HOTO Smart Razer Measure ❗Cons and Pros 🤡

Review 279: 01.01.2022 at 00:00 am

Let me now discuss the HOTO Smart Razer Measure device. It is a small device that can be used to measure spaces, it’s accuracy is 2mm. You could use it to measure up to 30m. It supports different measurement standards like the Metric or the imperial and so on.

The device comes with a small OLED screen. The screen is designed to look hidden, and it is only to show numbers. This means that the screen won’t consume much energy. The device supports an app called Mihome to help pair the device with your phone using bluetooth.

The app will help you show and draw the measures you’re taking. And you can save the data to be used later and can be shared with others. The device uses the laser to measure distances. To measure correctly, the laser has to bounce back from a reference point object. This could be one of the cons of this device.

Only AR can help measure open distances. The device is a white label, and is made by different companies, it comes with a good price, too. The device is easy to use. It has a screen and one single button. To measure a space, press the button and point the laser to the reference object.

This device doesn’t work in open places. To lock the device, press the button and hold. The battery charges through the USB-C port. The battery lasts for a long time. It costs 52 USD, but you can find it for less or even more.

Pros: 😇

The design is practical, and it is accurate for it uses laser for measurements. The app adds useful functionalities.

Cons: 😈

Similar to most other devices, it doesn’t work in open places.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine

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