HyperX gaming headphones and keyboards! Worth buying or not?😈

Review 58: December 15-2020, at 07:00 pm


Hello guys, bring your hot Coffee biceause In the review, I’ll review 2 headphones and 3 keyboards.

Let me know whether I should continue making reviews like this by reviewing more products in one article.

Let’s get to know these products, Let’s start:

I’ll review a number of keyboard, all of them are from HyperX, The first keyboard is the Alloy Origins Core.

It is a professional keyboard from HyperX.

It’s one of a new series from HyperX, This keyboard fully supports many language, It’s one of the keyboards I’ve received from HyperX.

This keyboard doesn’t come with the side number-pad, That’s why it’s small and doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

The body is made from 6000s series aluminum used in planes, The keyboard is Mechanical.

It produces this beautiful sound when you type on it, HyperX says that these keys last for 80 million press without losing its functionality of sound.

The keyboard comes with a RGB colors,

It’s an open RGB, which provides brighter colors, You can also customize the colors using HyperX NGENUITY app.

You can download the app from HyperX website, With the app, you can customize the colors how you prefer, By the way, I’ve been using this keyboard in the last few Technology news.

You can save up to 3 different RGB modes, And you can store these modes with the F1, F2 and F3 switches.

The keyboard also supports a dedicated gaming mode, And it supports pressing multiple switches at the same.

According to HyperX, the keyboard 100% supports Anti-Ghosting.

The keyboard is compatible with PS4 and PS5, It’s also compatible with Xbox Series X and series One.

The keyboard comes with a USB-C port, This means that the cable can be detachable.

You can connect it or remove it anytime, The keyboard supports 3 different angles.

You can use it with a flat angle, 3 degrees angle or 7 degrees angle, In some websites, the keyboard costs 500 SAR, and in other websites, the price is a bit higher. This means that this keyboard has high demand. But usually, the price is 133.33 USD! 😨


the response time is good, The size is good and comfortable and it can be used in three different angles.


the price is a bit high, But let’s not forget that it’s an extended investment as it supports 80 million presses.

Hopefully, it’ll last for a long time with you.😍

Let me now review the Alloy Origins keyboard:

It is the exact keyboard as the Core version, But this one comes with a number-pad. That’s why it is a bit longer.

It has the same specs, But it doesn’t support some language like Arabic language.

In some websites, it costs 146.99 USD. In other websites, the price is bit higher.🙊

Let me now review the Alloy Elite 2, It is a professional mechanical keyboard.

Let’s listen to the sound of the switches, The design is beautiful with bright RGB colors, The body is made from steel, which helps in reducing slipperiness.

It also has an RGB strip all around the keyboard, And of course it comes with integrated RGB lights.

This keyboard comes with a dedicated media buttons, There’s also a wheel to control the volume.

On the left side, there are 3 dedicated buttons for gaming modes, You can also use them to change the mode and brightness.

The keyboard comes with an attached cable. There’s also another USB 2.0 port, You can use this port to charge your smartphone or any other device, But I need to calculate the amperage of this port.

Let me now discuss the HyperX Stinger Core Wireless headphones: 😈

It is a wireless gaming headphones from HyperX, It has a beautiful design and it’s mostly made from plastic, There’s also an integrated mic.

The headphones are light and elastic, It comes with metal headbands to adjust the size.

The right cup has a on/off button, wheel to adjust the audio and a USB-C port to charge it, It connects wirelessly using the 2.4GHz frequency.

The headphones come with an integrated mic that also supports Noise Cancelation, The mic will try to filter to the noises around you.

The mic offers great performance and clear audio, By the way, once you raise the mic to the top, it’l mute.

According to HyperX, the battery will last for 17 hours, It charges using the USB-C port.

The headphones are compatible with PS4, PS5 0026 PCs.


the mic offers good performance and the headphones are comfortable even with extended playing time.


the materials could be better, And why didn’t they add a 3.5mm headphone jack?🙄

Let me now review the HyperX Cloud Fight S headphones:😈

It is also a wireless gaming headphones, It comes with a body slightly heavier than the Stinger Core headphones.

The headphones come with adjustable plastic headband, It also comes with a removable mic that can be connected using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Above it there’s a Micro USB port to charge it, And there’s a surround sound button and on/off button. On the other cup, there’s a wheel to control the volume.

The left cup comes with 4 buttons. These buttons are customizable, They can be customized to mute the mic.

Or even change the audio source from the game to the chat room among many other options, Like the Stinger headphones, it supports wireless connection using the 2.4GHz frequency.

It also comes with battery that lasts for 30 hours, which is longer than the Stinger headphone.s, It also supports Qi wireless charging.

Which is actually really great, The headphones support 7.1 surround audio.

This feature determines the priority of the audio elements while gaming, Which is very important for gamers.

This feature will give you a great gaming experience, The mic is certified by TeamSpeak 0026 Discord.

These gaming and chat platforms are the most famous voice chatting platforms, The price is 205.06 USD.


the design and build quality is great.

It supports 7.1 surround audio with a battery that lasts for a long time and wireless charging support.


the price is a bit high, And why does it comes with a Micro USB port?

Why didn’t they use a USB-C port?

See you in next reviews 😈