How Apple faces the European Union❓And Xiaomi is sure to grab the lead from Samsung ❗🥶 and Google, Apple and foldable phones❗💢

20.08.21 at 00.00 am

🕷We might not see an iPhone with a broken screen in the future, and soon, Foldable iPhone and Pixel devices could see the light. And news about Apple’s upcoming watch and headphones, Xiaomi is approaching the top and a new update to the Tello devices. 🔥🔥🔥

Welcome to a new News article guys, this time from abroad.. News won’t stop no matter where I am.

Let me discuss the first topic: 🤡 EU has been planning for years to unify charging ports on smartphones. iPhones have dedicated port, Androids have 2 ports. In 2009, a number of companies agreed to use the Micro USB port. 14 companies agreed to it, one of which was Apple.

But no company was committed. EU has come back with a new legislation to unify charging ports. All devices use USB-C port except for the iPhones. Are we going to see USB-C ports on iPhones? All companies use this port, even Apple on their Macs and iPads, Let’s wait and see. 🤷‍♂️

There were previous rumors that iPhones will come with a USB-C port. But since the announcement of the MagSafe, there were rumors that Apple will go portless.

I personally don’t think that it is logical. It’s not logical that smartphones don’t have a charging port. This could be the case in the upcoming 10 years, and for specific modes. But it won’t be for all iPhones and all devices. There are chargers’ manufacturers, and they won’t stop no matter what. Let’s wait and see if the EU will force the new law or not. Because if they announce it, it’ll be against Apple only. The company is basically planning on removing the port.

I have some good news for Tello owners, You can upgrade to the new software, It is 12.5.408, It is based on Android 11, The OS is fully featured with lots of security patches and general enhancements. You can upgrade to the new software to get all the features.

🙈 Someone is asking me to bring Xiaomi’s dog and review it, Look, Xiaomi said that the dog will only be sold to their fans and developers, but I think it’ll be sold in the market. The robot is supposed to be expensive. Probably other Chinese companies will release it.

🤯 A comment on the Flip and Fold reviews says that I didn’t understand anything but thank you! The review is about foldable devices. I am not sure why the team chose this comment! 😅😅😅 But the devices are great.❤

🙈 Another comment says that: « Don’t you feel the size of the S Pen is irritating?

😊 Actually, I agree and disagree with you. The size of the Pen is similar to iPad’s and Tab 7’s size. We’re used to small Pens with smartphones. But we should differentiate between a Pen for smartphones and a Pen for smartphones and tablets.

🤩 Another comment says: « We’re in 2021, should I buy an iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 is an excellent device. It comes with excellent capabilities, and it is great for most users. But you should first check your needs and budget.🤷‍♂️

A comment suggests that WhatsApp company is stupid, and why is it the user’s fault if unknown people stop their account? Instead, the company is supposed to contact the user and make sure of the incident. It is the same method as in emails, where if you open it from another device, you’ll get a prompt on the screen. There are innovative methods for scamming on WhatsApp. Do you remember this part of the previous review ? There are more than billion users for this app. Do think the company will contact all the users who face this problem? The app is free after all.

Any intervention requires employees and salaries and so on. If the app doesn’t bring them profit, then they let the machine to take actions. Some companies are selfless, and this makes it hard for users. And as long as there are alternatives, then there’s no problem.

At the end of June, Xiaomi was able to reach the top as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. But at the end of the quarter, Samsung managed to regain their position.

Xiaomi confirms that in the 3 years, they’ll be at the top without any competition. The founder and CEO of the company says that the company was founded 11 years ago. And that their first smartphone was 9 years ago. In 2014, they said that their goal was to reach the top. Is this possible? Honestly, yes it is possible Because they reached the top even before expected date. Do you think Xiaomi will reach the top in the upcoming years? Let me know in the comment section.

I’ve got a number of new devices to review. One of which is the OnePlus Nord, which I actually bought. And a Neo QLED 85″ screen from Samsung. The screen is 8K. There are other devices too. Let me know things you want to know about these devices in the comment section, keep visiting us 👽👽👽🙈

❤❤❤ A new code in Android 12 reveals that Google is working on a new Foldable pixel device, and it might be released soon. It could be named Google Pixel Fold. This device might be released in the upcoming months. And it could be announced at the same time as the Pixel 6. It could be in the upcoming fall. The device might come with the same CPU found in the Pixel 6, which is developed by Google themselves. The device is expected to offer amazing photography as expected from Pixel devices. It’s great that a company like Google to enter the foldable market. This will help this category of devices to become more popular. And if Google tries to reach more markets, they won’t find it hard to market their products. Foldable screens help you with your business. You can open apps and navigate between menus. Everything is clear. It’s easy to use and there are dedicated side menu shortcuts for easier navigation. 😊

🍏 👨‍🏫 A new patent from Apple will let users know if their screen is about to break. Or there are cuts in the screen that might lead it to break. This technology works by using dedicated sensors under the screen to sense changes.

Look guys, 😌 It is not new int he tech world, but it is new for smartphones.🤩 It’s not clear whether Apple will use it with their upcoming iPhones and iPads. Or might see it with the upcoming foldable iPhone. It could also be used with future MacBooks. There are rumors that this tech won’t be used to know if the screen will break, rather, to increase the touch sensitivity. But it is somewhat unlikely to happen. Does this technology mean that the warranty won’t be affected? And if there isn’t a warranty, what will happen? 🤔And are you willing to pay for a new screen?😏 It’s a bit confusing. But if Apple ships this technology, then it’ll be excellent🥰…

Bloomberg confirmed that Apple will release iPhone 13 and a new 7th series Apple Watch. The watch will come with a new design, new screen and a faster CPU. The new design will be similar to the iPad Pro’s. They’ll also announce new AirPods 3. These devices will be released in the upcoming September event.

Let me now discuss the foldable iPhone. This is not the first such rumors have come out about this device. I’ve discussed this many times in previous News episodes. News articles are full of such news. And that’s since 2016.

Kuo confirms that the iPhone will come with a 8″ screen. I think the number is big, because it’s expected that the device will come with a flip design, not a fold design. The Flip device from Samsung comes with an 6.7″ screen. How would it look like if the screen was 8″? You might wonder when we’re going to see this device? There are rumors that suggest that we won’t see this device in the upcoming few years. It might take some time. Apple doesn’t bring new technologies to their device, especially if it was related to hardware. But they see that all competitors have entered this market and there are fewer problems with them. They might end up releasing a device in the upcoming 2 years. Or probably 3 years. Let’s wait and see when this technology from Apple will see the light. Despite being abroad, News won’t stop. Stay visiting us to find out more. This is the end of this Tech news review from OTTO magazine. 🍇🍒

See you soon on the next reviews…🤡👋

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