HUAWEI Free Buds Pro or Apple Air Pods Pro? Which one is worth buying? 😩

Blog 28 October 22, 2020 at 11:30 pm, by @otto.magazin.eng

What would the comparison between Huawei and Apple headphones be like?

These are Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro and the Apple’s AirPods Pro headphones.

Which one is worth buying?🤔

Let me compare between these two headphones starting from the design.

Hello guys, bring your coffee and welcome to OTTOMagazin +, befor going to buy, Read this comparison:

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro come in a small, oval case with a matte grey color.

There’s a side pairing button and a USB-C port at the bottom. Next to the case, there’s a light sensor.

There’s also a light sensor inside to let you know whether the headphones are being paired and charged.

The design is elegant, and the case is actually small. It comes with a rubber ear-seal and 3 mics.

The AirPods Pro come with a wider design that the regular AirPods.

The materials are the same, The case comes with a light sensor in the front, Lightning port and a pairing button on the back.

The size of the case is small, It has 2 mics and a rubber ear-seal. The rubber ear-seal is interchangeable on both headphones.

Who wins the design point?

The design is a personal preference. Each has their own taste. But it also has to do with the smartphone you have.

But it still a personal preference. Each one gets a point, Connectivity and compatibility.

The FreeBuds Pro comes with the Kirin A1 chip, while the AirPods Pro the H1 chip. Both chips are great.

They also work best with the ecosystem of each company. It also helps in fast pairing.

But in my personal experience, the AirPods Pro are faster in pairing.

The FreeBuds come with bluetooth 5.2, The AirPods Pro support bluetooth 5. The FreeBuds Pro come with a more advanced bluetooth where the headphones can connect to more than once device at the same time.

If you’re connected to the laptop and receive a phone call on your smartphone, you can respond using the headphones.

The AirPods Pro don’t support bluetooth 5.2, but it still does the same thing.

If you’re connected to an Apple device and receive a phone call on your smartphone, you can respond using the headphones.

The idea behind it is software and iCloud pairing instead of hardware, such as bluetooth 5.2, Both work without using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Both headphones can be connected to any device no matter what the OS is. But as I always say, use the headphones manufactured by the same company of your smartphone.

This will allow you to take full advantages of the product, AirPods Pro work best with an iPhone or an iPad.

FreeBuds Pro work best with Huawei devices, But both headphones can connect to any device that supports bluetooth.

Huawei’s AI Life app provides you with lots of settings, You can check the battery percentage, NC modes, shortcuts and other settings, The AirPods Pro don’t have a dedicated app.

But using the Control Center, you can change between different modes such as Transparency and NC.

Transparency mode let’s you hear your surroundings, and it is also available on the FreeBuds Pro.

Who wins the point?

Both are excellent, but let me confirm again, each headphones work best with other devices from the same ecosystem.

But the point goes to the FreeBuds Pro as they support bluetooth 5.1 and come with a dedicated app.

Remember that my compassions are based on number, facts and performance.

Let me now discuss the audio quality and technologies.

Both devices come with stereo speakers.

This means that there are dedicated audio channels on the left and right.

And of course the audio is clear, But like I said before, the FreeBuds come with 3 mics while the AirPods come with dual mics.

This doesn’t mean that the AirPods Pro are bad, it means that the FreeBuds do a better job.

Both headphones support Noice cancelation, But what’s the benefit behind Noice Cancelation?

If you’re surrounding area is noisy and you want to listen to audio content, so you have. raise the volume, which will harm your ears.

Noice cancelation isolates the noise from your surroundings.

This feature is also available with in-ear headphones that come with silicone ear-seal.

Audio leak is minimal on both headphones, but the FreeBuds Pro are slightly better.

With the new software update, the AirPods Pro support stereo and spacial audio.

The spacial and surround audio performance was excellent, especially with movies and games.

Who wins the point?

Huawei FreeBuds is better in NC as it reaches up to 40 decibels.

While the AirPods Pro NC reaches up to 33 decibels.

The FreeBuds Pro has 3 mics while the AirPods Pro support professional spatial audio.

The audio quality is good on both headphones, but the point goes to the FreeBuds Pro.

This is because the FreeBuds Pro comes with more features.

With all due respect to the spatial audio on the AirPods Pro.

It is actually really great with supported content.

Let me now discuss the battery:

Both cases support wireless charging. The battery also varies when NC is activated or deactivated.

When NC is turned on, the battery will drain faster. When NC is turned off, the battery will last longer.

The FreeBuds Pro charge faster.

The battery charges 2x faster in the same period.

For example, the FreeBuds Pro charges from 0% to 30% in 10 minutes, while the AirPods Pro charge from 0% to 13% in 10 minutes.

The power consumption is similar, but as usual, Huawei batteries last longer.

With NC turned off, the AirPods Pro batteries last for 4.5 hours.

While the FreeBuds Pro batteries last for 7 hours.

Who wins the point?

The FreeBuds Pro wins the point, Let me now discuss some additional features.

Both headphones are sweat resistant, which means you can use them while exercising.

The AirPods Pro can also resist rain showers and dust, But it is different than fully supporting water and dust resistant.

While, unfortunately, the FreeBuds Pro doesn’t support it.

Both headphones support touch gestures, where the when you touch and hold on the FreeBuds Pro, you can turn on/off NC.

With the AirPods Pro, you can press touch to go to the next content.

Who wins the point?

In additional features, both are excellent, especially when it comes to shortcuts.

But the AirPods Pro support sweat, dust and splashes.

This could make a difference for you, The point goes to the AirPods Pro.

You can also find offers with all other products.

Let me now discuss the price, Who wins the point?

The FreeBuds Pro win the price point, But these points could be different for you.

But in this article, tech-wise, the FreeBuds Pro won the compassions.

To confirm again, my compassions are based on numbers and facts.

For me, I use both headphones. With my iPhone, I use the AirPods Pro.

And with the Huawei devices, I use the FreeBuds Pro.

It is a matter to technology and evaluation of my needs.

Thank you, see you in the next review…👋