Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max ..😱 Who will Win❓🔥

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🕷 Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max. This is the best the two companies? Which one is better? who Will win?

We’ll have to check all points to see what’s device is better. This comparison is thorough with lots of details. We’ll talk about all aspects of these devices. We will see which device is going to win the comparison.

Let’s start with the comparison, but first, let me tell you something. Numbers and facts are the benchmark, but it is up to you to decide. You and me might be different. There will be shared points, but it is up to you to decide which one suits you the best.

Let’s discuss the design and build quality. Design Build Quality!

P30 Pro comes with a glass on the front and back with an aluminum frame. It also comes with edge screen. It has a notch and a chin. It gives the device a unique look.

At the top, there is a teardrop notch that houses the front facing camera. And a small chin at the bottom. It has 4 cameras at the back.

The device is available in 4 colors in our region. The colors are light blue, aurora green, black and orange. The Max comes with the same design as the iPhone X. It has a front and back made from glass with a top notch that contains face recognition sensors.

The frame is made from stainless steel, and a vertical dual rear camera set up. The device comes with 3 different colors: black, silver and gold.

Who wins the point? Design is a personal preference, but I must state the quality of each. You choose whatever design you like. Both of these devices have reached great maturity in design and quality.

I will give each device a point, but it is up to you to choose the design you like the most.

The screens are kind of different. The P30 comes with curved edges, while the Max comes with a flat screen.

Which device has a better screen: Pro or the Max?

The Screen:

The Pro comes with a screen that occupies 88.6% of the front of the device with curved edges. It is an OLED panel with 6.47 size and 2340×1080 resolution and 398 ppi. It also supports HDR10.

The Max comes with a 6.5 OLED screen called Super Retina. It occupies 84.4% of the screen with 2688×1242 resolution, It has 458ppi. It supports 3D touch, True Tone, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The touch input frequency is 120Hz. It is very responsive when you touch it. Both devices come with excellent screens with great saturated colors.

The screen of the Max, manufactured by Samsung, excels with numbers and features. With all appreciation to the curved edges on the Pro.

Comparing OS has been great in the past few years as both OS are great. The only difference is that the Max runs iOS and the Pro runs Android.

The iOS doesn’t come with a UI as it has an integrated UI. While on the Android side, some manufacturers add their own UI. In this case, Huawei uses their own EMUI.

Do you think the point goes to the iOS or the Android?


The Pro runs Android 9 with EMUI 9.1 from Huawei. This EMUI made the device better than before. Huawei is known for adding their own shortcuts and features. It still runs the full Android we are used to use. The Max runs iOS 12. This iOS resolved some issues in the iO.

Notifications have been modified and a new app called shortcuts has been added. This app might change the way you use your device if used correctly.

Who wins the point?

The OS is the main point in determining what’s your next phone. You’ll have to try both OS and check the features of both so that you can make a decision.

To make it simpler, what is your current device?

If you’re using an iPhone and you think it is great, then the point could go to the iPhone. And if your device is Android, and think it is great, then the point could go to the Huawei.

For me, I will give a point to each device. The Pro’s CPU is manufactured by Huawei, and the Max’s CPU is designed by Apple.

The Pro comes with the Kirin while the Max comes with A12 Bionic. Which one is better?


The Pro comes with the Kirin 980 with 8 cores with 7nm architecture. The RAM is 8GB. The CPU could add more specs and features to the device. The Max comes with A12 Bionic, 6 cores and 7nm architecture.

The RAM is 4GB. A series from Apple are known for their performance and fluidity. They’ve always been no. 1 in benchmarks.

Who wins the point?

Both CPUs are powerful. They could be the most powerful CPU at this moment. A12 offers great performance on iOS according to Benchmark tests. But the Kirin supports AI, which makes a huge difference for the battery and camera.

I will give a point to each one of them. This time, the Kirin 980 could compete with the A12 Bionic. Safe unlocking gives the device more security. If you’re used to Face ID, then the phone will unlock quickly, and if you’re used to fingerprint, then it will be fast.

These unlocking methods differ from one to another in accessing their devices. Which device is better in secure unlocking?

Safe Unlocking:

The Pro offers a number of methods of unlocking, like face recognition, which we don’t advise using as it doesn’t have dedicated sensors. It also has an in-display fingerprint sensor and supports passcode.

The Max offers two options, passcode or Face ID. Face ID has been developed with time. It is still powerful anyway. Who wins the point?

Face ID is more accurate, but Huawei offered more options like the in-display fingerprint sensor. The screen now comes with an embedded fingerprint sensor. Once you get used to it, it will be easier than the Face ID.

Cameras are the main focus on these devices. Cameras on the Pro are Huawei’s main winning card.

Huawei cooperated with Leica, which a german company, to produce these cameras. This device has super zoom capabilities.

But is the zoom the main feature we need?

No one has made a more powerful zoom than this. No one has made a more accurate color reproduction better than the iPhone, but you will be the judge here.

The Camera:

The comparison here will depend on photography using the official camera app. If you prefer to take photos using Instagram and Snapchat camera apps, then it is better on the iPhone.

The Pro comes with 4 rear cameras. The first camera is 40MP with an F/1.6 aperture. It is a wide angle.

This camera has both OIS and EIS. The second camera is Ultra Wide 20MP with an F/2.2 aperture and supports OIS and EIS.

The third camera is Telephoto 8MP with an F/3.4 aperture. It has a square design. It has the Super Spectra technology. This technology uses RGYY instead of RGB resulting in better colors.

The forth camera is the TOF, which helps in portrait mode and depth. You won’t be able to use this camera directly, but it will enrich the usage of the other 3 cameras.

All cameras were designed in cooperation with Leica. The front facing camera is 32MP with an F/2.0 aperture, The Max comes with dual rear cameras. The first one is 12MP with an F/1.8 aperture, The second one is a zoom lens with an F/2.4 aperture. Both support OIS and Smart HDR.

The front facing camera is 7MP with an F/2.2 and supports Smart HDR, HDR is better on the iPhone as it adjusts colors and contrast in a smart way. It is actually better in delivering true-to-life colors.

The Pro offers a new sensor. Colors won’t be the same, yet they are very beautiful. Pro offers Macro photography, where you can zoom up to 2.5cm from any object.

The outcome is really great! It also offers optical zoom up to 5x, hybrid 10x and digital up to 50x. The outcome is really great for a phone like this.

The Max only supports 2x optical zoom, and the rest is digital. But the quality is hugely degraded. The Pro offers an ultra wide lens. You will notice how wide it is in videos and photos.

The Max doesn’t have an ultra wide lens. Pro’s video stabilization is better due to the EIS and OIS. It is the best in the market now.

The Max is better with daylight videos, but at night, the Pro excels. The Max offers better colors with the front facing camera.

The Pro offers better videos. In summary, the Max offers better colors, while the Pro offers better quality. This is a sample of the front facing cameras’ videos. Angels are very similar in the video.

The Pro only has one camera, while the iPhones comes with a number of sensors. Video is different on both devices.

the zoom up to 5 then 10, then 15… The wide lens is helpful in the video as you can include more content in the video… This how both cameras deal with natural light.

The HDR is great on both devices. The Pro offers the Dual View feature. On the right it is the regular shot, and on the left it is with 2x zoom up to 5x.

The right clip is without a zoom, while the left is zoomed. The Pro isn’t the best when it comes to slo-mo. The Max is better than the Pro in this field.

But the speed is different between both. The Pro’s camera app offers everything you need to take professional pictures.

The Max’s camera app gives you the basics. If you want to use a Pro mode, you will have to install a third party app from the app store.

he Pro can offer to take dual pictures, one zoomed and the other original. The two cameras work at the same time and take a picture at the same time. It is stored in one image, but it will offer the original and zoomed one.

The Pro offers more ways of photographing. Who wins the point?

To sums it up, if you like to use Snapchat and Instagram, the iPhone will give you great results. But this is also coming to the Android.

But if you’d like to have fun taking pictures, like zoom, effects, and so on, with a camera that supports AI, the Pro is a great choice.

The Pro will be suitable for you. The point goes to the Pro. Usually, the camera comparison is similar, but in this case, the Pro earns the point. With all due respect to the image processing on the iPhone. And the efficiency of sharing and saving photos.

Huawei added multiple features to the battery, like reverse wireless charging, wireless charging and fast charging with an adapter included in the box.

Apple, on the other hand, don’t include a fast charger in the box. But you can pay more to get a fast charger. Let’s compare the batteries.

The Battery:

The Pro comes with a 4200mAh battery. It supports quick charging up to 70% in 30 minutes when you use the adapter that comes with it. It also supports wireless and reverse wireless charging.

The Max’s battery is 3174mAh. It supports quick charging up to 50% in 30 minutes. But it doesn’t come with a fast charger. It supports wireless charging too.

Who wins the point?

In the battery department, Huawei always wins. It is clear that the Pro wins, especially, that it supports reverse wireless charging.

No all users will need, but Huawei has been developing this technology. Communication and storage and the ability to add an SD card like on the Huawei device, Or buying the biggest storage available, which you may or may not need.

That’s a good point.

Communication Storage:

The Pro offers 256GB or 512GB. It also comes with 8GB of RAM. It also supports Nano Memory card up to 256GB, The iPhone comes with 64, 256 or 512GB of storage with 4GB of RAM. And it doesn’t support an SD card.

You can turn the Pro to a semi computer-like device by connecting it to a screen using a special cable. You can turn the screen of the Pro to a touchpad or a keyboard.

You can also do this wirelessly if you use a certain device. The iPhone doesn’t support such a feature. But if you have other Apple devices, like the Apple Watch or a Mac with the same iCloud account, it will create an ecosystem.

You can copy something on the iPhone and paste it on the iPad for example. It is a great thing with Apple ecosystem.

The Pro supports the latest Huawei sharing technology called Huawei Share 3. It works with one touch with Matebook laptops. Both devices must be from Huawei for this technology to work. Both devices must also support this technology. Both devices support NFC and bluetooth 5 and other cloud services.

They also support surrounded devices to some extent due to the high maturity of both OS. Pro supports Mada Pay.

We are excited for Huawei Pay to be available on their devices. Both devices support WiFi calling and VoLTE, but it depends on your carrier.

Who wins the point?

This point depends on your personal preference. Try to search for the additions you need in your life to which device is more suitable for you. But Huawei offers more storage options.

Sharing files is available on both devices. The point goes to the Pro as it supports more storage options and an SD card.

The other features are available on both devices:

with all due respect to the Apple ecosystem. Both companies are trying their best to offer additional features. One is doing great things with accessories.

The other phone supports Apple Care among other things.

Additional Features; The Pro supports an internal cooling system to cool off the device. It works really well, especially with the use of AI.

The device doesn’t support a cooling system, but it uses software to cool off the device and keep balance between performance and heat. Both devices don’t have a headphone jack.

The iPhone has a stereo speaker, while it is mono on the Pro. The iPhone offers better audio when playing different multimedia. While the Pro uses magnetic earpiece to give you good sound however you use it while making a phone call. Both devices are IP68 water and dust resistant.

Pro supports Mada Pay while the iPhone supports Apple Pay. Both services are great. And like I said before, I am waiting for Huawei Pay to be available.

Who wins the point?

It is called additional features. It might be not important for some really important for others. It is a personal preference, so we will give every device a point. The price is the most important point.

Why is it, though?

Not all of us can pay high prices to get these specs. 2019 was a great year with huge competition between companies. Devices have reached a great maturity level. But there are limited companies who offer added value to their phones.

Check the market you’re in now. Did the company you pay money for to buy their device give you added value to their device?

Is this investment worth it for you or not?

Let’s discuss the prices:

The Pro It comes with a plastic cover, fast adapter, USB-C headphones. Most stores offer more accessories. Huawei itself offer lots of services for maintenance and warranty. You can get it through their official website.

There is a huge price difference. iphone comes with a headphone, and a regular wall adapter. You can add another 50 usd for Apple Care service to change the screen twice in the first two years for a cheap price. Also, iPhone accessories are very wide-spread.

Who wins the point?

This point is about price. The iPhone will cost you a lot of money. The point goes to the Pro. WIth all due respect to iPhone maintaining their prices. But not all of us buy iPhones to sell them after a year or two.

🕷 I am sure lots of you expected the Pro to win this comparison.

🔥🔥The Pro wins this comparison.🔥🔥

This is the end of this review guys.😉

This comparison was one of the hardest comparisons, Both companies have reached great capabilities. The availability of the 20 Pro made this comparison more balanced.

The ecosystem of Apple gave the iPhone more balance. 🍏

At the end. You are who decided who wins the comparison. i love Apple hhh hhhh hhhh

hhhh You can see that Huawei has been developing rapidly. Tell me in the comments what other companies have been doing this. There are companies who are honestly developing themselves. There are other companies who offer us what we need without additional features.

I am excited for more features on the iPhone 13.

I am also excited to know if this comparison was fair or not and that whether you are satisfied or not.

This is the end of this review. I hope I made it easy for you to choose between both of these devices. If your current device is working properly, then don’t buy a new device.

🕷 The biggest tech magazine OTTO says: not to buy a new device unless you need it. Evaluate your choices before you buy.

Some companies are doing their best, and other…. fill in the gap.