Huawei FreeBuds Studio Vs BOSE NC700! 😱 Who win?😈

Review 62: December 25-2020, at 12:00 Pm

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Hello Guys, how are you all! i have a very important question guys, Can Huawei compete with Bose in Audio? Huawei announced their new FreeBuds Studio headphones. so, i will make a comparison between it and the Bose 700, This comparison between these headphones is based on numbers, so, Bring your hot coffee and Let’s start.😈

Of these headphones if from the experienced German company Bose, in particular, the Bose 700, The second is from the giant Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei, in particular, the FreeBuds Studio headphones. This is the first time Huawei releases a headphones. Let’s compare between experience and technology.

Before I start, let me remind you that the basis of this comparison is numbers.

You can distribute points however you please, Let me now know how your comparison has ended up!

Let me start with the design:

FreeBuds Studio design is modern with a touch of classicism. It comes with adjustable metal arms, Each ear cup comes with a leather-like cushion. The hand band is made from leather. The right ear cup comes with a on/off button, bluetooth button and a USB-C port to charge it. The left ear cup comes with a Noise Cancelation button.

The Bose 700 comes with a more modern design, It also comes with a plastic band.

The ear cushions are made from silicone and gives the feeling that they’re leather. The right ear cup comes with an on/off button, bluetooth button and a USB-C port to charge it. The left ear cup comes with a Noise Cancelation button and a 2.5mm headphone jack to use it in a wired fashion.

Who wins the design point?

I personally think that the Bose are more beautiful. But the design is a personal preference, and that’s why I’ll give each one of these a point. Because if I bring another headphones and compare it to the Bose, I’ll find the design to be not modern. Huawei offers a beautiful design, too, and that’s why I’ll give each one of these a point.😈

Let me now discuss connectivity and compatibility:

The FreeBuds Studio comes with a Huawei AI app. The app offers lots of options. You can manage connected devices, change Noise Cancelation settings among many other options. But I’ll discuss them in the Audio comparison.

The good thing about the FreeBuds Studio is that it supports dual connections. You can connect two headphones at the same time. You won’t have to disconnect the first to connect the second, It supports bluetooth 5.2 to connect to more than one device at the same time. But the second device must also support bluetooth 5.2. The headphones supports dual antennas.

Each ear cup comes with 2 bluetooth antennas. This gives the headphones better range so that the connection won’t drop and stay stable.

The headphones come with bluetooth 5.2 to enable better capabilities. It uses less energy to make the battery last longer. But there’s something important here, the app is supported on Huawei and Android devices. But you won’t enjoy all the capabilities of the headphones on iPhone devices.

Just like the rest of FreeBuds devices we’ve reviewed before. You can enjoy Noise Cancelation on iPhones, but you won’t be able to control its level or mode. It’ll act as a bluetooth headphones.

On the other hand, Bose app works on iPhones and Androids, You can control everything like audio level, Noise Cancelation, Noise Cancelation modes to move between them.

You can also know the battery percentage. You can also change the personal assistant to Google, Siri or Alexa depending on whether they’re supported.

Let me remind you that the Bose app isn’t available on the Apple Gallery store for Huawei device. The Bose come with a 2.5mm headphones jack. I would’ve preferred 3.5mm headphone jack since it is more popular. And it comes with a dedicated cable. It is not long, but it does its job. Especially for those won’t to use the Bose headphones in a wired fashion.

On the other hand, the FreeBuds Studio headphones lets you know whether they’re connected or not. The headphones will tell you when they’re connected. But the Bose headphones tells you the name of the device you’re connected to it, ie, connected to Faisal’s MacBook.

Or even tells me its connected to Ahmed’s iPhone and so on. It tells you the name of the device in the settings. This means better compatibility. Bose headphones is fully compatible with iPhone and Android. But FreeBuds Studio headphones offers better connectivity.

This is to give it a better connection, Both have done a great job in this department, and that’s why Ill give each of them a point.

Let me now discuss audio and usability:

The FreeBuds Studio headphones comes with 8 mics, 6 of these are for phone calls, and 4 are for Noise Cancelation. Noise Cancelation is excellent on the FreeBuds Studio headphones. It supports Ultra Noise Cancelation to totally isolate you form your surroundings. There’s also a comfortable mode and general mode.

And when listening to content, there’s two modes, the mode that enhances audio and reduces Noise Cancelation, And the Awareness mode, which lets you listen to your surroundings. And at the same time, you’ll enjoy the best possible audio experience. The headphones is light, but the Bose is lighter.

It is comfortable to wear with easy button and touch area access. The headphones doesn’t cause headaches, but you might sweat a little in some cases. What’s great about the headphones is that whenever you take them off the content will stop and vise versa.

The Bose headphones don’t come with a similar feature. The Bose headphones’ audio is beautiful and comes in different levels. You can control the audio using the side buttons or the app, But if the audio is high, there will be audio leakage.

The headphones comes with 8 mics, 6 of them are for Noise Cancelation. 4 of them are adaptive and helps in enhancing the audio.

It is excellent in merging the audio of the environment and audio from the headphones in a beautiful way. Thus, you’ll hear the audio surrounding you, too. The Bose is lighter than the FreeBuds Studio and very comfortable, But sometimes, you might sweat a little.

The Noise Cancelation is nearly identical between them. The Bose headphones in phone calls could be a little better. The FreeBuds Studio don’t leak audio.

Who wins the point?

In general, both of them are excellent, But the Bose headphones provide better and purer audio, which is what important in this department.

Let me now discuss the battery:

Both headphones can be charged through the USB-C port, Both work for 20 hours, But it could be different depending on your usage. If you use higher mode of Noise Cancelation, the battery will drain faster. But the difference here is that the FreeBuds Studio headphones can charge faster than the Bose.

FreeBuds Studio fully charges the battery in 1 hour, while the Bose takes up to 2+ hours to fully charge it.

Who wins the point?

The point goes to the FreeBuds Studio since it charges faster, so it deserves the point. 😈

The last point is about colors and prices:

FreeBuds Studio comes in black and gold colors, and it costs around 319 USD. The official price of the Bose is 541 USD, but you can find it for a rather low price with sales.

Who wins the point?

The FreeBuds Studio wins the point here, since this comparison is based on numbers only. The FreeBuds Studio wins this comparison.

But always check your needs and the tech you prefer to have the better choice. If you want to buy an over-the-ear headphones with excellent Noise Cancelation, then make sure of what device you have.

If your smartphone is from Huawei, then the FreeBuds Studio is an excellent option. If you have an iPhone, then you should know that the Huawei AI app isn’t available on the iPhone’s App Store.

You can enjoy the headphones on iPhones but without the the additional features from the app.

You should study which choice is better for you.😈

Hopefully, this review will you in that, See you later in the next review.💪