Huawei event is coming 😃+ Sony recently announced PS5 🧐and More…🤫

October 15, 2020 at 00:20 am By @yassine.magazin.eng

💬 In this article, I’ll discuss about Huawei event is coming, And of course, I’ll discuss PS5 and the biggest shock in Sony’s history.

Let me start it with the upcoming events: Huawei announced their Mate 40 event, The event is confirmed to be in 22 October.

Huawei is expected to release their new Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro devices.

These devices are supposed to come with Huawei’s most powerful CPU, hardware as usual. But unfortunately, these devices will not support Google services.

The device will run Android, and it is expected to come with very exciting features.

Huawei has been struggling with competition in the past few years because of the recent a measures taken by USA against China.
Still, I am very exciting for the device. Who else is excited for its hardware and competitiveness?

The second event is 4 new iPhones have been announced, I’ll give you the details, availability and the 5th product announced by Apple, you can read article : 🔔Official Announcement of the iPhone 12 and other Products …😨! Don’t miss to attend it.

Sony develop their PS devices every generation, because they know how much media momentum their devices will get.

Sony recently announced PS5, and it’ll be available in November.

Pre-orders have started and everything seems to be okay at the moment.

But there’s a problem with pre-orders in India, where the population of it is 1.4 billion.

Until now, Sony hasn’t provided details about their PS5 in India.

According to some reports, PS5 trademark has been registered in India before, and it belongs to someone else other than Sony.

Someone beat Sony to registering PS5 trademark in India, and Sony doesn’t have the right to use PS5 trademark in India.

It is being solved now, and hopefully, they’ll get a settlement.

Only then, Indian users will be able to get the device.

It is funny. Such a big company should buy the trademark rights of their upcoming brands all over the world for the upcoming 5 years.

It is something that should be routine for big companies like Sony.

They should buy the trademark no matter what, and whether they’ll use it or not.

Microsoft’s xCloud service will be available on all kinds of devices.

One of these devices is the iPhones, which was the subject of a heated discussion between Apple and Microsoft.

xCloud will be available on iPhones through the web browser.

It’s not yet clear whether there will be a dedicated app on the App Store for the xCloud service.

But Microsoft assured that their xCloud service will be available on iPhones through the web browser.

xCloud service is similar to Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna. All companies try to invest in these kinds of services.

These services will bring a new generation of entertainment.

But these services won’t have a huge effect unless there’s a huge telecommunication infrastructure for it around the world.

It should be similar to the console service.

You can buy consoles anywhere in the world, connect it to a TV and you should be okay.

This has made these services popular.

Services such as xCloud, Stadia and others should be like that for them to be popular.

If true, then this year is Apple’s year. There would be 4 major events for Apple this year.

The first event was the WWDC, the second was the iPad and Apple Watch event, the third will be the iPhone event and the fourth is expected to be the MacBook event.

This MacBook will be the first to come with Apple Silicone chip in cooperation with ARM.

This chip will bring us a new generation of MacBooks.

The first device to have is expected to be the MacBook, followed by MacBook Air and later with MacBook Pro.

Only then, the MacBook will be as optimized as iPhones, which would be excellent.

Speaking of chips, all phone manufacturing companies develop their own chips.

Kirin CPUs are developed by Huawei, and Snapdragon are developed by Qualcomm.

Apple also develop their own A series CPUs and Samsung develop their own own Exynos CPUs.

The upcoming Exynos CPU is the Exynos 1080 with 5nm architecture build.

come with better power efficiency and 5G technologies. and to be featured with the upcoming S21 series.

S21 is supposed to be released next years, but rumors and leaks have started from now.

I’d like to stay away from these rumors up until December, but why?

2020 was a very challenging years for all companies.

These challenges brought high competition along with it.

There are a lot of new devices, the market is a bit inactive.

2021 is expected to be even harder when it comes to smartphone market.

So, let’s focus on this year’s smartphones.

We’ll start a series of polls regarding which devices we should compare after the Pixel has arrived and new iPhones are released.

Electric cars are usually silent, but lawmakers want these cars to have a sound.

This move forced companies like BMW and others to create audio for each car.

This has started with BMW’s i8 and Audi is now following them.

Audi have released a video on how they were creating an audio for their Etron GT car.

Audi is using 8D audio and are using equipment like plastic pipes and modify it with software to be added to the car.

With this step, Audi were able to create a distinguishable audio for their Etron GT car.

The audio is similar to Porsche Taycan audio, but Audi didn’t borrow audio from other German companies.

The idea is that in the future, you’ll receive software updates, and you can change the audio of the car.

You can add different audio to the car. Why not!

Let me discuss the last news in this article. Researchers in San Diego university were able to develop a squid with 0.5mph speed.

This speed wasn’t reachable before with robotic fish and sea creatures.

The squid has an isolated compartment

This compartment will have cameras to discover oceans. The squid is made from a modified hybrid polymer material that is more efficient.

Hopefully, this will help us discover oceans more.

It is said that humans were able to only discover 5% of the sea creatures.

See you later.