Huawei P40 Pro vs Galaxy S20 + vs iPhone 11 Pro! … Comparison of Cameras!📸😈

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In this article, we’ll compare three different cameras and check what camera produces the best performance, your coffee as always and this is your friend otto:

In this review, three cameras compete with each others, The cameras belong to the Galaxy S20+, Huawei P40 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro.

First, let’s review the main specs of these cameras:😈

The Huawei P40 Pro comes with 4 rear cameras, The camera set up is called Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera, It has the CMOS 1/1.28 sensor.

The size of the sensor itself is unmatched, according to Huawei, The sensor on this device is the biggest in any device in the market, It also has the biggest Pixel size in any device.

The main camera is 50MP and it is called Ultra Visio, It comes with the RYYB sensor, The second camera is 40MP Ultra Wide Cine.

The third camera is 12MP telephoto sensor.

The 4th camera is the ToF 3D sensor for depth, It comes with a dual 32MP front facing cameras.

Let’s discuss the S20+: It comes with quad rear cameras, The first one is the Ultra Wide 12MP with 120 degrees of view, The second camera is 12MP Wide Angle with 79 degrees of view.

The third camera is the 64MP telephoto lens. The fourth camera is the depth sensor. The front facing camera is 10MP with 80 degrees of view. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with triple rear cameras.

All of the them (wide, ultra wide and telephoto) are 12MP, The wide front facing camera is 12MP, and it comes with Face ID sensors.

The Huawei device also comes with face recognition sensors.

Let’s compare the cameras now:😈

The comparison is really difficult. It’s become more like a personal preference, Each camera come with a different capabilities and technologies with different contrast, brightness and colors, It’s become difficult to choose the best photo, But to sum it up, the iPhone provides more natural colors.

The Galaxy provides more saturated colors, While the P40 Pro provides saturated and cold colors. Ultra wide photos are excellent on all devices.

The details are similar on the P40 Pro and S20+.

This is due the the high pixel numbers, But the P40 Pro is slight better. The reason is because the new AI generation and the XD fusion used in the P40 Pro.

These technologies take multiple photos and then merge them together to produce the best possible outcome.The iPhone provides good results due to the Deep Fusion technology, but it has less pixels.

In zoomed photos, the iPhone provides excellent 2x zoom photos, It also supports digital zoom up to 10x, The details clearly degrade with digital zoom.

The S20+ supports 3x optical zoom with excellent results, It also supports digital zoom up to 30x, but the quality of the photo is clearly degraded.

The P40 Pro supports optical zoom up to 5x with excellent results. It also supports Hybrid zoom up to 10x, with satisfactory results, better than the other devices, It also supports 50x digital zoom, but the quality of the photo is degraded, We’ve taken photos with Night mode in a nearly dark place.

The P40 Pro provides better details and sharpness, Sometimes, it isolates the background similar to portrait photos. The photos, though are greenish.

The S20+ provides good results, but it varies, and the light is less.The iPhone competes with the P40 Pro and sometimes provides better colors, But there are noice in the photos.

Let’s discuss portrait photos:😈

The photos are good, but there are some notes to discuss, The P40 Pro provides better edge detection.

But it takes photos using the Ultra Wide lens. You can also zoom up to 3x but the details are slight degraded.

The S20+ provides good isolation, and it takes portrait photos using the wide lens, The S20+ and P40 Pro are very similar, except for the colors, And it also supports portrait using the telephoto lens.

The iPhone 11 Pro supports only one angle with portrait photos, and it is the telephoto lens.It provides satisfactory results, with different colors, But the isolation is less than other devices. We’re waiting for software updates to fix it.

All of the devices supports videos with 4K@60fps, They provide high stability. The results on all devices are very good.

The iPhone provides zoomed content with natural colors and good details. The P40 Pro provides satisfactory details, and the colors are a bit colder compared to the rest.

The S20+ provides details similar to the iPhone, but the colors and more saturated and warm, We noticed that some times, the P40 Pro provides less details.

The difference is kinda significant. But I expect it will be solved with software updates, By the way, the P40 Pro supports Anti-Shake mode. shoots videos with better stabilization in 4K resolution.

The S20+ supports a similar feature called SuperSteady mode, but it doesn’t support 4K, it only supports 1080p, The S20+ supports 8K recording.

All of these cameras are competing with each others. We’re recording in 4K@60fps, These are the Huawei P40 Pro, S20+, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, With the sound of air and other sounds around with lighting, these devices are competing with each other in quality.

Let me remind you that phone manufacturers always send frequent software updates for the cameras, Always keep your device updated. Updates bring lots of performance enhancements, Night videos.

The P40 Pro performs better than the rest as it absorbs more light, You’ll be able to see details you won’t be able to see on other devices, It also provides better sharpness and smoothness.

Let’s discuss slo-mo videos:😈

The iPhone shoots 240fps@1080p slo-mo videos, It the highest resolution but the slowest slowness, The S20+ shoots videos with 960fps@720p.

The outcome is very good, but the resolution is less than the iPhone, While the P40 Pro shoots with 7680fps@720p slo-mo videos.

The footages are very cool, The P40 Pro easily wins the the competition because of the way higher frames.

All of them have reached high maturity with selfies, The iPhone 11 Pro provides better natural colors and details.

The details are very close between the P40 Pro and the S20+ Both of them, though suffer from extra skin smoothing.

All of them are excellent with portrait selfies but with color differences, Yet, the S20+ and P40 smooth face skin.

In selfie with dark scenario, excels in light absorption and details, But there’s a little noise.

The P40 Pro follows the S20+ but with less details and smoothed skin, The iPhone satisfactorily absorbs light, but is the least between them and the noise is very high.

Let’s discuss videos with the front facing cameras:😈

All of them have reached high maturity in colors and 4K resolution, Even the audio from the mic is excellent. The only difference is that the P40 Pro shoots videos with closer angle than the S20+ and iPhone.

These 3 cameras on the P40 Pro, s20+ and iPhone 11 Pro shoot 4K@60fps using the front facing camera, All of these devices are competing with each other to provide the best video quality using front facing cameras.

The colors are great. It is raining and it feels great, Shooting videos/photos with multiple cameras.

All of these devices support this feature, Apple announced a cinematic app called Fimic Pro to shoot videos with all the cameras at the same time.

The Galaxy device supports this feature from the camera app, and it is called Single Take. The P40 Pro also supports a similar feature called Dual Vision Video.

There’s also a mode called Golden Snap, It is only available with the P40 Pro.

This mode uses AI, the phone will be able to take photos without reflection among other features.

The P40 Pro provides excellent balanced performance in lots of photography modes. This device has just got released. Imagine the other features it will support with software updates, It provides excellent results, The Golden Snap will come later with a software update.

The P40 Pro provides great night videos, But the camera needs slight adjustment with software update.

The S20+ provides slightly warm videos with lots of photography options, The iPhone is limited. It doesn’t come with a Pro mode and you’ll have to depend on third party apps.

The P40 Pro comes with black, frosted silver and gold colors, But it depends on your region.

This is the end of this review guys, Let me know your opinion, and see you soon in the next reviews…😈