I’ll show you the amount of data Facebook collects from you! 😱 WhatsApp have updated their policies! 🤨 And Samsung is excited with a big new projects for them. 🥳And Huawei could suffer this year! 😈

10.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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Hello guys🦧, your hot coffee or tea as always and welcome to this new news articles by OTTO Magazin, Let’s start with the new update WhatsApp users have received. WhatsApp sent new update regarding their new privacy policy. A pop-up message appears for users asking them to agree to the new changes. If agreed, the data will be sent from WhatsApp to Facebook.

Remind: Facebook owns WhatsApp.These privacy issues need to be regulated. The US government and other governments have interfered with Facebook.

Facebook has become a giant data-collecting platform. And probably this update has to do with the problems they’ve been facing with Apple, which I’ll discuss in this news article.

Users can close the pop-up message, and the last day to accept the new policy is February the 8th. If you don’t agree to the new terms, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp anymore. But with is the problem between Facebook and Apple?

iOS14 will show users the amount of data being collected from Facebook. Users have the right to reject being tracked by Facebook. Facebook was exposed with the amount of data they collect from users. They collect the data to help them with marketing targeted ads to users based on their interests. But Facebook don’t like that, and they’ve attacked Apple in campaigns and ads targeted at them.

They say that Apple has no right to show users the data we collect. And that this step will affect small and medium business and cut their profit.

Let me show you the shocking amount of data Facebook collects from its users.😈

Let’s stat with Signal, which is a small and app. It doesn’t collect anything from users. Let me show you a chart. Signal app doesn’t collect any data!

iMessage app collects this amount of data!

Let’s move to WhatsApp:

This is the amount of data it collect.

And this is the amount of data Facebook collects:😱

Do you understand now why Apple is fighting them? 😈

I hope Google will do the same thing with their privacy policies. What’s left with our privacy with all of these data Facebook collects from us?

We’re just normal users. They are way more things that we don’t know yet. This means that our privacy is basically non-existent. To clarity, there’s a law that you should know.

In the past, they used to say if the product is free, then you’re the product. And now I say, is the app is free, then you’re the product.

If the video platform is free, then you’re the product. If the service is free, then you’re the product.

This is the new technology situation in this world we live in.🙊

But Facebook had to comply at the end. They emailed their partners about this. They told them that they have no other choice but to comply and show users the amount of data we collect. And this means that our business will be affected.

If users don’t agree to our policies, then our business might not be successful. But Facebook had to comply and once again Apple has deservedly won.

They won because they defend users with these apps through their App Store. Which is an excellent thing, but how does Apple do with their privacy policy?

What matters is that they defend users with these apps. It looks like this year is going to good. I’ll ask you to do three things that won’t cost you anything.

For the first time in Twitter’s history, they prevent a US president from using his account. Donald Trump’s account has been frozen. It’s worthing mentioning that Trump agreed to new laws that prevent certain apps from working in the US.

In addition to the pressure already on TikTok app.The apps include WeChat Pay, AliPay, And apps such as Tencent QQ and Tencent QQ Wallet.

These are Chinese apps that users in the US can use. They did this step out of fears of sharing the data of users with the Chinese government along with unmonitored transfers between the two great countries. The fears made Trump take this decision.

In the meantime, he can’t use his Twitter Account. What is this law?🙈

It is a strange time, even at the beginning of the year, There are Twitter accounts that an ex-president can’t use at all. He’s blocked from using his social media accounts. What’s happening in this world? No idea!😴

Huawei in 2021 might face some problems! Some analysts confirm that Huawei’s sales will be affected and they might become ranked 7th worldwide.😱

The phone sales might shrink from 170m to 50m. If that happens to them, it’d be a huge shock in the tech world. They used to be the biggest competitor and offer great technologies and have always been competitive. But now they’re in danger and are facing lots of challenges.

Hopefully, it won’t happen to them, But the complications they’re facing will affect them. Even the project between them and Samsung won’t be finalized. They were supposed to provide Samsung with tech parts, but now, the US pressure on them has hugely affected them.

Even their 5G market share will shrink from 30% to 7 or 8%, The year 2021 will be a shocking year for Huawei.

Let’s stop about shocking news and discuss technology again.🙆‍♂️

Samsung had an event in 6th of January, They announced new Micro-LED screen with new technologies.They released 80 and 99 screens. They also released new Neo QLED 8K screens. These screens have a new quantum CPU.

They also announced that they’ll support Google Duo app on these screens. Users can make video calls on the screen with 12 participants. They also enabled more keyboards and mice to the screens. They’ll also add new features them in 2021, But they haven’t announced the models yet, and it’s expected to be in the few upcoming days. There are some good news for Samsung, but they haven’t been confirmed yet. It is a new cooperation between Samsung and Apple.

Samsung will support 120Hz screens to Apple this year. These screens will be used for iPhone 13 Pro versions. If Samsung is the only supplier for these screens, then this year will be amazing for them and their business. They’ll be doing great this year, unlike other companies.

They’re capable of supporting 120Hz refresh rate, These screens are similar to the Note 20 series’ screens. This means that Apple will bring better and more capable screens to the iPhone 13 lineup.

iPhone 13 leaks have started since the beginning of the year.It is expected that the company will release 4 different devices: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.They’re expected to be announced at the end of this year.

But some companies have changed their event dates such as Samsung, which will be in 14th of January. They’ll announce the S21 series, which has been fully Leake.

Even the box of the device has been leaked. We’ve seen how beautiful it looks. S21 series will compete with Huawei devices from the start of the year since Huawei’s market share is expected to shrink.

New patent from Apple shows a MacBook Pro device with wireless\ncharging pads on the left and right to the touchpad. These spaces can be used to charge different apple devices.

With it, you’ll be able to charge your watch, iPad and iPhone. If this patent is incorporated, it’ll be very useful, if not, it’ll be just a patent.

As usual, Intel held a CES event, but this time, it was separate.

They announced a technology called RealSense ID that uses face
recognition for machines that require high security such as ATMs. To make it simpler for you, do you know the Windows Hello feature on Windows laptops?

Once you open the computer it’ll unlock. This new technology has RealSense sensors.

Intel has developed the sensors inside it. Intel will use these sensors in ATM machines. You can withdraw money without needing the card or to even touch the machine.

You can use voice commands to do so, which means those around you will know how much money you have. This is the end of this news article.

See you tomorrow with two new reviews🔥🔥 😈