I’ll compare two screens; one is 4k and the second is 8K,🍻 I’ll also explain a number of technologies to help you decide which screen is the most suitable for you 😈

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Let me compare these two screens: one is 4k and the second is 8K.

These screens pack lots of technologies, and hopefully this article will help you decide to get.

Bring your coffee or your Tea and Let’s start:💥💥💥

And in this article, I’ll compare two screens; one is 4k and the second is 8K, I’ll also explain a number of technologies to help you decide which screen is the most suitable for you.

You’ll enjoy one of the biggest screens where you spend most of your time watching content on it, I’ll start with the LG CX, This screen is 65 and comes with an OLED panel, It is also available in other sizes.

It is considered an excellent choice to watch content on it or to play games, It also offers deep black level because of the self-lit pixels technology.

It is a well-known fact about OLED screens, LG call this technology Self-Lit Pixels, I’ll explain more about this technology, and explain what other companies call it, But first, let me explain the Self-Lit Pixels technology.

There are other screens that come with LED technology which is basically small diodes that emits light, It is built around Backlit Light technology, which means there’s a backlight behind that shines through it. Then, the light will be adjusted to give colors that you see on the screen itself.

Usually, this causes light bleeding, and black color level will not be as required, Black color will be a bit pale, But with the OLED Self-Lit Pixels technology, the pixels won’t need a blacklight panel.

Because each pixel is its independent light source, which means it can light or turn off individually, When turned offed, it’ll become 100% deep black, This also prevents light bleeding.

This will offer perfect black color in movies, especially in dark scenes, And since these pixels are self-lit, this makes the screen very thin.

Do you remember Backlight panel? It doesn’t exist in the OLED counterpart. This technology makes these screens ultra thin.

Imagine that this screen is actually thinner than the latest iPhone 12.

The screen comes with the A9 Gen 3 AI Processor with 4K support. This CPU uses algorithms and ML to enhance the quality of the content such as removing noises.

Also, one of the things ML can do is understand the audio technology to offer the best settings for it. We also tried 1080p and 720p to test the upscaling technology.

Upscaling technology is to raise the quality of the content, If the quality of the content is low, then it is enhanced to look better. Upscaling term is present in technology.

The quality of the upscaled version was good, and I personally consider it satisfactory, And with 4K content, the quality was excellent.

Especially with dark scenes, This screen is actually perfect for this functionality, If the content itself is 4K, the image will look amazing, But if the content is 1080p or 720p, then you wonder why the image isn’t clear.

The reason is because the content itself isn’t high quality, It is not from the screen, because this screen does support this technology.

The screen supports Dolby Vision IQ technology, which helps with brightness, contras and colors depending on the light of the room you’re in, If you’re watching content in day time, the brightness, contrast and colors will increase.

And the same thing happens if you watch it at night, Let me explain something about Dolby Vision. It is technology to enhance the image, But Dolby Vision IQ uses AI to enhance the level of Dolby Vision in accordance to the light in the room.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are image and audio technologies developed by Dolby company, But there’s an important point here, If you access Netflix and check for a title, these logos will appear next to it to indicate whether it supports it or not.

The quality of the content could be HD or it could 4K, and then the quality will be amazing, Or you might find a content with Dolby Vision support, Or content with Dolby Atmos support.

Or you might even find 5.1 audio support, These logos don’t appear if your screen doesn’t support these technologies. And that’s what’s beautiful about this screen. There’s harmony between these technologies and the screen.

This will allow you to watch content that support these technologies. You’ll then know whether the problem is from the screen or from the app itself.

This content only appears when the screen itself supports it. The same thing applies to audio technologies. So, if you choose to run 4K content and it doesn’t work then the problem is from your internet connection.

There’s also a Film-Maker mode, where content creators use it to let you watch their content the way it was intended, CX screen supports 4K and 120Hz frequency.

It also supports high response rate in games, and I made a article to explain the difference between Hertz and FPS yesturday.

Stay with your coffe or Tea, 😍Let me now continue explaining the technologies on this screen.😈

For gamers who are looking for a screen with G-Sync support, then you should know that this screen supports it. This technology will synchronize FPS with the screen Hertz frequency.

It’ll get rid of lags during gaming, It also supports AMD’s Free-Sync technology, It also supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

This technology is supported on PS5 and Xbox Series X devices, It works the same as Nivida’s G-Sync. The screen comes with 4x HDMI 2.1 ports, These ports support 4K content with 120Hz.

What is the purpose behind these ports? and why am I focusing on them?

HDMI 2.1 ports offer way higher speeds than HDMI 2.0, So, if you want to play 4K content with 120Hz, then you should know that this screen supports it.

These ports also support VRR, which means you can connect PS5 on it, It also supports HDMI eARC technology.

What’s the idea behind eARC technology? It means having speakers with eARC support, This port will allow communication from/to the screen itself.

This means that once you turn on the screen, all the devices connected will turn on and vice versa, For example the sound bar will turn on/off when you turn on/off the screen.

Also, the harmony and quality of the audio will be high, Sometimes, it is even better than Optical, The screen supports a feature called ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

This feature will detect connected computers or gaming consoles automatically, It’ll also turn off any process in the screen that might affect response time.

This will allow gaming with higher response rate, But the way, the response time is 1ms, which is excellent, LG CX supports a feature called HGIG, It is basically HDR but for gaming.

It is supposed to offer clearer and more beautiful colors just like HDR, This feature is supported in PS5 and Xbox consoles and supported by many game developers.

But the game itself should support this feature so that it can work on this screen. The screen supports playing media through the USB ports, It supports files such as MP4 and MKV, It also supports translation. But there are different codex. Check with the content creator to know the type of Codex the content is made with.

The screen runs LG’s WebOS, When you press the home button through the magic remote, you can navigate the menu, If you you press on the setting button, Settings Shortcut menu will appear among other menus that can also be adjusted.

Or you can press and hold and you’ll reach the full menu where you can change lots of settings, WebOS is a full OS with great apps.

The screen also supports ThinQ feature, When you connect your account to ThinQ, other device that are connected will start to appear and load.

This means that you can connect and sync the screen with other devices, If you have a washing machine at your home with this feature, you’ll get get a notification. Check the connected devices here.

Would you prefer a dedicated article to explain ThinQ technology? Let me know in the comment section and I’ll gladly do it.😈

And since the screen runs WebOS, it means there’s support for LG Content Store.

Through this store, you can download lots of famous apps.The app list isn’t bug, but you’ll be able to download apps known in our region.

The screen at my home is connected to Plex and ThinQ among other services, When I search for a word, it checks in the store, Plex and even Youtube.

It’ll search for content or apps, If you don’t prefer the menu, you can navigate to the edit button to remove them, you can rearrange the menu or delete some buttons. For example, I’ll delete UFC.

In fact, I love sports, but I don’t prefer violence, If you notice, Apple TV is supported here.

Let me remind that if you bought one of the recent iPhones, you might as well have Apple TV+ subscription.

AirPlay is also supported along with ThinQ. The screen supports low power mode, and when enabled the brightness will decrease.

The screen support 2.2 dual channel audio with 40w, It also supports Dolby Atmos, but the content itself should support it too. After experimenting with it, the audio it produced is similar the image both are clear and high quality.

I think the audio quality is satisfactory. You won’t need to buy a dedicated audio system, But it depends on you. For me, I use the GX screen, and the only difference I found is the audio, while other technologies are the same, But with the GX screen, I use a dedicated sound system.

I use the sound system to run audio that is not supported on this screen such as DTS, But Dolby Atmos is supported on this screen, But to enjoy this feature, the content itself must support Dolby Atmos.

The speakers are good, but for a better audio experience, you can use a dedicated audio system, The screen supports Art Gallery feature. And you can use with limited photos found in the gallery or the ones you download from LG’s gallery.

There are Samsung screens that allow you to download your photos and use them on the screen through Smart View technology, You can do this on this screen but through files downloaded from USB devices.

But it doesn’t work the same. I’d prefer to use family photos rather than art photos, With this feature, family photos will look amazing on this screen.

And you can turn on the screen anytime you want, The screen supports WiFi and bluetooth 5, It also comes with 4x HDMI 2.1 port, It also has 3x USB 2.0 ports and a Lan port.

There’s also an Optical Out port to transfer audio, There’s also an AV port and a Mini Jack port. The CX screen comes with an integrated receiver so that you can program TV channels on it.

LG CS 65 screen is available in the all market, and also comes with different sizes, Always go for the size that fits your room.


this screen won’t disappoint you if you prefer deeper blacks, It is suitable for games if you prefer to use consoles such as PS5 and the new Xbox Series X.

It’ll also work great with computers that support G-Sync feature, And since it supports 4K and 120Hz, it is also suitable for gaming PCs.


since it is an OLED screen, it might suffer from burn-ins, But this problem rarely occurs these days, But it still exists and some users complain about it.

To prevent burn-ins, make sure not to display a still picture for an extended period of time, Do you notice the pale TV logo? That is burn-in!

I also wished that the WebOS would come with more cloud based apps.

The WebOS requires some time to get used to it, especially with how you navigate the OS using the Magic Remote.

LG decided that the Magic Remote should support everything, By the way, you can program other devices to work with the Magic Remote.

It can work with two devices at the same time, You can change channels and increase the audio level with this Magic Remote.

But in order for this feature to work, the receiver must also support the Magic Remote. Once a device is connected to the screen using an HDMI port the screen will detect it.

The HDMI port identifies device connected and transfer it to the screen.

Let me now move on to the LG Nano 97 screen, This screen uses a different technology called Nano Cell:

The resolution of this screen is 8K, Gaming consoles these days support 8K resolution, You can run 8K content on this screen using PS5 or Xbox.

This screen will indeed play 8K content, 8K screens pack more pixels. This screen has more than 33 million pixels, Millions of pixels turn on this screen to show you better images, The screen uses Nano Cell Technology.

This technology helps absorb the photosynthetic organs present in the colors. Which gives colors a more natural look, It also supports Full Array Dimming technology.

This technology will help in adjusting the contracts and enhancing the black color. The dimming part is to lower the brightness and colors through controlling the light of the LEDs.

For example, if there’s a moon scene, the parts of the moon will only turn on while the others will be off. This will help in providing better colors, contrast, deeper blacks in dark scenes, But which technology is better: Nano Cell or OLED?

With the Nano Cell, you’ll get more pixels, but with the OLED you’ll get deeper blacks, If you prefer bette contrast, size, and other image aspects, then the Nano Cell is better for you.

But if you prefer natural colors and deeper blacks then the OLED is better for you, The Nano Cell screen comes with the A9 Gen 3 AI CPU, It is the same CPU found in the CX, but this one supports up to 8K.

The CPU uses AI to upscale 4K and 2K content to 8K, I’ve previously explained what Upscaling is.

Imagine that TV channel video quality is upscaled to 4K, Technically speaking, 8K is 4x times bigger than 4K, Sometimes, 720p videos when upscaled to 8K will look bad.

The problem isn’t from the screen itself, rather it is from the content, The content has to be high quality so that it can appear with high quality on the screen. »

Upscaling from 1080o or 2K will be acceptable, but with 4K content it’ll look very good and satisfactor, The details and quality of the 8K content will look excellent.

8K is a such a huge leap compared to 4K, But let me remind that the 8K content isn’t popular yet, 10 years ago, 1080p content was rate. 5 years ago 4K content was rare.

These qualities weren’t popular back then, So buying such a futuristic screen will be a future-proof investment, But at first, you’ll suffer in finding 8K content.

PS5 and Xbox support playing 8K content, but where is the 8K content?

It is very unique and rate. Even on YouTube you’ll need very high speed internet connection to run it, The screen runs WebOS, which is an excellent OS.

You can do whatever you want using app. But apps supported are limited, The screen supports ThinQ and AirPlay, It also supports Apple’s HomeKit feature, By the way, CX screen also supports HomeKit feature.

It works the same as ThinQ AI feature, But in this case, it only supports Apple products and supported device, There’s a great feature that works with HomeKit and ThinQ.

Any device with IOT can work with ThinQ and HomeKit, You can also set up routines to let the screen do specific things in day time and at night.

Would you prefer a dedicated article about ThinQ or not? and do you want more Coffee? 😍

HomeKit also support routines, With these routines, you can set up a task to work in any given time.

The screen is a great option for gaming since it provides low response rate, 4K and 120Hz, It also supports AMD’s Free-Sync, which I previously explained in this video, By the way, the screen supports eARC.

If you have a G-sync enabled computer, then unfortunately, you won’t benefit from it with this screen.

The screen supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, And it also supports lots of other technologies. It also Dolby Atmos, but the content itself must support it first, It also supports 2.2 dual audio channels with 40w.

The screen comes with 4x HMDI 2.1 ports, It is identical to the first screen, These ports support 8K resolution.

Let me remind you to use the right HDMI 2.1 cable, or you’ll suffer from lag, There will be problems in the image broadcasted from connected devices.

Especially if the resolution is 8K. You might have doubts about the screen or the console if you don’t use the right cable. It is very simple. Use the right HDMI 2.1 cable.

The screen comes with 3x USB 2.0 ports, Lan port, Optical output port, Mini AV port. The rest of ports are shown on the screen.

There’s a receiver input port since this screen also comes with an integrated receiver. Rearranging TV channels will be a bit bothersome, but nonetheless this screen does come with an integrated receiver.

The screen is available in International market, Always check your needs. Check other screens. Focus on the the technologies in I mentioned in this article then make a decision.😈


the screen support 8K, Colors are very beautiful.

If you will buy it for gaming, then you should know it supports 120Hz.

For example, it’ll be great for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.


if you are looking for a screen that provides deeper blacks then you should know that this screen isn’t suitable for you. If the resolution of the content you watch is only HD or FHD

then you’ll find yourself in front of a screen with excellent technologies and high resolution, but the content you’ll be watching will have bad quality.

You’ll be able to see pixels and it’ll be bothersome.

If you want a solution, then you should look for broadcasting devices, You can invest more extra to buy a broadcasting device to enjoy the technologies in this screen. »

This the end of this article guys, What do you think of these screens?

Would you prefer an OLED screen or a Nano Cell screen?

Let me know in the comment section,🙊 😎 Hopefully, thisarticle is informative for you whether you choose to buy them or not.

See you in the next reviews.👋💪

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