today bring to you De’longhi! ❤

With all the expertise in coffee, Italian made the best coffee machine. Let’s get to know it better.

De’longhi are known for making coffee machines, And this De’longhi PrimaDonna Elite ECAM 650.75.MS is one of the best machines they make, It is a mouthful, but when you know the capabilities of this machine, you will be okay with the name.

This machine is made in Italy. You are not forced to use one kind of coffee; you can use any kind of coffee you want.

You can use coffee from Yemen, Italy or from anywhere and any manufacturer. You’re not forced to only use one kind of coffee.

You can use Dunkin coffee, Starbucks, Coffee Excer or from anyone, You can also use full coffee beans of ground coffee, You can make any kind of coffee you’d like with this machine.

There are many technologies in this device. And as usual, the Italians make a coffee cups’ placement to sanitize them.

This also allows you to enjoy coffee with the temperature you need as the cups are already heated.

We’ve experimented this machine here in Tech Pills for a long time.

Some of us love Cappuccino, Normal coffee, Latte coffee. This machine can make lots of types of coffee.

We’ve been using lots of kinds of coffee. You can add the amount of coffee you want and then make the coffee that you prefer.

We’ve been using this machine a lot. It is a great investment.

You’re not bound to drink of kind of coffee. If you’d like less caffeine, you could have Latte or Double Espresso if you’d like more caffeine.

You can make the coffee however you want.

It comes with a milk container as it also supports different level of milk foam.

I use coconut milk as it is a vegetarian milk, but guys here use different kinds of milk.

You can use whatever kind of milk you prefer. But make sure the milk isn’t powdered.

The machine is made from stainless steel, and the water container is very big. You won’t need to add water every now and then.

It is self-cleaning, but also make sure to regularly maintain it to protect your investment.

For the long-run, it will be very economical, You’ll have to protect it.

De’longhi have an official support team in USA, GERMANY and many contries, who will help you in maintaining the machine.

One of the key things about this machine is that it comes with colored 4.3 screen that supports touch input.

The machine supports up to 6 users. Every user can edit their own settings according to their preference.

You can also make a guest profile.

The great thing about the screen is the on-screen instructions to help you get your favorite drink.

Even if you use it for the first time, you will be able to get what you want with the on-screen instructions, which will also help you maintain the machine.

It comes with advanced technologies for milk to make it fresh all the time. It also automatically clean milk pipes.

This machine is one of the few that supports making chocolate drinks. It has a dedicated place, and you can control the intensity of chocolate, too.

It comes with an app called De’longhi Coffee link. You can connect it to the machine using bluetooth.

You can check the profiles saved on the machine, You can also check all the drinks the machine offers and edit them, and you can adjust the amount, density, heat and other settings.

Using the app makes it feel like you’re using the machine itself.

You can also check the statistics and the drink you ordered the most with how many calories it contains. You can also edit the settings and contact the support team for maintenance. They also make sales, so don’t miss the opportunity.

I personally advice you to use transparent cups so that you can see the coffee before you drink it. You will enjoy it.

You can see the coffee and enjoy drinking it 😍😍😍

This machine is one of many choices. Some people prefer capsules machines.

But with this machine, you can use whatever coffee you need. It is up to you.

This machine is an elite one. It is a great investment, I am just waiting for my coffee to finish.

In this blog, I will take a break and enjoy drinking coffee.

It is just an Espresso cup. It won’t take a long time.

I wish there was an app to help you bring the cup of coffee to you.

Do you know someone who loves coffee? 😍

First, let me smell it ☕ 😵

There are other types of machines from De’longhi, but this one is the best they offer.

There are price differences. Other machines also make different kinds of coffee.

You can check what machine you prefer before you buy one.

There are 5 people here in the office, so I thought to bring them a machine like this, We brought a Starbucks cup of coffee trying to trick employees here, and no one noticed any difference hhhhh

You can adjust the coffee you want however you want it, If you prefer other coffees from other coffee stores, it is up to you.

I personally enjoy this machine, I can bring any kind of coffee and use it in this machine.

Every profile has its own cartridge, You can use Kimpo, illy, Blue Cafe or you can use coffee from IKEA.

You can even use unique coffee beans, It a machine that works with all kinds of coffee.

The PrimaDonna Elite is one of the machines from De’longhi with high quality. One of the guys here doesn’t like coffee, yet he likes the coffee produced by this machine.

Even those who don’t like coffee would prefer the choices this machine offers.

Let us know what’s your favorite coffee and what De’longhi machine you prefer in the comment section.

I don’t know how I can control myself while smelling all of these coffee in front of me.😩

So, see you in the next blog guys…👋😍