Huawei Matebook X 2020 VS Macbook Air 2020! who is the best for you?🙃

Blog 21: October 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm, by @otto.magazin.eng

💬 In this article, I’ll compare between the Huawei MateBook X and Apple’s Macbook Air, who is the best for you?

These two devices were released this year. Which one is better for you and who wins the comepttion?

It is true that the operating systems are different, but what have these manufacturers added to these laptops

And which one is the best and most suitable for you?

Let me remind you that numbers are the basis of my comparisons.

Check what points are important to you.

Let me start with the design:

The Matebook X comes with a very thin design, Even the screen bezels are very thin.

You can carry it as a magazine without worrying about its size or weight. It is made from Magnesium alloy, and it comes with silver or green colors.

The MacBook Air is known to be very lightweight. But this design of this year look very similar to the Pro version of this device.

It is also thinner with a better screen and slimmer bezels. It is made from Aluminum 6000 series, which is stronger and 100% recycled.

It comes with 3 colors: silver, space grey and rose gold.

Who wins the point?

The design is always a personal preference.

But if lightweightness and thinness are important to you, then you should know that the Matebook is 20% thinner and lighter.

If durability is more important to you, then you should know that the MacBook is made from more durable Aluminum.

A point goes to each device, Let me now compare the screens.

The Matebook X comes with a 13 screen, It is called Infinity FullView Display.

It comes with 3K resolution and sRGB 100% support. The screen to body ration is 90%.

It is LTPS and support touch input, which means it supports a lot of shortcuts.

The Macbook Air comes with 13.3 display with 2560×1600 resolution, The screen to body ratio is 82%.

The screen is called Retina and it supports True Tone Technology, which changes the colors depending on the light.

The screen doesn’t support touch input, Who wins the point?

The MacBook Air screen is excellent, especially for video editing, as it has better resolution. But the MateBook X screen offers better resolution, It is also thinner and supports touch input.

The point goes to the MateBook X. The OS.

The MateBook X runs Windows 10 Home edition, The MacBook AIr runs macOS Catalina. It’ll support Big Sur OS once it is released.

Who wins the point?

The OS that works for you the best is the one that gets the point.

For me, I’ll give each device a point, as Windows OS and macOS are very mature.

They also come with lots of capabilities.

Both operating systems work fully on these devices.

Check the apps and software you frequently use, and then decide where the point goes.

Let me discuss the CPU. The MateBook X comes with the 10th gen Intel i5 CPU with 4 cores and 1.6GHz frequency and 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost technology.

The GPU is the Intel UHD, It comes with 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM.

The MacBook Air also comes with the 10th gen Intel i5 CPU, There’s another i3 and i7 versions.

The CPU is 4 cores with 1.1GHz frequency and could reach up to 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost technology.

The GPU is the Intel Iris Plus, The device comes with 8GB or 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1015 points for the single core and 3148 points for multicores.

While the MacBook Air CPU scored 977 points for the single core and 2364 points for multicores.

Who wins the point?

Both devices are designed for light tasks, But there are versions of these devices that can offer better performance if you need it.

OS compatibility plays an important role, The kind of tasks also plays an important role.

In general, after testing the numbers in Geekbench 5, the MateBook X wins the point With all due respect to the MacBook Air.

Let me discuss the battery:

The Macbook Air comes with a 49.9w Lithium battery.

The MateBook X comes with a 42w battery, Both batteries can be charged using the USB-C port that comes with both devices.

The MacBook Air comes with a 30w charger, while the MateBook X comes with 65w charger.

Who wins the point? The MacBook Air comes with a bigger battery,
while the MateBook X chargers faster.

Both devices get a point as both come with different specs and features.

One supports faster charging, while the other supports bigger battery, Connectivity and storage.

The MateBook X supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6, The MacBook Air supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 5.

Both devices comes with an SSD storage, The MateBook X comes with a 512GB onboard storage.

While with the MacBook Air, the storage could reach up to 2TB.

Both devices I am reviewing now have the same onboard storage, and both support a headphone jack.

The MateBook X offers 2x USB-C ports, The Macbook Air offers 2x Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The MateBook X supports Huawei Share technology, which offers high speed file transfers from Huawei Smartphones.

This means that file sharing is easier, It is also very similar to Apple’s AirDrop technology.

You can send files from your iPhone to the MacBook in high speeds,

But which one is faster in file transfers?

The MateBook X is actually faster with the new supported technologies in the past few devices.

Apple is known for their ecosystem, where all their devices and apps run in sync.

Huawei also have their own ecosystem, where their tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart watches are synced.

Check which ecosystem is better for you, The MateBook X supports WiFi 6, while the MacBook Air supports different onboard storages.

Each device gets a point.

Let me now discuss the additional features:

The MateBook X comes with 4 speakers that offer 3D audio. It also comes with 2 mics. The MacBook Air comes with dual speakers with Dolby Atmos support.

It also comes with 3 mics for better recording, Both devices come with a fingerprint sensor for more security.

Both devices come with a backlit keyboard, It is worth mentioning that the MacBook Air comes with a new and better keyboard than the previous version.

Both devices come with a 720p camera, But the camera on the MateBook X can be hidden for better security reasons. It is better than hiding the camera with a sticker.

When in a meeting, I advise you to raise the computer a bit for a better angle.

Who wins the point?

It is called additional features, Both devices nearly support similar features.

The audio quality is equal on both devices, But the hidden camera on the MateBook X offers better privacy and security, Both devices get a point.

Let me now discuss after purchase services and prices:

Both devices support different first party accessories and different services, But if you pre-order the MateBook X, you’ll get a gift, Pre-orders will end in 11th of October.

The gift is a USB-C adapter that contains different ports such as the VGA, HDMI and Lan port.

It also comes with 2x USB ports on both sides, There’s also a USB-C port and a Micro SD card slot.

The point goes to the MateBook X device, which offers more options with nearly the same price. Both devices offer great performance and high capabilities.

Both companies have done their best to make a great device. The MateBook X wins this comparison, But it might be different for you.

Check your needs to know what device suits you the best.

Let me know your opinion about both devices guys, This is the end of this article.

See you later.💪