Huawei GT2 😳 Honor MagicWatch 2 & FitBit Versa! 3 smart watches with good features at cheap prices🤪👌

Blog 29 October 24, 2020 at 03:00 pm, by @otto.magazin.eng

💬 3 Smart Watches and 3 accessories in one article today:

Huawei, Honor, FitBit compete with each other in this blog guys:

Hello my friends, how are you today? The goal of the blog is always to help you buy the best electronic products and save money of course, so we offer you today, and in this article, we’ll discuss 3 different smartwatches:

Each of these smartwatches come with different features and specs,
In this article, I will compare these devices to help you make your decision.💘 so bring again your Coffee and welcome:

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Let’s start with the design:

Huawei watch is very similar to Honor watch. This Huawei watch is a special edition version. It is called the elegant edition.

The size of the watch is 42mm, and the color and band come with a gold color.

The design is luxurious and elegant. This size of the watch is great for a smartwatch.

The design is sort of feminine.

The screen is AMOLED 1.2 with 390×390 resolution. It comes with a circular design.

The Honor smartwatch comes with only one edition and one size, which is 46mm, unlike Huawei watch, which comes with 2 sizes.

The design of the Honor watch is very similar to the Huawei GT2 46mm version.

The circular design is also elegant.

The screen is 1.39 AMOLED with 454×454 resolution, and it comes with a circular design.

Let’s discuss the design of the FitBit watch, that is the only watch with a square design.

The design of this watch is very similar to the first version of the FitBit Versa watch.

The design is square, it is made from aluminum, and the band is made from silicone.

This is the FitBit Versa 2.

The screen is 1.34 OLED screen with 300×300 resolution, and it comes with a square design.

The Honor and Huawei screens are better than the Fitbit screen when it comes to numbers.

But the FitBit screen is OLED in this version, where the previous version came with an LCD screen.

Let’s discuss the OS and languages!

Both Huawei and Honor come with the same OS and UI.

Both watches fully support all languages even with notifications.

You can answer phone calls from both watches.

The OS is very good, and it comes with lots of exercise modes.

The app on both watches is called Huawei Health. It is available for Android and iPhones.

But it would be better to use these watches with a phone from the same company.

The OS on the Fitbit Versa 2 is smooth and easy to use.

The OS comes with lots of features, like step counting, sleep mode and exercise modes.

The OS also supports Alexa.

The watch can be connected using the FitBit app, and it is compatible with iOS 10 and above and Android 7 and above.

Unfortunately, the watch OS doesn’t support some langues!.

Huawei and Honor are better in supporting of various languages.

FitBit is designed for health as it supports lots of exercises.

But you can download these apps on Honor and Huawei watches.

Let’s discuss the sensors that come with these watches:

All watches come with heart-rate sensor.

Huawei and Honor devices come with lots of other sensors like the light sensor, Air Pressure sensor, gyroscope and others.

The FitBit also comes with a heart-rate sensor and other sensors like the x Axis accelerometer, altimeter and others.

The FitBit is better as it also supports NFC, unlike the Honor and Huawei watches who don’t support it.

But why would you need NFC? So that whenever FitBit Pay and Huawei Pay are supported in our region, then they’ll work on this watch.

What is the possibility of changing the watch band on these watches?

It will be hard to find watch bands for the Huawei and Honor watches as they’re only available in certain stores..

But the FitBit website is full of watch bands. Though, you won’t find them in stores.

You’ll have to work hard to find accessories for these watches, but all watches support accessories.

All watches support water resistant up to 50m under water.

The battery on the GT2 42mm lasts for 7 days.

But it depends on your usage.

The Honor’s 46mm battery lasts for 14 days, but it also depends on your usage. The FitBit Versa 2 battery could last up to 6 days, but it also up to your usage.

The battery on the 46mm Honor watch is the best as it lasts longer. The Huawei Watch GT2 42mm version, which is the elegant version, costs less.

For your information, lots of athletes use the FitBit watch.

They don’t depend on it for notifications, rather, for sports as it is very accurate.

All watches look good with good performance.

You’ll have to check if you need one for notifications, where you’ll have to ditch the Versa 2

Or maybe you’ll need it for the battery, where the Honor watch is the best, Or maybe you need it for a full Huawei support, where you might end up with the elegant version of this feminine GT2 watch, as it comes with a gold color.

This is the end of this article guys.

See you later.😉