Huawei Watch GT 2 PRO vs Apple Watch Series 6? 😍 Who will you buy?😩

Blog 45: November 25-2020, at 00:30 pm


What if you were to choose between Apple Watch 6 series and Huawei’s GT2 Pro watch? One of them is half the price and comes with very similar specs and features? Which one would you choose?

Let’s find out with the new challenge between these watches? Your cup Coffee and welcome to OTTO Magazin, before you buying one of this device, I’ll help you decide which to get between the Huawei GT2 Pro watch and Apple Watch Series 6.

Some of you might not be able to decide, and that’s why you’re read this article.

Let me compare them, and as usual, numbers are basis of the comparisons on this blog, so Let’s start with the design:

Huawei watch design is a continuation of the circular Huawei watches design in previous generations. The version here is the 46mm Classic, And it comes with two side buttons with a new design.

The watch is made from Titanium, The band is made from leather, and consistent with the color of the watch itself. The box also contains another leather band with another color.

Apple Watch Series 6 comes with the same design as the Series 4, is made from stainless steel and it is also available in aluminum.

Ok, which one wins the point?

Choosing between the classical design of the Huawei watch or the modern design of the Apple Watch is up to you. Because when it comes to smartwatches, there’s a bit of a division when it comes to design with users.

For sure, I’ll give both watches a point, since honestly, both come with beautiful design. 👏

One gives the impression of a luxury watch, and the other gives the impression of a modern tech watch.

Let me now move on to other points:

Huawei watch comes with a 1.39 screen, The screen to body ratio is 57% It comes with 326ppi density. There’s also a sapphire protection layer to protect the screen.

Apple Watch comes with a 1.78 screen, and the the screen to body ratio is 60%, It also comes with 326ppi density. It also supports 3D Touch, and it comes with a toughened glass layer to protect the screen.

The watch supports Always-On Display, which enables you to check the time all the time.

Ok, who wins the point?

The main difference is that one comes with a circular design and the other comes with a rectangular design.

Which one do you prefer?

But when it comes to numbers, Apple Watch is slightly better.😍

Both come with the same PPI density, and both support the same capabilities, A point goes to each one.😎

Let me now discuss the CPU and the sensors:

The Huawei watch comes with the Kirin A1 CPU, It also comes with a 32MB of RAM. While the Apple Watch comes with the dual core Apple S6 CPU.

It also comes with 1GB of RAM, Both watches come with accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, compass SP02, VO2Max sensors.

Which one wins the point?

Sensors are almost identical, But the Apple Watch comes with more sensors. Also, the CPU offers better performance. The point goes to the Apple Watch.💪

Let’s move to the OS. The Huawei watch runs HuaweiLite OS, while the Apple Watch runs WatchOS 7. Both offer different watch faces. But the Huawei watch comes with way more watch faces.

You can also download watch faces from the internet.

While with the Apple Watch, users have limited options, which are the ones offered by Apple through the App Store. There are other features that the sensors help with.

Apple Watch supports different features using different technologies. For example, it supports sleep tracking, noise level, hand washing, fall detection with SOS support. While the GT2 Pro supports different features, Such as measuring stress.

Apple Watch also supports a feature called Walkie Talkie. This feature will enable you to send messages to other contacts in your content list.

It is a bit fun to use and could be helpful sometimes. But it requires internet connection. But when it comes to trainings and exercises from the original company and not through 3rd party companies such as Nike or Adidas.

then, Huawei watch supports up to 100 different exercises. The number of exercises in the Apple Watch is way less. But soon, Apple will release a new service called Activity+, and it’ll include a huge number of exercises. But these exercises won’t be 100. But there will be videos provided by renowned trainers, and it’ll be fully compatible with the Apple Watch.

This service is available now, but we’re not sure whether it’s coming to others region or not. If it does, we’ll let you know.

Always stay with OTTO Magazin to get the latest products and tech news.

Let’s continue, Huawei watch comes with a limited number of apps. Up to 5 actually, All of them are exercising apps, But the Apple Watch has its own dedicated App Store.

The store includes games, news apps, sports apps, productivity apps, music apps, broadcast apps, translation apps and so on.

Who wins the point?

Huawei watch offers more watch faces, while Apple Watch offers a dedicated App Store.

Which one do you prefer? 🤨

When it comes to numbers, one comes with Apps and dedicated App Store and the other supports more exercises, which could be your goal.

A point goes to both watches.😈

Let me now move to the battery:

The Huawei GT2 Pro watch comes with a 455mAh battery, And if you don’t enable all the feature, the battery will last for 2 week, If you intensify the usage and practice exercises with different sensors, then the battery will last for at least a week.

You’ll also enjoy wireless charging, Apple Watch, just like the previous generations, will last for a day of use.

If you use the sensors a lot, then the battery will drain faster. If you exercise every day, the battery will last lessthan if you don’t exercise. You’ll also have to use the dedicated charger to charge it.

Who wins the point?🤨

When it comes to battery, the Huawei watch will win because of the battery longevity and the Qi wireless charing support. You won’t have to use a dedicated charger to charge it, just like with the Apple Watch.

Let’s now discuss connectivity and additional features:

Apple Watch supports Wireless Lan, while the Huawei Watch doesn’t. On the other hand, Huawei watch supports bluetooth 5.1 while the Apple Watch supports bluetooth 5.

Apple Watch supports NFC and supports Apple Pay, Huawei watch supports NFC but with restrictions. You can share files and photos to the watch but until now, Huawei Pay isn’t activated in some countries!

Both watches support answering phone calls through the speaker, But as an addition, the Apple Watch supports eSIM.

eSIM on Apple Watch isn’t activated yet in some countires, but if it is activated in your country, then you’ll enjoy it.😍 With it, you can leave the house without taking the phone with you, If the watch supports eSIM, you can answer phone call through the Apple Watch directly.

Both watches support ATM5 water and dust resistant, There’s an important point here when it comes to connectivity: Apple Watch only works with iPhones.

But you can pair the Huawei watch to an iPhone using Huawei’s Health app, You’ll lose some functionality such as Dynamic watch faces and SPO2. But still, the watch will wok on an iPhone.

It also works with Android devices, A point goes to each one 😈 , The reason is because the Apple Watch supports eSIM while the Huawei watch works on all operating systems.

Before I continue discussing which one should you choose between them or whether you should go with a different brand:

For me, I advise you to buy a smartwatch from the same manufacturer as your smartphone.🙊

The harmony between them will be way better, If you have an iPhone, go with the Apple Watch, If you have an Android device, the Huawei watch will be better. If you have a Huawei smartphone, then of course the Huawei watch will be better for you.

Let’s now move to the last point that is the price, The price different between them is huge. It’s almost half the price. Huawei watch offers a better price, and their after purchase services are very good. But Apple Watch accessories are literarly everywhere.

Also, the accessories of the Series 4 also work with the Series 6. The price goes to the Huawei watch because of the cheaper price.

Always evaluate your needs before you decide to buy a smartwatch.

At the end, the Huawei watch wins this comparison, This has been the case when comparing Android device and Apple devices.👏👏👏

Apple ecosystem is a bit restricted, but so well harmonized, The Huawei GT2 Pro wins the comparison.

For me, let me remind you toe value your needs, You can give points and change them however you prefer.

For example, you could give the design point to the Huawei watch.

You can also give it to the Apple Watch, unlike how I decided to give both a point.

Share your results with me in the comment section, see you tomorrow with other two reviews guys.👋😴

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